Step Into Mind-bending Paintings at Hong Kong’s First 3D Museum
  • by Rachel Chen
  • July 14, 2014


Hong Kong, though it be little in contrast to other major cities in Asia, has never shied away from adding fun, creative attractions for its tourists and locals. In fact, the city of 7.5 million already has a Disneyland and an Ocean Park, in addition to its picture-perfect view of the harbor and their bustling, culture-filled streets.

The latest attraction, just added to the city, is a 3D art museum. According to Time Out Hong Kong, founders of the museum were first inspired by an already existing 3D, or “trickeye” museum as they now refer to it, in Seoul, Korea. The Hong Kong artists noticed the popularity of the attraction there and decided to re-create a similar museum in their hometown.


trick eye

Trickeye Museum in Seoul, Korea


The concept behind the original museum in Korea was to take one’s experience in an art gallery to new heights — by giving them the optical illusion that they are a part of the actual painting. Painting scenes include everything from a carousel ride at an amusement park to a luscious, romantic garden for couples to enjoy.

With the desire of making their 3D museum even more personalized, the Hong Kong museum’s co-founders expanded the concept, by incorporating scenes of Hong Kong’s history. Museum’s strategy and finance director of the museum, Winston Lo, recently told Time Out, “The other 3D museums don’t have art that depicts local culture. We want to emphasize the fact that we want local culture infused in our artwork.”

But not all of their paintings are historically based; they made sure to cater to just about anyone from age 5 to age 70, with different sections of the museum called “Love Journey” for lovebirds, “Imaginary Wonderland” for more adventurous souls, and “Chinese Culture” as well.

Check out some of the interactive paintings below: