Spring 2013 | Pop-arazzi: Johnny Anastacio

DEPT: Pop-arazzi
AUTHOR: Ethel Navales
ISSUE: Spring 2013

“Meet Kimora Lee Simmons’ Fab Right Hand Man”

“The King of Fab,” “Mister Fabulosity,” and “The King of Accessories” are just a few of the many nicknames that Johnny Anastacio has earned as senior graphic designer at JustFab.com. And that was before they began shooting the new reality show Kimora: House of Fab, which follows JustFab creative director Kimora Lee Simmons as she runs the online personalized shopping service. We talk fashion, race and role models with the The King of Fab.

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Fall Trends Preview | Fall Hair Trends with Justin Surh

Justin Surh, one of L.A.’s most talented stylists, wields his scissors at Michaeljohn in Beverly Hills. With over 20 years experience, Justin has carved out a stellar career as a haircutting master. Training with both Vidal Sassoon and Toni&Guy in London, Justin has honed his flawless technique in some of the most prestigious salons in Los Angeles. He is highly sought after, renowned for his perfect cuts and beautiful coloring. Justin’s passion for hair delivers amazing results for his clientele. His hair color methodology complements his signature haircuts. Justin’s hair philosophy is about being “fresh and easy to maintain.” He has worked with celebrities, styled for the runway, editorials and numerous TV commercials. Justin talks to us about hot hair trends for fall! Click on to read more! 





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Fall Beauty Trend Preview I Blush

Ming Xi at Michael Kors (F/W 2012), Courtesy of Style.com

This fall, get inspired by the Michael Kors’ runway and keep your cheeks as the centerpiece of your makeup look!  Also, keep reading to check out our product review of two blushes from the ever-popular makeup brand, MAC.

Keep reading after the cut for fall beauty!

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Ask Audrey Staff | What’s in Our Makeup Bag?

Find out what’s in our stash!

Do you have that specific eyeliner that you can’t go a day without? Or maybe you’ve found your perfect skin foundation. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with just the right eye shadow to make Asian eyes pop. Whatever it may be, we all have our own beauty secrets and favorites. Today, we’ve decided to share some of ours! I went and asked a few people here at the Audrey Magazine Office to share their favorite/essential piece of make up. Continue reading to find out whats in our bags and click on the pictures to see where you can purchase them!

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Summer Issue Extra: More Women Redefining Beauty

As an assistant editor for a women’s lifestyle magazine, I’m exposed to images, faces, bodies and shapes all day, every day. I surf blogs, I flip through magazines and I interview some of the most “beautiful” people on the planet.

As my life has gotten more infused with the media’s standards of beauty, I have to admit, I’ve become a little disturbed by the narrow scope of what is deemed beautiful in our society. Long limbs, blonde mane, enormous eyes, lush lips, big boobs, etc. As an Asian American woman, we have a slightly different set of requirements to be beautiful (straight black hair, big eyes, clear, pale skin, waif-y body shape, etc.), but it’s still there.

But then, I realized I was actually in a position to do something about it! Audrey Magazine decided to put out a casting call seeking REAL women to participate in a photo shoot for our Summer issue. We wanted to feature girls who had great stories to share about their quirks, their bodies, their faces.

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The Kpop Gods Have Spoken: Kpop Queen Hyori Lee is back as “Miss Korea”

What’s better than one Hyori? Two Hyori’s

There’s only one Kpop queen in my heart – and her name is Hyori Lee. With the recent release of “Miss Korea,” you can understand how excited I am for her comeback (it’s since 2010!) to the music scene. As usual, she’s looking gorgeous as ever as a pinup beauty queen. I wonder what her next album will pack in store.

Check out the video below!

You can also check out more goodies related to Hyori’s comeback below!

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LA Fashion Week 2013 | Manna Kadar of Manna Kadar Cosmetics

Manna Kadar Cosmetics was the exclusive make-up sponsor of the 2013 LA Fashion week providing make-up for the runway shows last month.  While some might think this was a daunting task (handling every show!), Manna of Manna Kadar Cosmetics takes it all in stride.  This could be because of the long-wearing make-up she designed for the everyday woman.  Says Manna, “The premise for the line is [that] all the items are long-wearing, double duty so once you put the make-up on, it doesn’t move, it doesn’t smudge.”

Manna got her foot in the beauty industry door at an early age as she owned seven cosmetic stores by the time she was twenty-two while attending USC.  Operating cosmetics stores was the best hands-on training for her as she was able to truly test every product constructing her own analysis on what product performed well and what product didn’t.  She would go on to take some time off and venture into the financial world as a banker for seven years.  But her passion for beauty consumed her and she jumped right back in, acquiring a few more salons and spas.  What did she gain overall from this experience?  “I kind of learned both sides of the business…the combination of the two is what led to creating Manna Kadar Cosmetics,” says Manna.

AUDREY caught up with a busy Manna in between one of many shows during Fashion Week and we got the lowdown on her collaborative working process with fashion designers, one of her key products and how to achieve beauty “fabulousness” in a mere seven minutes.

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Behind the Scenes: Princess Tales, Pt. 2

Janice Jann is newly svelte, but still loves her food!

A few months ago, Audrey contributor Janice Jann won First Princess in the 2010 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown. Since then, she’s been blogging about life as a beauty queen — from a real girl perspective. Here, part two of a First Princess’s tales from the inside.

A couple of days ago, I went to the gym and weighed myself on the scale and my jaw dropped to the ground. I had lost 20 pounds in the past six months. Physically, it’s not that big of a difference, is it?

Winning Miss Los Angeles Chinatown 2010 First Princess is not the best reward I received from this whole pageant experience. This body was.

For the past four months, I dragged myself out of bed nearly every single morning and worked out, whether taking ballroom dancing classes, lifting weights or just using the bicycle machines. I moderated what I ate, chomping on carrot sticks like I was Roger Rabbit and turning a blind eye to every burger joint and taco shack. It was not an easy task. I am a girl who loves to eat. If I could choose eternal beauty or the opportunity to enjoy amazing meals every single day of my life, food will win every time. I get giddy over a beautiful piece of steak. I think sharing a meal with someone is one of the most worthwhile ways of bonding and communion. I take pictures of food, for goodness sakes! So yea, it’s safe to say I like food a lot.

And I am not naturally skinny. While it is true that I am skinnier than most, I am by no means a lithe size 0 with a six pack (maybe of beer …). I worked hard to get to this size. There is no secret magic shortcut to staying thin. You pretty much have to love yourself and your body enough to want to eat healthy and work out.

Taking care of your body the right way will not only give you a satisfactory physical appearance, it will make you feel better all around. I’m more alert, more awake because I don’t weigh myself down with sweets and fatty foods. I don’t break out as much. I go (you know, go) easily and on a regular basis. Endorphins flow through my veins, making me happier and smilier. I’m more flexible and quicker on my feet (still as klumsy as ever, though). I find that taking classes greatly boosts my motivation towards working out. It is really hard to slack off when you have all these middle-aged housewives puffing away, sweating bullets.

Now that the pageant is over, my top priority is keeping myself in shape. It does get kind of hard when I have weekly banquets to go to, where seven-course Chinese meals await, but I just also remember to keep my portions in check and remember that if I eat too much today, tomorrow is always a fresh new day.

Spring Issue Extra: More Florals

In Audrey Magazine‘s Spring issue, we opened our Audrey Style section with an ode to all things blooming in jewelry. But it’s not just jewelry that’s gone daffodils. I can’t get enough of the fleur du jour look seen everywhere, from jeans to bags to even cosmetics.

Floral prints this spring go from sophisticated watercolor interpretations:

(Editor’s note: Picture the Jonesy watercolor top with a pair of tough skinny pants, like on Eugenia here. This spring, anyone can do floral, even your rocker types.)

Jonesy floral one-sleeve top.

Eugenia Mandzhieva in Elliot Atkinson.

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Behind the Scenes: Princess Tales

Janice Jann in the question and answer portion of the Miss Los Angeles Chinatown pageant.

We were excited when former editorial intern and Audrey contributor Janice Jann won First Princess in the 2010 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown last month. We’re even more excited that she’s agreed to blog about her year as she fulfills her pageant duties, represents the community, and, inevitably, deals with the pressures and expectations of a reigning pageant winner. Here, a First Princess’s tales from the inside.

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