New Dilemna: Plastic Surgery Patients Look Nothing Like Their Passport Pictures

As plastic surgery in South Korea continues to rise in popularity, more and more cosmetic surgery clinics have opened up. With so many of it’s kind, many of the clinics have focused on improving their work to beat out the competition. The results? South Korean plastic surgery has gotten so advanced that international patients are now facing a problem. How do you get back home when you look absolutely nothing like your passport picture?

The desire for plastic surgery spans beyond Korea. For instance, surgery rates in China have increased as well. Many people in China decide to travel to Korea to get procedures done because they claim they will get better results there. (Seriously. Check out this procedure gone wrong.)

However, when travelers try to return to China after their surgery, many are refused because they look drastically different from their passport picture.

cert 2

To fix this problem, South Korean clinics and hospitals have reportedly begun issuing “plastic surgery certificates” to their patients. Along with before and after pictures, the certificate also includes the patient’s passport number, the name of the hospital or clinic where the treatment took place, and other information to verify their identity.

Still don’t think these certificates are necessary? Just take a look at these twin sisters who are both unrecognizable after their surgery.

cert 4 cert 5

Check out their story here. 



Some Chinese Netizens Say They’re Living in “West North Korea”

Surely it would take a lot for anyone to see resemblances between their living conditions and the conditions of North Korea. Well some Chinese netizens are claiming just that. What could possibly be so horrible that Chinese netizens would say such a thing?

The Chinese government banned “The Big Bang Theory.”

Chinese fans of the popular CBS sitcom are both confused and outraged by such a decision. Netizens are accustomed to shows being banned for being too violent or inappropriate, but they see no justification in banning “The Big Bang Theory.”

There are rumors that a “green edition” of the show will be released, but it will contain censored content as well as Chinese voiceovers.

Since this decision, angry TBBT fans have taken their fury to the web. Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site which is said to be a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, received 300,000 posts concerning the ban.

Many commenters point out that they are angry about the principle of the ordeal. “You really have to feel bad for Chinese people,” one commenter wrote. “Everything is constricted, there’s no freedom of speech, our thinking has been kidnapped, and now we can’t even relax and watch a little American TV.”

As the discussion of Chinese censorship continued, many netizens began referring to their country as “West North Korea.” As expected, the term was quickly blocked from Weibo searches after it picked up popularity.


Asians in Fashion: Han Hyo Joo in Mexico for InStyle

South Korean actress Han Hyo Joo traveled to Mexico for a beautiful photo shoot for InStyle. The 27-year-old had much praise for Mexico and stated, “I think Mexico suits me well. This is the first time I felt like I was being healed while on a photo shoot.”

Han Hyo Joo studied theater and film in Dongguk University. She was discovered in 2003 through a beauty pageant and followed her dream of acting with the sitcom Nonstop 5. Now, she is most known for her roles in the television dramas Brilliant Legacy and Dong Yi, as well as the film Cold Eyes for which earned her the Best Actress award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

The popular actress makes it clear that if she didn’t go into acting, she would make a lovely model. Soompi points out that the make up chosen accentuates her facial features and her wardrobe successfully compliments her slender figure.

Although the actress was far from home, the 2013 film Cold Eyes gave Han Hyo Joo a number of international fans. Even in Mexico, a number of fans recognized the beautiful actress.

Check out the InStyle photo shoot below.

hhj 1 hhj 2 hhj 3

hhj 4 hhj 5 hhj 6



Man Photoshops Himself Into Girlfriend’s Childhood Photos

Let’s be honest. Some romantic gestures, no matter how good the intentions are, can go awry. Just take a look at this marriage proposal on the Today show or this uncomfortable proposal in China. Both are examples of people with good intentions who end up with questionable results. Well it looks like we may have someone else to add to this list.

A Chinese photographer created a new series of photos to declare his strong love for his girlfriend. In each picture, he Photoshopped images of himself into his girlfriend’s childhood photos.

“I want to send my love letter to little you, but without a time machine, the only thing I can do is come into your dream to meet you,” he writes.

The awkward thing about this? The photographer has Photoshopped his current (adult) pictures into the childhood photos. Needless to say, some viewers have found the photos to be uncomfortable.

“While it might seem sweet that he wants to say that he’s been part of his lady friend’s life, the photos are downright creepy! A few photos almost border on pedophilia, particularly the one where he’s looking up her skirt. Keep in mind that his girlfriend is an adult like he is.” says Kotaku writer Eric Jou.

Of course, others disagree with this interpretation. The People’s Daily in China insists that the girlfriend is lucky to have such a romantic boyfriend.

Others have simply laughed at the photos and believe that the photographer simply has a good sense of humor. They argue that the photos are not trying to be romantic or creepy at all, it is simply trying to be funny.

So tell us what you think. Is this photo series romantic, funny, or creepy?

an 1

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Jamie Chung Reacts to Being in PEOPLE’s 50 Most Beautiful Women List

Jamie Chung, Audrey Magazine‘s Fall 2012 cover girl, has yet another achievement to add to her list. People Magazine‘s latest issue revealed their picks for the 50 most beautiful women of 2014. Much to our delight, Chung made it onto the list.

Earlier today, Chung posted the following photo on Instagram:

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.05.53 PM

She also tweeted the following humble message:




The 30-year-old Korean American actress is most known for her portrayal as a bisexual Mulan in the ABC fantasy television series Once Upon a Time. Additionally, she has a number of television shows and movies under her belt including Grey’s Anatomy, Sucker Punch, The Hangover II & III, Premium Rush, The Man With The Iron Fists, 7500  and she played the lead in the indie film, Eden, based on the true story of Chong Kim and her personal struggles against human sex trafficking.

Fans everywhere fell for Chung’s beauty and talent. Understandably, many hearts were broken earlier this year when Chung announced her engagement to 35-year-old actor Bryan Greenberg.

Of course, this won’t stop her many fans from purchasing this issue of People Magazine. If you haven’t fallen for Jamie Chung yet, check out the reasons we love her.

Chung is not the only favorite of ours to make it on to this list. Sneak peeks of the list have been popping up online all week. We have discovered that another Audrey Magazine cover girl, Mindy Kaling, is also part of this list. Kaling is most known for creating and starring in her very own TV sitcom, The Mindy Project and for being nominated five consecutive times for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series as a producer of The Office.

Who Won the Title of Supreme Asian Chef at the Vegas Culinary Battles Finale?

(L to R) Perry Cheung, Chris Oh, David Park, and Jay Cho

After East Coast and West Coast semi-final competitions in Atlantic City and Los Angeles, the quest for Culinary Battles 2014: Supreme Asian Chef culminated in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, where the four finalists competed in the final showdown on April 26, 2014.

The two chefs representing the East Coast were Culinary Institute of America – New York student Jay Cho of Coma Food Truck, which brought Korean/Mexican fusion food to Vancouver, and Dave Park, who has plans to open his first restaurant hanbun in Chicago that will showcase Korean street food with a modern twist.

The West Coast competitors were Seoul Sausage Company’s Chris Oh, a self-trained LA chef known for winning numerous cooking competitions including The Great Food Truck Race, Knife Fight and Cutthroat Kitchen, and Perry Cheung of Phorage, a classic Vietnamese restaurant in Los Angeles known for its locally-grown and sustainable ingredients.


After each chef settled in their stations, the secret ingredients were revealed — pork belly, cabbages, and an assortment of citrus fruits — and they had one hour to prepare a special dish that would be judged on presentation, flavor, originality, use of the secret ingredient, and overall quality of the dish.

Without access to a pressure cooker or a grill at their cooking stations, most of the competitors expressed initial confusion on how they would best prepare the pork belly in under an hour. But not Seoul Sausage’s Chris Oh. Donning a black cap with KTOWN scrawled across the front, Oh was cool as a cucumber, joking about being slightly drunk already, encouraging ladies to ask him for his cell phone number after the competition was over, and taking a moment to do the infamous horse dance when “Gangnam Style” blasted over the loudspeakers.


David Park, who endured some good-natured teasing about his expensive knives (and more impressive knife skills), immediately chopped up the pork belly and put it into a food processor. Jay Cho began by cutting the skin off the pork belly to tenderize the meat and allow the seasoning to absorb faster. Oh started by creating a flavorful sauce. But it was Perry Cheung who impressed the judges earliest by choosing to immediately deep fry the pork belly, so it would caramelize faster and therefore buy him more time to concentrate on the rest of his Culinary Battle strategy.

After the hour was over, host Diane Hendriks accompanied each chef, one by one, to the table of judges: Top Chef: New Orleans finalist Shirley Chung; Sean O’Connell, Executive Chef at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas; food writer and burger guru Damon Gambuto; Master Chef Joe Poon, a TV personality also known for his food sculptures; and Barbie Marshall, a contestant on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.


David Park’s dish was a pomme purée topped with shishito peppers, deep-fried enoki mushrooms, and brûléed citrus, with the pork essence infused into the sauce. While the judges liked the presentation and thought it was smart to use the ground pork to extract flavor, they ultimately decided that the pork-infused sauce wasn’t enough to make up for the missing fatty pork their mouths were watering for.


Halfway through Chris Oh’s allotted time, the judges still couldn’t figure out what he was doing with the pork. Turned out he had bigger engineering plans in mind. Not one to be constrained by limitations — he began his career cooking out of a friend’s SUV after all — Oh turned his butane burner into a makeshift grill, all while sipping on a beer like he was cooking for his friends in his own backyard. The result was spicy, sweet Korean BBQ-style pork belly paired with a citrus, mayo-based cole slaw — a simple but tasty dish that represented his signature style of combining Korean flavors with southern comfort food.


Chef Jay Cho impressed the judges with his dish’s beautiful presentation and the variety of creative and delicious flavors he managed to put together in an hour. However, some thought that the pork belly was a bit tough and under-seasoned, and others suggested he may have been little too ambitious: ultimately, there were too many elements going on that didn’t quite come together smoothly as the judges would have liked.

perrycheungAnd last but not least, Perry Cheung presented the judges with his classic Chinese red braised pork belly and a cabbage slaw tossed with crispy bacon and a hint of grapefruit. While the judges called the presentation “rustic,” which seemed to be code for simple and slightly sloppy, Cheung’s careful concoction of flavors — utilizing everything from soy, lemongrass, ponzu, citrus, honey, and balsamic vinegar reduction — resulted in a dish that was completely gobbled up by the judges within minutes. “You had me at vinegar reduction,” said judge Shirley Chung.

As the show took a quick break to tally up the judges’ scores, if nothing else, it seemed clear that this time around, the West Coast had dominated East Coast.

In the end, the winner was Perry Cheung of Phorage!


(L-R) Joe Poon, Shirley Chung, Perry Cheung, Barbie Marshall and Diane Hendriks.

Congratulations to all the finalists! The Culinary Battles: Supreme Asian Chef competition will be televised on the ICN TV Network in the near future.

Our Favorite Harry Shum Jr. and Jenna Ushkowitz Moments

When the Fox musical comedy-drama television series Glee paired together Mike Chang and Tina Cohen-Chang, audiences couldn’t get enough of the couple. The pairing, which tried to intentionally point out racial stereotypes, largely gained popularity because of the duo’s chemistry with one another.

Just how much chemistry is there? Apparently the actors behind these characters, Harry Shum Jr. and Jenna Ushkowitz, share the same birthday. Today we’d like to wish a happy 32nd birthay to Harry and a happy 28th birthday to Jenna.

Although the two are not a couple in real life (Harry Shum Jr. is engaged. Get to know his fiance here), the duo clearly have some fan-supported chemistry. Check out our favorite Harry and Jenna moments below.

jh 2 jh 3 jh 4 jh 5 jh 6 jh 7

jh 8 jh 9 jh 10 jh 11

jh 12 jh 13 jh 14 jh 15

Want to see more of these two? Check out the top 5 reasons we love Jenna Ushkowitz and Harry’s “Painfully Shy” Interpretive Dance.


Top 5 Reasons We Love Jenna Ushkowitz

We’d like to wish the lovely Jenna Ushkowitz a Happy 28th Birthday! In honor of her special day, we decided to highlight five of the many reasons we are a Jenna fan.

1) She’s Talented. 

Most people know Ushkowitz through her role on musical comedy-drama television series Glee. However, Ushkowitz’s time in the spotlight began since she was just 3-years-old. The child actress appeared on a number of television shows including Sesame Street. At the impressive age of ten, Ushkowitz stepped into Broadway and had her first role in 1996 revival of The King and I. She appeared in several musicals in high school and received a  B.A. in Theatre Arts, with a concentration in Performance and a minor in Musical Theater from Marymount Manhattan College. Clearly,  Ushkowitz was destined for the limelight.


ju 2
2) Her Character on Glee.
In 2009,  Ushkowitz landed the role of Tina Cohen-Chang on Glee. Glee‘s cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” featured Ushkowitz on lead vocals and proved to be quite a success. According to the character’s official wiki page, the song “charted at number 47 on the Australian Singles Chart, 38 on the Canadian Hot 100, 15 on the Irish Singles Chart, 35 on the UK Singles Chart, and 66 on the United States’ Billboard Hot 100.”


ju 3
3) She’s a Korean American Adoptee.
The large Korean adoptee community faces quite a bit of controversy. Just check out this Korean adoption photo essay, the documentary about Korean American adoptee Dan Matthews and this tragic adoption case. Despite the number of individuals who are against Korean adoption, Ushkowitz proves that an adoptee can thrive under such circumstances. Her achievements have made her one of the few notable Asian Americans in mainstream media.

ju 4
4) She’s an Audrey Cover Girl.
Ushkowitz was Audrey Magazine’s very own Fall 2011 cover girl.  “I want to do what Sandra [Oh] has done, which is make herself an actress, and not an Asian American actress,” she told Audrey Magazine. “I want to be able to break those walls and make it socially wanted — not “acceptable” ‘cause I think it is acceptable — to see an Asian girl on the cover of any popular magazine.” Check out the entire interview here.


ju 5
5) She’s Beautiful.
Just check out these photos below.

ju 6 ju 7 ju 8

ju 9 Cast of Glee, AOL, November 4, 2009

Bizarre Double Eyelid Training Glasses

Plastic surgery rates in Asia have skyrocketed over the years. Among these surgeries, the double eyelid surgery is easily the most requested and common procedure. Despite it’s growing popularity, some woman are still unwilling to go under the knife and have created alternative methods to achieve their goals.

Some have resorted to make up, others have opted for photoshop, and now we have a bizarre little device called double eyelid training glasses. The glasses are a non-surgical option to create the illusion of a double eyelid. The Eyelid Trainer is worn like any other pair of glasses. Apparently, 5 minutes a day with this contraption will give you the double eyelids you desire.

“There are many products that create a double-eyelid, but there are also many people who have a hard time using glues and tapes to create the look,” says Techo Trade rep, Ikuo Otani. “We created this product with those people in mind, allowing anyone to easily train their eyelids to become creased in just a few minutes a day.”

Although the Eyelid Trainer makes it’s users look absolutely ridiculous, many people seem determined to achieve this look. The Eyelid Trainer sold 7,000 units sold in the first month of sales.

Of course, we’re not quite sure if this product actually works. In fact, the rise in cosmetic surgery in Asia indicate that more and more people are willing to cough up the money for permanent results instead of products like the Eyelid Trainer.

Currently, South Korea has the world’s highest per capita rate of cosmetic plastic surgery. Just how much surgery are we looking at?  Well there’s a woman who was so obsessed with Miranda Kerr‘s looks that she decided to go under the knife in an effort to look like the Australian Victoria’s Secret model. The phenomenon of cosmetic surgery has grown so much in Korea that a television show called “Let’s Beauty” was created. The show allows audiences to follow along with someone’s entire cosmetic transformation.



This Adorable Family Dancing to K-pop Will Make Your Day

Korean girl group T-ARA is most known for their hit “Roly Poly” which was nominated for several awards including Gaon chart’s number one single of the year.

Aside from the cute group members and catchy lyrics, the song catapulted into popularity for its innocent dance. There are many videos of people trying to mimic the dance moves, however, no one seems to be able to beat the original.

Until now.

DramaFever, the people responsible for showing us the adorable Ye-bin, recently released a video that is 3 minutes and 26 seconds of adorable. In the video, a family shows us the most amusing dance cover to the T-ARA song.

We’re not sure who we want to pay attention to most. Should we look at the young girl who has an impressive amount of dance skills for her age? Or maybe we should look at the tiny baby who wobbles in and out of the camera? Many viewers are arguing that the star of the video is actually the father. Even though he’s not quite as skilled as his daughter in dancing, he’s just as committed. Still in work clothes, he’s just as determined to nail the dance moves.

Check out the video below. We promise it will make your day.


Not familiar with the T-ARA song they’re dancing to? Watch it here.

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