Roll Models: Interview with Jowe Lee
  • by Kanara Ty
  • June 28, 2013

NAME Jowe Lee
NICKNAMES? Prince of K-Town
ETHNICITY 100% Born & raised Korean
GIVE US ONE REASON WHY EVERYONE SHOULD TUNE INTO ‘ROLL MODELS’ Hottest import/gogo models, badass cars with drifting action, & most importantly DRAMA! What more could you possibly ask more for?

1. Your go-to karaoke song = Tupac – Life Goes On (English) side note w the tempo all the way up! & Kim Bum Soo – Bogoshipda “I Miss You” (Korean) drunk emotional tear breaker song.

2. Last time you cried = When I got a “B”EATING for getting a “B” on my high school report card by my parents…

3. What always makes you laugh = Being around my best friends or people who have a real sense of humor.

4. Your go-to comfort food = Savoys Kitchen to eat Hainan Chicken in SGV “San Gabriel Valley”!

5. Last thing you ate = Dish full of different varieties of fruit at a Korean karoke spot at 4 AM…

6. Currently on “repeat” on your ipod = Zedd – Clarity (I swear I am going on American Idol w this song!)

7. A guilty pleasure you don’t feel guilty about = Breaking woman’s hearts.

8. Current favorite place = In bed under the sheets on my new Tempur Pedic $4k memory foam mattress! My best investment yet!

9. Favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise = Johnny on the rocks. Not shaken, but stirred… lol

10. Current obsessions? = Becoming the ultimate stereotypical Korean man of perfecting Golf.

11. Pet peeve = Woman who smoke & messy people.

12. Habit I need to break = Being such a neat freakazoid & a perfectionist…

13. Talent you’d like to have = How to tame a Tiger, then I’d be able to do the same with woman.

14. Word or phrase you most overuse = Sorry, you’re just too pretty for me. Works every time lol

15. Most treasured possession? = My collection of exotic cars.

16. Greatest fear? = Me, myself, and I.

17. Favorite childhood pastime or memory = Being able to live comfortably with my parents at home eating home cooked meals every day.

18. Motto? = Wake up every morning & know what TIME it is!

19. What’s cool about being Asian = Just about everything. To be more specific our culture & foods!

20. If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what occupation would you be doing? I’d most like be back in school to finish up my units in college to become a dentist to apply for dental school.