You Wish You Had As Much Sass As These Asian Kids

Not be confused with cockiness, Sass is all about the attitude and confidence. It’s about how people react when you walk into a room and the realization that turning heads can actually be a good thing. How you carry yourself can be translated into your body language, and honey, everyone can see it. I mean, why else does Beyonce strike her Wonder Woman pose every time she’s on stage?

How to release your inner diva taught by Brian Joo.

Itching to have people refer to you as a diva? Most look to dancers for inspiration when it comes to upgrading their fierceness. After all, when dancers are taught choreography, it’s their job to take the movements and totally own it. Well as it turns out, we can now look to another, even better source for inspiration: sassy Asian kids who dance.

It seems like kids nowadays are working it better than adults on many fronts– they even dress better than us! We’ve gone ahead and gathered some videos of sassy Asian kids we think everyone can learn from.  Watch them take simple movements and add their own flare to it. These kids own their confidence better than most people I know.

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly taking notes from these youngsters. Even in my 20-something years, they totally schooled me.



1) On Wednesdays we wear pink
This duo does a 4Minute dance cover, but the pink-shirted friend totally stole the show:



2) Boy Gaga
This young dancing prodigy, Sean Lew, dances to Lady Gaga’s Applause and even gains the

attention of Queen Latifah:



3) U Go (Little) Girl
This little girl dancing to Lee Hyo Ri’s U Go Girl is not only sassy, it’s adorable (a one, two punch):



4) “I can dance when I brush my teeth”
9-year old, Aiden Xiong, shows his moves on Ellen:



5) Pop. There goes my hopes of being a good dancer 

, a junior division dance troupe from New Zealand, owns the stage at Auckland Regionals:



6) Prince of body-rolling 
This kiddo just “Bang Bang” right to our hearts:

Featured image courtesy of welikeit.


Top 10 Incredibly Talented Asian Children Who Became Viral Sensations

For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard the saying that Asian children are over-achievers. Apparently in our youth, we all mastered 100 instruments, learned 50 languages, filled our days with extra-curriculars and still managed to get straight A’s. Oh, and we all knew Kung Fu too.

Well I’ve either forgotten most of those abilities or maybe, just maybe, that myth is just a myth after all. I’m gonna go ahead and lean towards the latter since the closest I’ve gotten to being musically talented are my 20 minute singing-in-the-shower concerts.

My point is, we are not all superhuman and every time I come across non-Asians who make that assumption, I wonder where they got that idea from. But then I stumble upon all the talented Asian children on YouTube and the assumptions begin to make sense to me.

They’re right– some of these kids are superhuman.

It’s hard to believe that these little ones possess such talent and natural ability. Check out our list of talented Asian children and be prepared to be blown away. As for me, I’m going to go curl up in a ball and wonder what I’ve been doing with my life.


1) Ryan Wang, 5-year-old piano prodigy
What were you doing at 5? Ryan Wang was performing in New York’s prestigious Carnegie Hall after a mere year and half of lessons. Here he is performing for one of his biggest fans– a 101-year-old family friend.



2) Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and James Walter Bucong, young Filipino musicians
This duo put up a cover of “Dance with My Father” on YouTube and it skyrocketed into viral fame. For months, no one could identify who they were so Ellen went to find them.


3) Mahiro-Chan, the most fierce 7-year-old martial artist
Forget cuteness, this 7-year-old will destroy you with her Kankudai skills. Mahiro-chan moves with an intensity, fierceness and speed that would impress any martial artist.


4) An entire class of talented Korean musicians 
This 2nd grade class in an elementary school in Daegu, South Korea gives an impressive cover of Nujabes’ “Aquarian Dance.”


5) Three Dancers with mind-blowing choreography 
Performing for DANCE@LIVE Japan 2014.



6) 4-year-old Rocker
Watch this lil guy perform a drum cover of System of A Down’s “Chop Suey.”


7) Sean Lew who began dancing at the age of 4
This professional dancer (he turned pro 3 years ago) has 7 years of dance experience, including international performances with collectiveUth and a stint on Glee.


8) Joyce Jimenez, a blind 11-year-old with an amazing voice
Residing in the Philippines, Joyce Jimenez belts out a cover of “Wrecking Ball” while following along to braille lyrics.



9) Tiny Hip-Hop Dancer
Both cute and talented, this little one has no problem following along to the choreo.




10) Taiwanese singer Lin Yu Chun
Watch him give Whitney Housten a run for her money in his cover of “I Will Always Love You.”


Video of the Day: Fast and Furious Asian Kid Shows Girlfriend the Art of Drifting

Kids are growing up way too fast these days.

In this video found via The Craziest Videos Facebook Page, a cute little Asian boy takes his young lady friend out for a spin in his toy car, careening around orange cones and making wild figure eights. I like to imagine she’s loving it as she waves her arms wildly (and not getting car sick). Enjoy!