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Swoon-Worthy Photos of Daniel Henney in Elle Korea February

Posted By Ethel Navales On February 27, 2014 @ 10:11 pm In Fashion,Pop Culture | Comments Disabled

Saying that we love Daniel Henney may be a bit of an understatement. After all, Henney was featured as our Daily SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy) three different times. Once when he was on the cover of Elle Korea [1] in October, again when he was on the cover of KoreAm Journal [2]and a third time for his swoon-worthy photoshoot video [3].

Although it may look like we’re obsessed with the guy, we’re simply showing our readers what they want to see. After all, our readers liked Henney so much that he made it onto our list of the Top 5 SHAGS of 2013 [4].

Oh who are we kidding? We may be a little obsessed.

It’s hard not to be after seeing the following photo spread for Elle Korea February 2014. Henney poses alongside¬†Kim Soo Hyun. The two acted together in the Korean drama Fugitive: Plan B.¬†

We won’t waste your time any longer. Here are the pictures you’ve been waiting for.

[5] [6] [7]

[8] [9]

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