Steven Yeun Reverses Yellow Fever
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 28, 2013

Let’s face it; since WongFu came out with “Yellow Fever,” it appears to be a known assumption that Asian males just don’t get the girl, whether it be the cutely exotic Asian or the hot White chick.

Especially on prime time television, we rarely see an interracial relationship of an Asian male and Caucasian female.

However, on the November 6 episode of Walking Dead, Steven Yeun gave Prime Time a pill to prevent Yellow Fever from spreading any further.  Yeun’s stereotype breaking character, Glenn, hooked up with Maggie, the attractive white female that Glenn has been lusting after.  According to an interview on AMC, this wasn’t his first on-scene love-scene, but won’t mind if viewers count it as his first one. Check below for video:

“I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know how it was going to come. I remember we just improvised a lot of that scene,” Yeun said to  “I wanted it to play as this crazy awkward situation, as it should be: This kid hasn’t had this happen to him and out of nowhere this girl is saying, “Let’s do it.” It should be a beautiful thing because it’s a sweet thing, but it’s also awkward and frightening. I hope that scene captured all those things.”

OK, so it’s not a full-blown relationship yet — but they hooked up!  And the web was abuzz of camaraderie amongst Asian males.  Now, Caucasian female lusting Asian males have Yeun to thank for a little turning of the tables.

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