Sundance Spotlight on Jennifer Phang’s ‘Advantageous’


Today is the start of Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and for the lucky attendees, that means snow, parties and most importantly, tons of movies to watch. Here at Audrey we have highlighted the Asian and Asian American films premiering at Sundance this year, but we wanted to give a special spotlight to the film Advantageous which is directed by, written by and starring Asian American women. Because the amount of working female directors hasn’t increased since 1998, and the fact that “moviegoers were as likely to see an other-worldly [non-human or alien] female as they were to see an Asian female character” in 2013, we are heartened by the amount of roles Advantageous provides for Asian women both in front of and behind the camera.

Sundance has already uploaded a video highlighting Advantageous writer and director Jennifer Phang, who briefly discusses her film. While Advantageous takes place in a sci-fi future, the emphasis of the film seems to be motherhood, parental sacrifice and what it means to be selfless.

According to the synopsis posted on the Sundance website, Advantageous takes place “in a metropolis in the near future, Gwen Koh, a beautiful woman full of poise and grace, works as the spokesperson for the Center for Advanced Health and Living, a company that offers a radical new technology allowing people to overcome their natural disadvantages and begin life anew. But when a shift in company priorities threatens her job and her family, will Gwen undergo the procedure herself?”

Advantageous is based off a short film by Jennifer Phang, which is available to watch below:

So if you are lucky enough to be at Sundance, check out Advantageous! For the rest of us who can’t, we hope that we can see Advantageous in a theater near us very, very soon.




Help Bring “Advantageous” To The Big Screen

Here’s your chance to support women of the API community in the Entertainment Industry. Jennifer Phang (Sundance Fest and Lab Alumna director-writer), Jacqueline Kim (actor, co-writer, producer) and Theresa Navarro (producer) are joining forces for the adaptation of  of ADVANTAGEOUS – an award-winning short film made for the ITVS FUTURESTATES online series. The short stars numerous API actors including Jacqueline Kim (CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES), 13-year-old Korean-American actress Samantha Kim, and Obie Award-winning actor James Urbaniak (THE VENTURE BROS, AMERICAN SPLENDOR)

“A sci-fi film set in a not-too-distant future, ADVANTAGEOUS is about a mother who must decide whether to undergo an extreme procedure in order to compete in an extremely difficult job market and provide a better education and future for her daughter. It deals with themes of feminism, family, education, and sacrifice.”

The short played at a number film festivals including Tribeca, CAAMFest and the San Diego Asian Film Festival, and won the Golden Reel Award at LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. After gaining much praise, it was developed into a feature-length script. This is where you come in.

The Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign aims to raise $30,000 to fund turning this short into a feature film. The campaign deadline is this Friday July 12th. If you’d like to see Advantageous make it to the big screen, click here to make a contribution!