We’ve all used spray devices as ways to get rid of things we do not want: from bugs and bites to unwelcome odors. Now, in China, sprays are being used to get rid of something that we all experience: hunger.

So, who doesn’t want hunger?  On October30th in Beijing, China, International Fashion Week kicked off with the “Tang-Jing” Fashion Show in the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel.

There was a lot of spraying going on backstage, from hair to perfume, but there was one spray that was not allowed.  On the backstage curtain read a sign in both English and Chinese, “Models must eat before going on runway. Spraying your hunger away is not enough!”

The spray they are referring to is SENSASLIM, which is being described as a dieter’s dream, and an easy way to lose weight without ever feeling hungry.  With its slogan, “nothing tastes as good as slim feels”, it is no surprise that the sign was posted this year by organizers concerned about the spray.  Their concerns stem from a repeat incident last year where a model collapsed on the catwalk from lack of energy brought about by food deprivation.

Norwegian model, Erjana Ala, discovered the Sensaslim spray in her native Norway where it has recently been released.

“The other girls saw me spray it, and now everyone is wanting it,” Ala said.  “It isn’t in China yet, so the girls are buying it on the internet and getting it sent by courier.  It’s crazy how everyone is asking me where they can get it.”

Sensaslim Research Director Dr. Sommerville said Sensaslim is administered three times a day, by two sprays onto the tongue, ten minutes before meals, and should not be used instead of food entirely.

“Sensaslim was not designed for the underweight or normal weighted people but for those who are overweight or obese and need to lose large amount of weight,” he said.  “We would not encourage models to use it more than once a day as it is may work too well.”