Sriracha Factory Odor Causes Burning Eyes and Headaches
  • by Winnie Galbadores
  • October 30, 2013

Huy Fong Foods, creator of the beloved Sriracha product, is undergoing major trouble in Irwindale, California.

If you’re a fan of this product, don’t worry. Using the popular hot sauce for your food won’t cause you discomfort, but apparently living near the production factory will.

Residents have filed several complaints about burning eyes and constant headaches due to the intense and painful odor emitted by the factory. One family in the area stated that they were forced to move a birthday party indoors due to the strong odor.

The town is now filing a suit demanding that production be stopped until there is a concrete plan of action for diminishing the spicy odors, said Irwindale City Atty. Fred Galante. A judge is scheduled to decide the fate of the company on Thursday, Oct 31.

With this legal complaint, a Sriracha shortage may be shortly approaching and will cause prices to rise. Several Sriracha lovers have taken to twitter stating that we must unite in order to save the factory.

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What do you think of the burning issue in Irwindale, California?