Pakistani Teens Become Viral Sensation For Singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby”
  • by Amanda Walujono
  • March 10, 2015

Like countless teenage girls, Saana and Muqqadas Tabaydar love Justin Bieber. Unlike countless teen teenage girls, they are achieving fame in Pakistan for their Justin Beiber love. It’s all thanks to their cover of Justin Beiber’s “Baby,” which has become a viral sensation.

According to BBC News, Saana and Muqqadas Tabaydar come from a very poor family and were forced to drop out of elementary school. But the girls have always had a love for music, so when they heard the song “Baby,” the Tabaydar sisters essentially lost their minds like teenagers are wont to do. Saana and Muqqadas decided to form a duo under the name “Justin Bibis” and worked hard to prepare for the video. The girls don’t speak English so they transcribed the lyrics by sounding out the words and writing them down in Urdu.

The Justin Bibis then filmed themselves singing “Baby” on a street corner, accompanied by their mom who drummed the background beats using a pot. After the video was first posted, the Justin Bibis were invited to perform on Pakistani news shows and their fame exploded. Of course, the girls say their ultimate wish is to meet Justin Bieber himself.

Here is their cover of “Baby”:


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