Plugged In | The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 28, 2013

Returning for its second season, the hit TV drama The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book series, is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. A small group of survivors, including Glenn, played by Korean American actor Steven Yeun (The Big Bang Theory), must fight for survival. Here, we pick Yeun’s brain.

If I were a zombie: I’d go to the nearest steakhouse and pick out a person who had just eaten a nice filet or T-bone. That’d be like eating a steak wrapped in bacon, but human-sized.

In Glenn’s zombie survival pack: Spam, candy and a bunch of hats.

Monster I want to be: I’d love to turn into a Gila monster. All they do is eat, sleep and sunbathe. Sign me up.

— Han Cho

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