SNEAK PEAK: ‘The Nice Girls Crew’
  • by Audrey Magazine
  • April 15, 2014
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Story by Rachel Chen. 

Missed the Nice Girls?  Be sure to tune in because the The Nice Girls Crew will be back on April 28th and this second season promises to bring more senseless and humorous banter.

In the first season, writer and creator Christine Kwon introduced the ultimate dysfunctional trio. Dramatic, unpredictable and impulsive Geraldine is played by Michelle Krusiec (What Happens in Vegas, Sweet Home Alabama, Saving Face). Classy and semi-neurotic Sophie is played by Lynn Chen (Saving Face, Lakeview Terrace, Yes, We’re Open) and raunchy Leena is played by none other than Sheetal Sheth (Looking for Comedy in a Muslim WorldYes, We’re Open)

This hilarious trio comes together for the most unlikely of activities: a book club. Books brought to the table have included the Harry Potter series, Dave Egger’s “A Heartbreaking Work of the Staggering Genius” and even “Zen in the Art of Archery” –- but there has yet to be an episode where they actually discuss the book. Instead, they talk about everything from vampires to teddy bears to prescription drugs (the amount of alcohol consumed during discussions probably has something to do with the off-topic tangents). Needless to say, The Nice Girl Crew is anything but a conventional women’s book club!

Season one was filled with Geraldine’s bad case of 80’s hair, Sophie’s unsuccessful efforts to keep the peace and Leena’s inability to actually care about books… even though she’s in a book club. Of course, this is nothing compared to what season two has in store.


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In season two, more talented actors will be gracing us with their appearances in the episodes. For the first time for this show, a little bit of testosterone will be added. Actor Leonardo Nam, known for his roles in The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, will be playing Donatello, Sophie’s personal assistant. Of course, no American television show with more than two Asian characters is complete without the occasional visits from the worldly Asian mother to mix things up; hence, The Joy Luck Club actress Tsai Chin will be appearing in the show as Geraldine’s mother.

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For those of you looking for a girl’s night-in, join in on all the fun and adventure with the girls! Look for this all-new second season featured on Youtube, Vimeo, and! After all, what could be more entertaining than a little bit of crude humor, impulsive spontaneity and a whole lot of sass?

Watch the Season 2 trailer below and CLICK HERE TO SEE A SNEAK PEAK OF THE NEW SEASON!