‘Attack on Titan’ Fever Continues with Universal Studios Japan Attraction


In Japan, most anime series and their fandoms are considered a niche, relegated to children and the otaku subculture. Attack on Titan (the English translation for Shingeki no Kyojin) has transcended that stereotype and is an undeniable pop culture phenomenon in Japan today. For those who are unfamiliar with this fandom, Attack on Titan is based on a manga series by Hajime Isaya in 2009, but it’s popularity took off with the 2013 anime adaptation. A dark medieval fantasy where the enemies are gigantic, scary, cannibalistic “titans” that visually represent the ugliness of humanity, Attack on Titan has taken on a life of its own with popular cameraphone apps, Pizza Hut campaigns and now its own attraction in Universal Studios Japan.

The Attack on Titan attraction is part of a limited time exhibit hosted by the Japanese tourist organization Universal Cool Japan. The attraction features lifelike titan and character statues from the series that guests can pose with to make them feel like they’ve stepped inside the Attack on Titan world. There is also a cafe where guests can relax and dine on Attack on Titan themed cuisine (we assume no humans were harmed in making) and purchase plenty of merchandise. Judging from early pictures posted on twitter and other social media platforms, it seems as if the guests are having loads of fun exploring and immersing themselves in the Attack on Titan world:








Here are two videos for anyone who wants to experience the attraction, but can’t fly to Osaka, Japan (warning: no English subtitles).

This limited-time exhibit is only open until May 10th. If you can’t make it to Osaka in time, the Attack on Titan live action movie will be released sometime in the summer this year as well as a second season of the anime that is tentatively set for 2016.

The Titans are coming for you.


Feature image courtesy of DramaFever. 

Image of The Day: The Best ‘Attack on Titan’ Cosplay EVER

Japanese manga series Attack on Titan has received quite a bit of fame since it began in 2009. The past few years alone have been an indicator of the manga’s large success.

In 2011, Attack on Titan won the Kodansha Manga Award in the shōnen category. Nearly all of the volumes made it onto The New York Times Manga Best Seller list  and the Young Adult Library Services Association in the United States named the series one of its “Great Graphic Novels for Teens.” So far, over 22 million copies have been sold in Japan.

So what sort of manga can possibly attract this much attention? Well Attack on Titans happens to be about gigantic humanoid creatures called Titans who devour and destroy humans. After a massive attack, the remaining humans were left to live confined in concrete walls. After a 100-year absence, the Titans mysteriously reappear and humans must deal with the vicious creatures once more.

Clearly, this violent series isn’t the usual dose of “cute” that our Audrey readers typically prefer, but this little girl is here to prove to you that she can make absolutely anything cute.

This adorable bit of cosplay is from the Fancy Frontier comic and cosplay event in Taiwan. The cutie is dressed as Attack on Titan character Sasha Braus. The character is known to have a large appetite so, to our delight, the tiny girl appears to be nibbling away at food.

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