Adorable Japanese Children Share Thoughts on Love, War and Happiness


If I were to ask seasoned, middle-aged individuals about their thoughts on war and love, my guess is that a handful would give me a response sprinkled with political opinions and even more would spew out jaded responses based on “the one that got away.”

But what about asking innocent children to dig into their brain and tell us what they feel about these deep issues? Their answers would be drastically different right?

Ryugin, an Okinawa-based bank, decided to go ahead and find out what sort of ideas were bouncing around in a child’s head. In a commercial titled “Children and Philosophy,” bright-eyed Japanese children give their adorable perspective on things.

The commercial, which is an advertisement for education loans that can benefit a child’s future, will have you smiling over their innocence.




China’s Bizarre “Face-Kini” Makes It To French High Fashion


Back in 2012, a Chinese beach accessory known as the “face-kini” began attracting worldwide attention.

The term face-kini gained online popularity years ago when Time Magazine showed off a picture of some Chinese beach-goers who wore the bizarre mask. Now, it seems the craze is back, but not in the way you’d expect. Recently, French magazine CR Fashion Book had their models sporting (you guessed it) face-kinis.



Despite the undeniable popularity of the face-kini, the beach accessory was never actually worn for the sake of fashion in China. The full head mask, often paired with a long-sleeved body suit, was a hit in China because of its ability to protect its user from the sun. The accessory helped with Asia’s questionable obsession with pale skin.

“I’m afraid of getting dark,” a face-kini wearer explained to The New York Times. “A woman should always have fair skin. Otherwise people will think you’re a peasant.”


fk 1

fk 2


While China used the mask as a way to retain paleness, CR Fashion Book, which was created by former editor-in-chief of French Vogue Carine Roitfed, saw the masks as an opportunity for fashion.

Check out the French fashion photos below and tell us what you think!


fk 3 fk 4


Touching Thai Commercial: This Boy’s Secret Causes Bullies to Stop In Their Tracks


Every time I hear about a new Thai commercial going viral, I prepare myself with some tissues. Better safe than sorry, right? After watching an emotional video about financial burden, a heartwarming video about the power of good deeds and a touching video about motherhood, one can’t be too careful about these tear-inducing commercials.

And I was right. This new life insurance commercial certainly does a good job of pulling at heartstrings. In the video, a young man is constantly ridiculed by his peers for his poor guitar playing.

All of this comes to a stop, however, once the bullies discover the true reason behind the boy’s guitar playing. What could possibly stop the bullies in their tracks? Watch the video below and find out.

In less than a few weeks, this video has gained over 3.5 million views. Let us know if it pulls at your heartstrings as well.



Tokyo Street Style: Fashion Meets Food Courtesy of Rotari Parker


Writing this before breakfast was a terrible idea — my hungry monster keeps getting more upset at the visual deliciousness before me. My love of eating, especially snacks, has gained me the nickname “Snack Attack,” and I won’t deny that I dream of pantries full of crunchy morsels on a regular basis. Now combine this obsession with my daily street style hunts and we reach foodie/fashionista heaven, otherwise known as Japanese accessory line Rotari Parker.

The label has been around for a few years, breathing new life into typical grocery aisle fare, and is still releasing delectable accessories periodically under their “Eat Me” line. These hand-produced marvels are fitting given the eclectic street style of Tokyo, where wearable art garners more appreciation than seasonal fashion movements. I know this story isn’t quite promoting healthy living, but sometimes adorable things are difficult to pass up. That, and I generally take on the “you only live once” approach to eating.

How does Japan wear these sweet and savory finds? By stacking them up because just one won’t do. There’s nothing like being decked out in pretzels and pastries to engage people’s fascination.

And yes, in case you were wondering, this is all real food.

ff 1

Photo Courtesy of

ff 2

Photo Courtesy of



ff 3

Photo Courtesy of

ff 5

Photo Courtesy of


If you check out Rotari Parker’s Instagram you’ll find their newest designs along with behind-the-scene photos of how they create this yummy invasion of food and fashion. As a warning, it’s best not to look if you are starving at the moment and suffer from “hangriness.”


Photos Courtesy of






This Filipino American Hair Stylist Proves You Can Make A Difference With A Simple Gesture


Let’s be real here — Sundays usually mean lying around in bed, watching a movie on Netflix (or two or three), and being in denial about the full week of work or school that is yet to come. That is the case for many, regardless of his or her profession.

However, Mark Bustos chooses not to waste his Sundays and instead does something nice for his community. Bustos, a Filipino American hairstylist who works at the upscale hair salon Three Square Studio in New York, gives free, stylish haircuts to homeless people everyday Sunday. He provides his services to as many as six people each time.

According to the Huffington Post, the 30-year-old first became inspired by a random act of kindness on a trip to the Philippines where he was visiting family members in May of 2012. During the trip, he paid a barbershop owner to rent a chair, which he then used to offer hair cutting services to impoverished children in the area.



Bustos found it so incredibly rewarding that he began expanding his services to people in Jamaica, Costa Rica and Los Angeles as well. He told Huffington Post in an interview, “The feeling was so rewarding, I decided to bring the positive energy back to NYC.” Unsurprisingly, his clients also seem to be very pleased with the outcome. One of his clients, Jamar Banks, even asked him if he knew of anyone that was hiring when he saw the result of his haircut.

Bustos has also said that he makes sure to cut the person’s hair in an open, busy street in hopes of inspiring other passersby to do random acts of kindness as well.

Upon meeting the homeless person, Bustos approaches each of them with the same phrase: “I would like to do something nice for you today.”

Check out the pictures below:






You can also follow Bustos on Instagram here.


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Indian Acid Attack Victims Come Together For An Incredibly Inspiring Photo Shoot


Most of us can barely fathom what many innocent Indian women have had to suffer as victims of rape in a country where it happens so frequently that it has become the second most dangerous place to live in for women.

Another issue in India, one much less commonly addressed, is the approximately 1,000 women who are attacked with acid every year. In most cases, while the victims of the attacks do not die, they are forced to live with the memories of the attack, along with the disfiguring scars, for the rest of their lives. As cruel and inhumane as the heinous crime is, however, there are unfortunately no specific laws against acid attacks within the Indian judicial system.

Twenty-two-year-old Rupa is one of these victims. In 2008, Rupa’s stepmother and four men attacked her with acid while she was sleeping. The resulting scars were so extensive it became a hindrance when she tried to apply for jobs. Of course, she was discouraged at first, but she didn’t let her scars get to her. In fact, she joined the charity campaign group Stop Acid Attacks and has been working with other survivors of acid attack the last few years.

And she didn’t just stop there. Rupa, who has always had a lifelong dream of designing clothes, recently launched her own clothing line called Rupa Designs. With the help of Indian photographer Rahul Saharan, Rupa even modeled the clothes from the line in a gorgeous photo shoot, along with four of her friends — Rita, Sonam, Laxmi and Chanchal — all of whom are also acid attack survivors.








Saharan, who shot the photos of the women for free, has stated that these photos are “a tribute to all the brave women across the globe who have gone through this gruesome torture.” He is now working on a photo exhibition, the proceeds from which will go to help survivors.

I have been associated with Chhaon (meeting house for suvivors) for the last two-and-a-half years, but this is the first time I feel like I’ve put my skills to good use to help these lovely girls,” he said in an interview. “I feel blessed to have got this exclusive opportunity.”

Photos courtesy of New York Daily News.


Marc Anthony Nicolas Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moment, an Unusual Pet Peeve and More


A few weeks ago, we interviewed the enthusiastic and lovable host of Lifestyle Network’s newest talk show On Your Marc! Check out this questionnaire for an even closer look at Marc Anthony Nicolas!


What is your go-to karaoke song?
-”All by myself” by Celine Dion or “Hold On (for one more day)” by Wilson Phillips.

Favorite celeb of all time?
-Has to be my friend Sharon Osbourne. She has helped me so much in the industry and helped promote On Your Marc! by being the first celebrity guest and I just love her so much.

Most embarrassing moment on your show?
-My most embarrassing moment on the show was when Sharon Osbourne was doing my makeup and asked me “You don’t want to look like Keith Richards?” I honestly did not know who he was. The only Richards I know is Denise Richards.

Favorite part of your day?
My favorite part of the day is when viewers watch On Your Marc! and message me on Facebook or twitter and tell me that I’m an inspiration to the Asian community.

Hidden talent?
-I can give Betty Crocker a run for her money. Best cupcakes in town.

Habit you need to break?
-I drink way too much iced coffee.



Favorite food?
-Pepperoni and sausage pizza!!!

Your guilty pleasure?
-Ice cream!

Your pet peeve?
-When people wear pajamas outdoors.

Greatest Fear?
-Being alone.

Your job in another life?
-Fashion designer.

What’s cool about being Asian?
Our warm personality.


On Your Marc! airs every Sunday at 9:30 pm on the Lifestyle Network. For more information, click here

“Lifestyle Network is a living and travel guide that understands the lifestyle needs of modern Filipinos around the globe. As multi-faceted as its audience, the channel brings a myriad of entertainment choices that inspire. To the new generation’s citizens of the world, Lifestyle Network is the only guide and companion that helps enrich their lives and expand their universe. Exploring corners of the world. Satiating gustatory curiosity. Creating luxurious havens. Mastering the art of living beautifully. Relaxing and empowering, this is the channel that helps you live your dreams and live your passions.

A TFC premium channel, Lifestyle Network’s programming is a unique combination of original and acquired shows airing 24/7 in English.  Broadcast across the country, it is available through satellite, cable, and video on demand platforms. To find Lifestyle Network in your area and for exclusive content online, visit “

Video of the Day: Korean Children Taste Warheads Sour Candy For The First Time


An English teacher in Korea thought he could make a fun video by introducing his students to Warheads, those disc-shaped candies sour enough to make your eyelids twitch and ears tingle. It worked. Their reactions are gold.





This story was originally published on 



#TBT: Men Do Makeup With Michelle Phan … and Fail Miserably

With over 4 million YouTube subscribers, Michelle Phan is easily one of the most known YouTube makeup artists to date. For years, she has taught us all about contouring, the perfect way to put on liquid eyeliner and even how to take selfies.

Aside from being one of our personal favorites, the 27-year-old makeup artist has already packed in a number of achievements under her belt.

In conjunction with L’oreal, Phan released her own makeup line called EM Michelle Phan.  After purchase, customers of EM Michelle Phan products are encouraged to upload videos of their own “looks” and share them with one another.



In 2012, Phan became a YouTube advertising partner and launched FAWN (For All Women Network) — a women’s lifestyle network in which guest hosts produce videos about makeup, cooking, fitness, fashion and careers.

As it turns out, Phan’s fanbase extends beyond women and the following men have decided to show that off to the world. Three brave souls decided to take on one of Michelle Phan’s makeup tutorials with no previous makeup experience.

The results? The boys were left with black eyes, smeared makeup and a new-found appreciation for girls who have mastered the art of makeup. Check it out for yourself:

This story was originally published September 2013.