Racism Alert: University of Maryland Kappa Sigma Frat’s Email Leaked

What is it with racism and colleges nowadays? This past Friday, an e-mail from a member of University of Maryland’s Kappa Sigma Fraternity leaked and it is horrifying. Warning: abhorrent language below.


We may have heard the “slanted eye chinks” comment before, but “curry monsters?” Really? And of course, we have to point out what he said about consent. This man is not only just a racist man with abhorrent thoughts, he may genuinely be a threat to all women. Not cool, bro.

The Presidents of the University of Maryland and Kappa Sigma have both released statements condemning the racist email. But amazingly enough, this man still has his defenders:

From The Bottomline:

UMD varsity football player and Quince Orchard alumni, Alex Twine, an African-American. Twine, a Gaithersburg native, is a senior education and American Studies major at UMD. “I’ve known AJ Hurwitz for years,” Twine told The Bottom Line, “He’s never been a bad person or racist. He’s an idiot for that email, and I don’t know why he would ever say something like that. The email was very wrong and there should be consequences, but let’s not ruin his life. He is not the only person that has ever sent something like that; he’s just one of them that have been exposed.”

Another was Corday Thomas, also an African-American friend of AJ. Thomas, like Twine, graduated in the same 2011 class as Hurwitz. He said, “I think it [the email] was taken out of context, but it is just unacceptable to say things like that. I’m not so much offended as I am disappointed and embarrassed for him. Racism is never okay, and you should never refer to women like that.”

Thomas also acknowledged Hurwitz for an act of generosity in the past, “Freshmen year of college, when my family moved to New York, I had no place to stay for spring break. He let me stay with him, fed me, hooked me up; I’ve chilled with him countless times, and I know he’s not a racist. However, he has to learn from his mistakes.”


So he has not one, but two black friends. How progressive of him!

In all seriousness, what is in the air? From the time Duke University Kappa Sigma had it’s “Asia-themed” party to the old anti-Asian rant from Alexandara Wallace, it appears as if there’s an increase in anti-Asian sentiment at colleges. Is that actually true or are we just hearing more about racist incidents now? More importantly, how do colleges move past this? Let us know in the comment section below.






Mindy Kaling Talks About Her Dating Life on ‘Ellen’

Mindy Kaling is a successful OB/GYN but her personal and dating life is a mess. Oh wait, that’s Mindy Lahiri, the fictional doctor she plays on her show The Mindy Project. But according to Kaling, it seems as if many people in real life confuse her with the fictional character she plays.

Currently, Kaling is single and dating, but she’s running into trouble dating because she is a lot more conservative than Mindy Lahiri. During her appearance on Ellen, she says that she’s not someone who could “drink eleven martinis” or “have a one-night stand” because she has her medications to take at night. And she has to floss.

As you can imagine, that might lead to some complications. Ellen’s solution? A bedazzled pill box for all her (non narcotic) medications, complete with labels for every day of the week.

Watch the full interview clip below:


Michael Copon Wants You To Help Create A ‘Power Ranger’ Film

Many of us who grew up during the 90’s knows how awesome our childhood shows were, from Goosebumps to the laugh-out-loud All That. But one show in particular allowed me to pick my favorite color (pink, of course) and run outside with my friends to battle the bad guys and pose with my best fighting stance while shouting, “It’s morphin’ time!”

Did I just take you back down memory lane and make you laugh at your six-year-old self? I know I did. Who could forget the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Although cast members have changed and there are different plot lines with each new season, the rangers are still widely popular among children today. However, many fans of the original have grown up and still reminisce about fighting over who’s turn it was to be the red ranger. This is probably what sparked the production of the recently released “mature” Power Ranger short film:

Adult Power Ranger fans, who wouldn’t want to watch that on the big screen? If only it was possible… or is it?

Michael Copon from the Power Rangers: Time Force season is looking to make all grown-up fans’ dreams come true. Copon is even recruiting past rangers to star in the film! Say what now? It got me interested, but he needs your help in funding the movie. The more donations, the bigger and badder this independent film will be! I don’t know about you, but my fingers are crossed for something as action-packed and gritty as that fan-made short film.

Check out Copon’s viral promo video below and if you’re up to it, donate here.



All photos courtesy of Michael Copon on Facebook.


Fashion Show 300x250_2

Street Style: Get Jamie Chung’s Denim-On-Denim Look

Jamie Chung was recently spotted out enjoying the early spring temps in Los Angeles while looking casually cool in distressed denim and a pair of great oxfords.


Image Courtesy Of Camuto Group

We broke down Chung’s look and found some great denim pieces if you love her street style just as much as we do!  There’s budget-friendly options to ultimate splurges that will make great additions for your closet.



1. All Under $100!


Image Courtesy Of Forever21.com

This Classic Denim Jacket is available at Forever21.com for $29.90, click here.



Image Courtesy Of HM.com

These skinny, distressed jeans are available at HM.com for $24.95, click here.



Image Courtesy Of HM.com

If you love Chung’s easy-going lace top, check out this one available at HM.com for $29.95, click here.

Total price for all three pieces together comes out to only $84.80!



2. For The Extreme Splurge

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 3.12.29 PM

Image Courtesy Of Barneys.com

New York artist Rob Pruitt’s limited edition collaboration with J Brand gives a new spin on the classic denim jacket.  If you are interested in owning a piece of hand-painted work the jacket is available at Barneys.com for $895, click here.



Image Courtesy Of Paige.com

This pair of Verdugo destructed denim in Beachwood is available at Paige.com for $229, click here.



Image Courtesy Of Theoutnet.com

Luxury designer fans, check out this Oscar De La Renta vinyl-appliquéd lace top available on sale for $1,105.50 at Theoutnet.com, click here.



3. Jamie Chung’s Adorable Oxford Shoes


Image Courtesy Of Camuto Group

We couldn’t get enough of Chung’s footwear, so we found out her shoes are actually from Louise et Cie, which is a sub-brand under Vince Camuto.  She’s wearing the Fernanda Oxfords which you can search for online and at Nordstrom stores where Camuto brands are sold.



4. Accessories 


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.43.05 PM

Photo courtesy of http://www.myjewelbar.com/

Jamie’s semi precious hand chain is too cute not to have. It’s available for $24 at MyJewelBar.com, click here.

Of course, we couldn’t get enough of Jamie’s Westward Leaning sunglasses. They will soon be available at westwardleaning.com.



Feature Images Courtesy Of Camuto Group, Paige.com, Theoutnet.com & Forever21.com

Top Stories of the Week: Snapchat Billionaires and Disney Villains Perfume

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Fitness Friday: How To Crush Those Pesky Cravings

Ladies, we all have our excuses for reaching for that bag of chips, a box of pocky, or that second Korean barbecue outing of the week. Sometimes we blame our periods. Sometimes we blame our relationships. Sometimes we even say we deserve it for a hard day of work.


Whatever the reason is, why do we have sweet or salty cravings (or in my case, both) and how can we get rid of it?  Having cravings usually means your body is having too much or too little of something. According to Active.com, here are some common cravings and tips on how to get rid of them:


Are you known to have a sweet tooth?
If you’re craving a sugary treat, your body may have fluctuating sugar levels which may lead to diabetes. Instead of that treat, try eating some fruit that doesn’t contain a lot of natural sugar. For instance, a banana may not be the best choice because it is a fruit known to have high sugar content. Also, try incorporating foods high in fiber, such as beans, and whole grains into your diet.

Are you a chocolate lover?
Dark chocolate is known to have some health benefits, but we all know that milk chocolate is usually the choice snack. If you crave chocolate, your body may be low in magnesium. To give your body a magnesium boost, eat nuts, fish and leafy green vegetables.

Tempted to reach into a salty bag of chips?
Craving salty snacks could mean you’re too stressed. Yes, too much stress may cause your adrenal glands not to function properly and the adrenal glands are what gives us energy to cope with stress. Confused? Simply relax, take a deep breath, or try meditating.

Looking for an all around cravings cure? Drink water! Cravings may also signal dehydration. Sip on a glass, wait about half an hour, and see if those cravings still linger. Most likely, it won’t be!


Feature image courtesy of holykaw.alltop.com.


Asian Remedies That Will Cure Your Hangover

Sure, Asian glow is one thing to worry about, but what about those nights when things go a bit too far and you end up taking one (or five) more shots than intended? Hopefully you got home safe and sound (that’s what’s most important, after all).

But when you wake up the next day, you have to face an immediate problem. When the world is still spinning and you feel too nauseous to move, you know you’ve been hit with the dreaded hangover. For my friends and I, a comforting bowl of pho usually does the trick. But what helps everyone else?

Buzzfeed shared their list of interesting traditional hangover remedies from around the world. Below, we bring you the hangover cures, Asian style! We have to warn you though, you may have to be a brave one to try a few of these…



Philippines: Balut and Rice

Ah, yes. The signature “weird” delicacy of the Philippines is also a well-known hangover cure. According to the Travel Channel, balut, which is a developing duck embryo, contains cysteine– a substance that breaks down alcoholic toxins in the liver.


Courtesy of moderfarmer.com



China: Congee 

This rice porridge contains ginger, garlic and scallions. All three ingredients combined should help ease those headaches.


Courtesy of safarinewseg.net



Japan: Umeboshi

Umeboshi is a pickled sour plum that is well-known for its health benefits. It contains natural bacteria, enzymes, organic acids and alkaline. These help eliminate excessive acidity in the body.


Courtesy of tokyoterrace.com



Mongolia: Picked Sheep Eye in Tomato Juice

Commonly known as the “Mongolian Mary,” this beverage is not for the faint of heart. Tomato juice contains simple sugars to boost your glucose levels back up as well as re-hydrate you after a night of drinking. The significance of the sheep eye? Well, that’s still a mystery.


Courtesy of viralnova.com



South Korea: Haejangguk

South Korea definitely came prepared because Haejangguk literally translates into “soup to cure a hangover.” Although the recipe differs in every region, this spicy beef broth usually contains pork, spinach, cabbage, onions and congealed ox blood.


Courtesy of seriouseats.com



Indonesia: Kaya Toast

This traditional Indonesian breakfast will satisfy all of your sweet and salty hangover cravings (ladies, this would probably be just as helpful for that time of month). Warm toasted bread slices are served with salted butter and Kaya Jam, a sweet mixture of coconut milk, sugar, eggs, and pandan.

Courtesy of latimes.com

Courtesy of latimes.com



Bangladesh: Coconut Water

We can’t argue with this one. Coconut water is known to have a significant amount of potassium and will keep you hydrated.


Courtesy of blog.coxandkings.com



Thailand: Pad Kee Mao

Nicknamed “drunken noodles,” this spicy dish is said to be a favorite among Thai men after a night of drinking. It usually consists of wide rice noodles, ground beef (or other meat), basil and other spices, onions and bell peppers.


Courtesy of thaispicekitchen.com



Let us know your go-to hangover cure!

Feature image courtesy of Zatarains.com


Fashion Show 300x250_1

Spring Issue Extra: Jessika Van on Being Strong and Being Lost in Korea


In our latest Spring Issue we got to talk to the up-and-coming actress, Jessika Van, known for her role as Becca in MTV’s Awkward and more recently, as Grace Park in Seoul Searching. Here’s more on her experience while filming.


More on her character Grace Park:

Jessika Van: At the time, it was exactly what I was looking for. I really related to Grace and saw through what she was saying. She’d say she’s cool, but what I saw was that she’s really insecure and that she’s in a lot of pain. Her way of dealing with all that is trying to act like she doesn’t care [and she’s] too cool and too strong. I totally relate to that. I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but I feel like I spend a lot of my time growing up trying to find myself and experiment with what I think I should be. It’s a journey.

There’s a deep part of me that wants to be strong, that wants to represent women well, that wants girls and women to feel like they’re strong and in control and not repressed and not undermined and not degraded. I have a lot of these strong feelings that I’m very passionate about.



Most memorable moment while filming:

JV: As far as Korea itself, we were mostly filming in the countryside. Out in the boonies, four hours out of Seoul. Because my character in the film is independent in a lot of ways, I go off all by myself. I remember one day, I wanted to see nature. I did all this research and saw there’s a national park near by. I went to the hotel and I managed to ask for a taxi. I put on my dorky little hat, baseball cap and I put on some dorky clothes and a little backpack to hike with.

The taxi takes me to the base of this mountain and it looks like it’s going to be really beautiful. Then I realize, ‘Oh sh–. How do I get back?’ So then I take out my phone and I put into google translate, “How do I get back to the hotel when I’m done?” I show the guy my phone and he just takes out a business card with his number on it. I’m like, ‘Oh! Yes.’

I go in the park and take a million pictures– beautiful. I walk through the town and end up at this lotus garden… then my phone dies. I try to ask people in the street, they don’t speak english, they want nothing to do with me, they’re probably scared.

So I plug my phone into the bathroom outlet and call the guy. I’m trying to speak to him in English, ‘Taxi? Taxi?’ and trying to say the name of the place, [but] he’s speaking Korean and we can’t communicate. I have no idea if he understands me and if he knows where I am. I hang up and I’m franticly thinking ‘I shouldn’t have moved places. I don’t know where I am. This is so scary.’ I’m looking around and there’s no taxis. Then I start thinking maybe, for some crazy reason, he understood me. I walk to the side of the street outside the lotus garden and I wait. Lo and behold, this little yellow taxi drives up.

My faith in human kind has never been greater. I couldn’t believe that he figured it out and showed up. But it was crazy that here I am running around Korea and [I] speak maybe 10 lines of Korean. It was crazy, but kind of fun. I got really lucky nothing bad happened to me.


Photo by Daniel Nguyen
Read the original story published in our Spring 2015 issue. Get your copy here.




Olivia Lopez Hosts Billabong’s Preview of “A Bikini Kinda Life”

Olivia Lopez, the “Lust For Life” fashion blogger, recently hosted Billabong’s “A Bikini Kinda Life” at the beautiful Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, California. In a preview suite, Billabong gave a sneak peak into their Summer 2015 swimwear collection that consists of pieces that cater to “sirens of the sea,” or beach babes that live and breathe in the ocean. Not literally, of course, but what girl hasn’t dreamed of being a mermaid? Billabong’s summer collection won’t turn your legs into fins, but by the looks of it, it will certainly have you feeling stylish and comfortable whether you’re kicking your feet in the sand or exploring under the sea.

Courtesy of Andy Noel.

Photo courtesy of Andy Noel.

BILLABONG A Bikini Kinda Life - photographed by Steven Meiers, March 5 2015 at Skybar at The Mondrian Hotel, West Hollywood CA

Photo courtesy of Steven Meiers.

BILLABONG A Bikini Kinda Life - photographed by Steven Meiers, March 5 2015 at Skybar at The Mondrian Hotel, West Hollywood CA

Olivia Lopez checking out the new swimwear. Photo courtesy of Steven Meiers.


Did Olivia spot a must-have piece? Photo courtesy of Andy Noel.


Photo courtesy of Andy Noel.

After checking out the preview suite and adoring the outdoor decor that allowed city life and beach life to mingle, I settled into an upstairs lounge that overlooked the Los Angeles lights.

Photo courtesy of Steven Meiers.

BILLABONG A Bikini Kinda Life - photographed by Steven Meiers, March 5 2015 at Skybar at The Mondrian Hotel, West Hollywood CA

Photo courtesy of Steven Meiers.

Apparently, I picked the perfect place to sit! I chatted it up with Deborah Wright, a swim coach from Orange County who gave me more than a fashionable viewpoint of Billabong’s new collection. Other than predicting a retro trend for this summer, she shared her favorite pieces with me.

“I thought it was cool how they used the wet suit material to make the bathing suits,” Wright tells me over the DJ’s music.

This wet suit material is called neoprene. Wright adds that this material will not only help you float, it will keep you warm in those chilly ocean temperatures.

“You can wear it to surf and look cute, too!” Wright raves. Here is a closer look:


Photo courtesy of Andy Noel.

After Billabong’s preview, I caught up with Olivia Lopez for her take on the collection.

Audrey Magazine: How would you describe Billabong’s 2015 swimwear line? 

Olivia Lopez: Billabong’s 2015 collection is eclectic and colorful with a mix of a throwback. Some of the graphics paid an homage to the heritage of the band with the use of different Billabong logos from the archive and revisiting silhouettes from past collections.

AM: How would you describe “A Bikini Kinda Life?”

OL: “A Bikini Kinda Life” is all about a girl whose bikini is her second skin. It’s the first thing that she puts on in the morning and the last thing she takes off. It’s about salty skin, tan lines and the freedom of being by the beach.

AM: What was your favorite swimsuit or piece from the preview?

OL: My favorite piece from the collection was the black neoprene, a two-piece bikini that literally feels like a second skin.

AM: What’s your favorite vacation spot?

OL: It’s a tie between Rio and Tulum. Rio for the insane views that loom over the city and Tulum for an unmatched sunset.



It seems like the neoprene suits are a huge hit! What do you think of Billabong’s 2015 summer collection? Do you live “A Bikini Kinda Life”?

Feature image courtesy of Steven Meiers.



Get to know Tina Desai from ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’


Check out what actress Tina Desai has to say about reuniting with her esteemed cast members, taking on a bigger role in the film and traveling around the world for red carpet premieres:



What was it like to reunite with the film’s cast and crew a few years later to shoot this new story?

We were all overjoyed! A lot of us from cast and crew kept in touch over the years and met up when we were traveling too. So we came into this one as friends, not just colleagues. The maturity and understanding that comes with knowing someone over time helps with your work too. It was a big party that we all got to enjoy a second time!


What do you find new about Sunaina and what her story involves this time?

Sunaina isn’t a secret in Sonny’s life anymore. She’s now a legitimate member of his life, she now works and also manages affairs at the Marigold Hotel, she’s preparing for the big Indian wedding while also having to deal with Sonny’s ambitions and imaginary problems. She has a lot going on but she still holds it together. I had a lot more to play with in this part. There’s dancing, [she] has more shades to her character, and [she] is a lot busier in this one.

2 3


Any funny moments on set with any cast members?

Dev is an incredibly funny person so everyday on set with him was tremendous fun and I was always in splits. But Tamsin Greig is hilarious too! So on days when both actors were on set, the place was on fire! It’s not so much about an incident….more about how funny and entertaining they were together.


Can you tell us about your premieres in London and New York and how you prepared for them?

Both Marigold premieres in London were fantastic! The first one was the first premiere of my career and will always be a grand experience for that! It was a freezing February night and I was wearing a lehenga, but the thrill factor was so high for me that I didn’t need a jacket all night! The second one was even bigger with Leicester Square turned into mini India with Bollywood music playing as well! I arrived on the red carpet in a tuk tuk that was specially made for that evening. Meeting Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla was incredibly special! It was altogether a magical night because my family was also present for it.

New York was snowing but had a different set of actors; mostly the ones who couldn’t make it for the London premiere. The audience loved the movie and in spite of it being a cold, snowy night, people showed up for the event. Prep for these nights involved weeks of emailing to choose a team who would dress me and they did a fantastic job. I wore an Indian designer for London and a Thai designer for New York. My family spent days working on their outfits too [laughs]!  Also, the protocol we had to follow for the meet with Royalty was fun and quite detailed. All in all, a most enjoyable experience. Extremely special!


What is up next for you?

A Netflix series titled Sense8 and a Hindi film named Dusshera. I’m also just back home [in India] and will begin meeting for new projects again.







The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is now playing at a theater near you.