Image of the Day: Billboard in Korea Encourages You to “Step In” And Stop Child Abuse


It’s easy for many of us to say we’re against child abuse, but how willing are we to interfere, step in, and do what we can to stop child abuse? That’s exactly what this billboard in South Korea asks anyone who passes by.

It’s quite difficult to ignore this powerful, interactive ad which shows the silhouette of two people: An angry adult holding a glass bottle over his head and the scared child he is threatening to hurt.



At the top of this upsetting image are the words “Child abuse, you can prevent it” along with an arrow pointing to the blank space in between the abusive adult and the child. This is where passersby are asked to “step in.”

The powerfully symbolic ad truly shows its brilliance when an onlooker steps in between the silhouettes. Suddenly, a superhero logo will pop up on the onlooker’s shadow with an emergency number and the words, “Report to become a hero for children.”

The message is instantly clear. Anyone can become a hero and help prevent child abuse. In fact, simply reporting child abuse can save lives.


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This May Be The Most Awkward Thing You Watch Today

These days, we embrace awkward and quirky. In fact, many of Hollywood’s top celebs (looking at you Jennifer Lawrence) embrace and openly admit to awkwardness. Even the newest Disney Princess, Anna from the Golden Globe-winning animated film Frozen, points out that she’s awkward.

But Rio Mints Hong Kong has decided to take this word to a new level. A Rio Mints commercial, which was released late last month, has been making its way around social media and has gathered quite some attention.

In the commercial, a pair of friends are innocently sporting some beachwear and enjoying what seems to be a carnival of some sort. After the woman offers the man a Rio Mint, the commercial becomes completely unrelated to candy. With a… unique way of utilizing a puppet llama, this commercial certainly tops our awkward list.

And no, not the cute-and-charming kind of awkward. This is the kind of awkward that leaves you confused and not sure how to feel. Watch it for yourself below.


Video of The Week: Google India’s Heartwarming Ad

Ready to have your heartstrings pulled? This ad for Google India will sure do the trick. The video, titled “Google Search: Reunion,” focuses on two men in their elder years who were childhood friends.

The men reflect on their younger years and on their forced separation due to the India-Pakistan partition of 1947. Thanks to technological advances, Google’s search system and their kinda grandchildren, the two are finally able to reunite.

Times of India claims that the ad went viral within a few hours of being released because it strikes such an emotional chord. They certainly weren’t kidding. The video has already gathered over a million views since its release yesterday.

Check it out for yourself and be prepared to find a smile on your face.
Note: Turn subtitles on by clicking on the Closed Captioning option in the video.

Do Women Need Men To Purchase A Car?

“Never go to the car dealership without a man. They will take advantage of you because you’re a woman.”

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve heard this. Naturally, I begin to protest against this statement, but then I remember the fact that my own mother was charged double what she was suppose to pay. I remember my aunt was suckered into paying for a number of “problems” with her car that quite frankly didn’t exist. I remember my cousin angrily ranting that although she was the one purchasing the car, the dealer only spoke to her boyfriend while making his sales pitch.

So what’s really going on here? Although we are angry about the statement that men should be with us while purchasing a car, is this actually sound advice? Nolo reports: “Women buy 54% of the cars in the United States, and influence 84% of all vehicle purchase decisions. Yet most women dread the car buying experience, with good reason. Women often get ignored, patronized, or just plain ripped off at car dealerships. And lack of knowledge about cars and the car buying process isn’t always the culprit. In a study conducted by two economists in Chicago, car dealers quoted higher prices to a test group of women than to a similar group of men, even when those women came to the dealership armed with the same information as the men, and followed the same “script” as the men.”

TrueCar decided to release a commercial which discusses the worries that women face while purchasing their car. It is clear that the ad aims to relieve this stress and point out how can help women be brave enough to venture into the car dealership all on their own. Instead of a man, now women have TrueCar!

Sense a bit of a condescending tone there? Yup, we did too. In fact, many people had a negative response to the ad which gave the impression that TrueCar would be the male replacement. Because we still apparently can’t apparently walk into a car dealership and successfully negotiate the deal on our own. No, we need a male or a male replacement.

car 1 car 2

So tell us what you think? Is this commercial simply being misinterpreted? Or do their good intentions fall short? Watch the ad below and tell us what you think: