Disney Fans Get Ready! New Shanghai Park is Set to Open Early 2016


On Wednesday, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger unveiled plans for its first theme park in China. The new $5.5 billion estate will open in Shanghai and Iger recently revealed the impressive scale model of the park.

The resort will include two hotels, a dining and entertainment district, Disneytown, Wishing Star Park’s beautiful gardens and six themed lands – Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Treasure Cove, Adventure Isle, Mickey Avenue and Gardens of Imagination.

Photo courtesy of disneyparks.disney.go.com/

Photos courtesy of disneyparks.disney.go.com/

Pledging to make the legendary brand and cast of characters culturally appropriate to the huge new market, the company aims to blend the magic of Disney with the cultural spirit and beauty of China at the Shanghai Resort.

“We are building something truly special here in Shanghai that not only showcases the best of Disney’s storytelling but also celebrates and incorporates China’s incredibly rich heritage to create a one-of-a-kind destination that will delight and entertain the people of China for generations to come,” said Iger. “We are taking everything we’ve learned from our six decades of exceeding expectations – along with our relentless innovation and famous creativity to create a truly magical place that is both authentically Disney and distinctively Chinese.”

Photo courtesy of shanghaidisneyresort.com.cn

Photo courtesy of shanghaidisneyresort.com.cn

For example, the Shanghai park will feature The Garden of the Twelve Friends – a nod to the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac. The classic Disney Castle being built in Shanghai will also be the biggest of all its parks and will feature a number of Chinese touches to make it distinctly more local.

This reveal comes just days before Disneyland’s 60th anniversary on July 18. Since breaking ground in 2011, Disney delayed the opening of its Shanghai park from the end of 2015 to Spring of 2016 in order to expand its plans.

ABC US News | World News

Seeing these plans definitely tugged at my heartstrings as I remembered my own magical memories at Disneyland. Wishing them the best of luck and cheers to many more memories to come at the Happiest Place on Earth!




Style Blogger Ellenvlora Proves Asian Women Can Pull Off Any Haircolor


Trying to add color to dark hair– which Asians typically have– can be quite difficult. I’ve been dying my hair since the 5th grade so trust me, I know.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with hair dying, dark hair and hair dye do not mix too well because dark hair is more resistant to picking up color. However, if you’re patient enough to withstand the tedious hair dying process and your hair does pick up that color, it will be worth it. Just look at style blogger and Instagram star Ellenvlora, also known as Pure Evl. She has tried every hair color out there and when you see how well each color fits her, you’ll become a firm believer in Asians rocking bright purple hair.




Photo Via Rocafox.com

Photo Via Rocafox.com

Ellenvlora has naturally dark hair and clearly, she pulls it off very well. Her dark color compliments her pale complexion perfectly.




Photo Via @ellenvlora

Photo Via @ellenvlora

As stated earlier, it is very hard for dark hair to pick up color. Red is usually a good choice for a color change without using bleach. However, red can be one of the hardest colors to maintain as it washes out very quickly. Ellenvlora switched up her dark hair from black to red and did a subtle transition in color.




Photo Via Rocafox.com

Photo Via Rocafox.com

This is where Ellenvlora made a big transition in hair color. In order for black hair to pick up any color other than browns or reds, the natural pigments need to be stripped from the hair. Often. this is where most Asian women stop because they don’t want to commit to bleaching their hair blonde. But once you bleach your hair to a yellow, your hair platform will be able to pick up a much broader variety of hues.




Photo Via Rocafox.com

Photo Via Rocafox.com

Once you bleach your hair, it becomes much easier to lighten your hair.  When Ellenvlora transitioned her hair from a bright blonde to a silver/gray, it gave her look a very sophisticated, yet edgy vibe.




Photo Via Rocafox.com

Photo Via Rocafox.com

Ellenvlora kept up with the latest hair trend when she dyed her hair to a pastel lavender. It gave her a very feminine touch while still remaining fashion forward.




Photo Via Rocafox.com

Photo Via Rocafox.com

Having tried so many different colors, Ellenvlora has been sticking with the purple hues and we love it! Not only did she intensify the purple hue in her hair, she revamped her look by letting her purple roots flow into a cool silver hombre.



We can’t wait to see what color Ellenvlora is going to try next, but whatever it is I’m sure she’s going to work it.





Director J.J. Abrams Supports Diverse Casting in Upcoming Star Wars Films


Every year, the San Diego Comic-Con brings together thousands of fans and comic enthusiasts. This year, one of the most anticipated panels of the convention was for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

During the audience Q&A session, two young Asian fans Corrine and Ryan asked director J.J. Abrams, a question many of us hope to hear more often: “We would like to know, do you plan on having any Asian characters join the cast in any of the upcoming Star Wars films?”

Photo courtesy of 8asians.com

Photo courtesy of 8asians.com

Ryan added, “What we really liked about your Star Trek films is the diversity of the cast.”

Abrams enthusiastically agreed by opening his reply with “Go Asians!” before going into more detail. Although Abrams will not be casting the upcoming Star Wars movies, he joked that if he could, he would cast them as only Asian. But on a more serious tone, he reassured fans that since he was part of the casting process for The Force Awakens, they will see Asians in film

Producer Kathleen Kennedy and director J.J. Abrams on the panel alongside screenwriter Lawarence Kasdan and actor John Boyega. – Photo courtesy of laineygossip.com

“We wanted the movie to look the way the world looks… And I think it is important that people see themselves represented in film. I think it is not a small thing. So I completely understand and think our question is hugely important. And it was a big consideration,” said Abrams.

Kathleen Kennedy, producer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and president of Lucasfilm also said, “There is every intention to carry on exactly what J.J. is talking about in all the Star Wars movies that we’re going to make.”

Abrams’ thoughtful response and Kennedy’s reassurance is receiving a lot of attention. The movie has already received praise for its diverse roster, which includes Academy Award-winner Lupita Nyong’o and actress Christina Chong in a minor role. Let’s hope this becomes a trend in Hollywood.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is slated to be released on December 18, 2015.


Feature photo courtesy of flickeringmyth.com





Top 5 Iconic Creations by Nintendo’s Late President Satoru Iwata


If you are a 90s kid, then you probably have a soft spot for Nintendo. Nintendo has always had a special quality that set it apart from every other gaming console. There was a simplicity and comfort about Nintendo that resonated with an entire generation. That is why it is heartbreaking to hear that Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata recently passed away last Saturday due to cancer.

President Iwata created a number of games, characters and devices that not only affected my life, but also had a huge impact on the lives of millions of others. President Iwata wanted his games to appeal to everyone, and they did just that. They weren’t just for kids or boys. They were for everyone. That ability to bring people together and bond certainly attributes to Nintendo’s success.

As technology expert Nobukyuki Hayashi accurately stated, “[President Iwata] didn’t just create a technology, he created a whole culture.”

As a tribute to President Iwata, we’ve gathered 5 of his most iconic creations to remind you of his incredible legacy. We have no doubt that Iwata will always live on through his beloved games.



1. Nintendo Wii (2006)

Photo Via coolmompicks.com

Photo courtesy of coolmompicks.com

Most notably, President Iwata’s greatest triumph was the Nintendo Wii. This gaming console revolutionized the gaming world by being physically interactive. This game not only served as a stepping stone for many games today, it also helped break the stigma that video games were limiting physical activity.



2. Super Smash Bros. (1999)

Photo Via Nando Reynoso

Photo courtesy of Nando Reynoso

Although not the President at the time, President Iwata was one of the founding developers of one of today’s most recognized games, Super Smash Bros. This game was so fun simply because you could have up to four players and have unique skills for each player. The level of thought that went into each player’s skills and features showed President Iwata’s love for his craft.



3. Nintendo DS (2004)

Photo Via imgucciyoucrocs.tumblr.com

Photo courtesy of imgucciyoucrocs.tumblr.com

Under the supervision of President Iwata, Nintendo was able to make the transition from Gameboy Color to the Nintendo DS. This was a huge step for President Iwata’s career because he created a dual screen system that worked in tandem. The hand held console was so popular that it is still used today by children of all ages and backgrounds.



4. Pokémon Gold and Silver (1999)


Photo courtesy of Ebay

Who remembers lining up at the crack of dawn to buy the latest versions of Pokémon?These games used to create an uproar with children across the nation. Needless to say, we can thank Iwata for his contribution to the development of Pokémon Gold and Silver.



5. Kirby Series (1992)

Photo Via brutalgamer.com

Photo Via brutalgamer.com

Kirby, one of HAL’s most notable characters, was not created by President Iwata, but was able to live and become a household character for Nintendo due to Iwata’s determination to make the Kirby Series succeed, beginning with Kirby’s Dream Land in 1992.



Of course, this is just a handful of Iwata’s creations which greatly contributed to Nintendo’s success. For now, we thank Mr. Iwata for filling our childhood with happiness. Let’s all remember when he iconically said, “On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.”



Featured Image Courtesy of @_MasterRED_





Subscription Box Allows You to Taste Global Cuisine Without the Travel Costs


What if I told you that you could try gourmet food from different countries every other month without having to buy an airplane ticket? And what if I told you that you didn’t even have to step out of your house to get them? Think I’m bluffing? Well, let me introduce you to Try The World, a subscription box that contains (you guessed it) food from around the world.

Every 2 months, a box arrives with 6-7 curated items that represent a particular culture. A beautifully printed Culture Guide is included that not only provides introductions to the food and drinks, it also includes a Spotify playlist, movie suggestions and other fun information regarding that country.

Photo courtesy of Try The World Instagram

Below, you can see the contents of this month’s box from Japan. Those who have purchased the box can listen to some traditional Japanese music while preparing the tea ceremony. They can then switch to a more contemporary song while preparing and serving the okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake.

Photo courtesy of Try The World Facebook

Cards are included for each product which explains if it is organic, if the company is family run, if the proceeds support local communities and other interesting details. Quirky tidbits help create for a more enriching experience, even if the customers aren’t able to physically visit the country. You can also purchase your favorite snacks on the website’s shop!

As a gal who loves food and travel, I’m completely sold. Just sign me up and take my money!



Feature photo courtesy of Try The World Facebook




The First Men’s New York Fashion Week Launches


This month, the Council of Fashion Designers of America has officially launched an entirely separate fashion week just for menswear.  While we are used to the set rotation of the spring and fall main events including both womenswear and menswear combined, men’s designers will finally have a chance to shine for editors, buyers and fashion lovers alone.

Interesting collaborations include DreamWorks Animation linking up with eight designers to take on their project “Character Clash,” a quick nod to popular culture.  Public School, previously featured on Audrey, produced two pieces illustrating Underdog.  Those interested in these pop art, urban wear styles can find them available on Amazon right now.  The entire collection is fitting for Asia’s current love of graphic prints and cartoon throwbacks in their street wear choices.

Here are three Asian designers to keep your eyes out for after the CFDA’s spring and summer 2016 shows conclude: Japanese designer Ryu Hayama’s Finger’s Crossed, the sleek tailoring and bespoke styles of EPONYMOVS by Korean designer Minn Hur (Hvrminn), and Jaewan Park’s PLAC featuring a mix of sportswear and military themes.



Underdog Hoodie By Public School, Image Courtesy Of Cfda.com


Underdog T-Shirt By Public School, Image Courtesy Of Cfda.com


Designer Ryu Hayama & Fingers Crossed F/W 2015, Images Courtesy Of Cfda.com & Instagram.com/fingerscrossedny


Designer Jaewan Park & PLAC S/S 2016, Images Courtesy Of Cfda.com & Fashionweekdaily.com


Feature Image, EPONYMOVS By Hvrminn SS 2016, Image Courtesy Of Instagram.com/hvrminnandcompany





Irene Kim Becomes Estée Lauder’s New Global Beauty Contributor


Just last week we brought you the exciting news that Irene Kim was chosen to be featured in renowned designer Stella McCartney’s “One City, One Girl” series. But it appears the Korean model and television personality is no where near done making waves in the fashion and beauty industry. It was just announced that Irene Kim was named Estée Lauder’s new Global Beauty Contributor.

Kim, who studied at the New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology before moving to Korea, has quickly become a social media icon with over half a million followers on Instagram. Kim was also dubbed by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) as fashion’s “It girl” and hosts popular South Korean fashion and beauty television programs such as K-Style and Style Live. And let’s not forget her addictive YouTube channel which provides everything from tips to surviving fashion week to tips on sensitive skincare. (“Skin is incredibly important to me because I’ve always had sensitive skin,” Kim admits. “So I’m always on the hunt for any soothing remedy.”)

Her massive influence in the fashion and beauty industry will only grow even more with her plans for Estée Lauder. Kim’s ideas to create content with the company include instructional how-to videos, predictions on the next big Korean beauty trend and product development consulting.

“I want to show people that beauty is for everyone, and it’s all about experimenting,” Kim told Vogue. “I’m so excited just to play.”



“Beauty is confidence and how you carry yourself,” Kim told Estée Lauder . “It’s really about finding something you love and making it your own. The first time I became aware of it was when I decided to cut my own bangs with a pair of scissors when I was four!”

Kim has already graced the pages of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Glamour. She has walked for several designers including Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. and Rachel Comey. Needless to say, it’s an exciting time to follow the career of such an inspirational woman.



Feature image courtesy of Estée Lauder. 




Top Korean Fashion Trends You Need in Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is already here and for many of us in California, that means a lot of floral crop tops and high waisted shorts. While that look is definitely Coachella appropriate, wearing it for an everyday basis can come across as overdone.

Instead, we suggest you turn your eyes to Korean fashion which is unique because it has a very simple, yet clean aesthetic. By incorporating a more neutral, tailored look into your wardrobe, you can create fresh, new looks to try for this summer.




1. High Neck Lines

korean fashion 1

Photo courtesy of seoul-of-my-heart.tumblr.com

Look in any Korean magazine, and you will see that high necklines are the latest trend. Instead of your usual plunging tank tops and v-neck dresses, try opting for a high neck line blouse. Sometimes, less is more and having just a bit of collar bone showing can look more delicate and refined.




2. Loose Over-sized Shirts

big shirt

Photo courtesy of koreanfashionstore.com

Koreans are all about the simple aesthetic. They like their outfits to reflect both sophistication and casual comfort. Pairing a loose fitting cotton shirt with a pair of denim shorts gives off an effortlessly chic style. By tucking over-sized shirts and blouses into fitted shorts, skirts or pants, you will tend to look more petite.




3. Matching Sets

kroean fashion cute boots and matching demin

Photo courtesy of fashion.spokedark.tv

Matching sets can be tricky because if worn wrong, it can look like a bad 90s outfit. However, if it’s done right, it can be a major fashion yes. Koreans take a unique approach to this trend because they don’t necessarily match pre-made sets. They match tops with bottoms that are very similar in material and color but have just enough distinction to give a nice contrast.




4. Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

korean fashion boyfriend 2

Photo courtesy of itsmestyle.com

Even though boyfriend jeans can seem hard to pull off, it is the little touches that make all the difference. For example, cuffing the bottom of the jeans to show off your ankles adds a slimming, feminine touch. Try looking for a pair that is already frayed in order to give your outfit a more fun, flirty style.




5. White Shoes

korean fashion white shoes 2

Photo courtesy of dahong.co.kr

I know it seems strange to specify white shoes, but Korean women have been pairing white sneakers with everything and it totally works. By finishing an outfit with a form of white shoes, it gives the outfit a very quirky yet polished look, while still feeling youthful and bright.




6. A-line Skirts/ Dresses

korean fashion white shoes

Photo courtesy of dahong.co.kr

The A-line skirt or dress is a perfect summer outfit choice. Not only is the shape flattering to your waist, it also gives your legs an elongated appearance. Korean women often tuck high neck line blouses into these types of skirts to highlight the smallest part of their waist, and to give the illusion of longer legs.



With these tips and tricks, you can be looking fresh and fashionable all summer long!





Honey & Butter Macarons Are Irresistibly Cute & Delicious


As I was scrolling through my Instagram a couple of weeks ago, I came upon a picture that made me sit up. Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook had posted a picture of macarons. I know, I know. What’s the big deal, right? These sweet treats have been trending for years! But these were different.

She had posted adorable, squeal-worthy kitty macarons. I instantly clicked on the tagged company and found myself staring at hundreds of delicious, too-cute-to-eat macarons.

Photo courtesy of wendyslookbook Instagram

Photo courtesy of wendyslookbook Instagram

Honey & Butter Macarons
is a macaron boutique that uses local fresh ingredients to ensure the quality and taste of each cookie. They make their jams from fresh fruits, grind their own nuts and temper the chocolate themselves, allowing them to experiment with new flavor combinations.

They also get creative by making what they call “character macarons.” These limited edition characters are available daily but are never the same. In fact, they post a weekly schedule on their Instagram of what each day’s theme will be. Yeah I know, it’s pretty exciting.

✨✨ #honeyandbutter #macarons UPDATE: 3:00 pm – WE ARE SOLD OUT for today! We will see you tomorrow at noon!

A photo posted by Honey & Butter (@honeyandbutter) on


Hello Elly ! #macaron #HoneyandButter #safari

A photo posted by Honey & Butter (@honeyandbutter) on



#Heisenberg says let’s cook [maCarONS]! #macaron #honeyandbutter #breakingbad

A photo posted by Honey & Butter (@honeyandbutter) on


One to rule them all. #macaron #honeyandbutter #lordoftherings #lotr

A photo posted by Honey & Butter (@honeyandbutter) on


. UPDATE: Thank you so much we are sold out of donuts, cookies & ice cream today. #macaron #honeyandbutter #donuts #icecream

A photo posted by Honey & Butter (@honeyandbutter) on



I finally got a chance on Saturday to visit the shop at THE LAB in Costa Mesa. Honey & Butter is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon until they sell out. By the time I got there around one in the afternoon, they already sold out their strawberry Rilakkuma character macarons. I was a little disappointed that I missed them, but at the same time, I was a bit relieved– I didn’t have to apologize for biting into a piece of art.

I was still able to get four of their top five flavors in regular macarons and their suggested flavor, passion fruit. As a baking enthusiast and veteran of macaron making, I understand the difficulty in making these desserts and appreciate the care in using fresh ingredients. They are definitely worth it and I highly recommend Honey & Butter.

Flavors from right to left: Nutella hazelnut, milk & honey, cookie butter, sea salted caramel and passion fruit.

Flavors from right to left: Nutella hazelnut, milk & honey, cookie butter, sea salted caramel and passion fruit.

Character macarons on display.

Character macarons on display.

The decor inside the shop really reflects the characteristic of Honey & Butter. Look at all those Tsum Tsum dolls!

The decor inside the shop really reflects the characteristic of Honey & Butter. Look at all those Tsum Tsum dolls!

Which flavors would you try and what characters would you like to see on a macaron? We’d love to hear about your experience so feel free to post a picture of your Honey & Butter treat on Instagram and tag us @audreymagazine!


Feature photo courtesy of the official Honey & Butter Instagram.




36 Hours in Boston: Asian Edition

Story by Christina Ng 


I frequently hear my friends from New York and L.A. say that Boston is not Asian enough — that all Asians really come here for is school. Well, I think people who haven’t visited the city recently will be surprised at just how much we’ve developed. So if you happen to be spending a weekend in Boston this summer or fall (or spring, but definitely not the winter), here is my custom Asian itinerary planned for you from the moment you arrive on Friday to your departure on Sunday.




3 p.m. The Asian Food Court
This isn’t as lame as it sounds, because any time you have a bunch of Asian shops and restaurants grouped together, it becomes quite the hangout spot. The shops at Lesley University (1815 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge) are where you can find everything from stuffed Japanese anime toys to cheaply priced ramen and curry.

8 p.m. Ramen Dream Maker
If you like ramen, then Yume Wo Katare (1923 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge; 617-714-4008) will change your life. They serve jiro ramen, made with thick noodles and super fatty pork broth. You get congratulated when you’re done, and then you share your dreams — out loud — with the other 30 people in the room.

9:30 p.m. Bubble Tea
Let’s face it, this is how Asians do dessert, and up until recently, Boston has had its issues getting good, authentic bubble tea. Now big chains like Kungfu Tea are moving in, but one of my favorites is still Boston Tea Stop (Get it? It’s a play on our transit system) (54 John F. Kennedy St., Cambridge; 617-945-0017) in Harvard Square. Their specialty is flavored bubble tea, and the shop carries mochi desserts brought in from Hawaii.




9:00 a.m. Still a Doughnut Town
We like our doughnuts here in Boston, and over the past few years there’s been an explosion of gourmet-style shops springing up all over the city. My favorites are Union Square Donuts (20 Bow St., Somerville; 617-209-2257), which occasionally carries flavors like green tea black sesame, and Blackbird Donuts, which does a spicy Sriracha doughnut.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.12.24 PM

Union Square Donuts’ green tea black sesame doughnut. Photo courtesy of Christina Ng.

10:00 a.m. Keeping It Local
I love the Union Square Farmers Market (Union Square Plaza, Somerville), and although visitors may not be in need of any produce (Flat Mentors Farm is where I get my Chinese veggies), you can still pick up goodies like Mochi Kitchen’s homemade mochi balls and Hosta Hill’s local small-batched kimchi.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.15.11 PM

Hmong Farmers from Flat Mentors Farm at Union Square Farmers Market. Photo courtesy of Union Square Main Street.

12:00 p.m. Shop While Hungry
Normally a supermarket is not a tourist spot, but I know for many Asians supermarkets are a big thing. HMart (581 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge; 857-209-2747) is an East Coast Korean chain, and I prefer it over Chinatown because it’s usually cleaner, and there’s always an adjoining food court.

2:00 p.m. A Look Back in History
The Art of Asia exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts (465 Huntington Ave.; 617-267-9300) is definitely worth a stop. There’s everything from Chinese paintings to Korean ceramics. This summer, the MFA will host the works of Katsushika Hokusai, one of the most internationally recognized artists of Japan.

6:30 p.m. Our K-town
If you’re into Korean food, then Harvard Avenue in Allston is for you. This is basically Boston’s K-town, and it’s a street with super authentic Korean grocery stores, restaurants and bars. (Must try restaurants: Kaju Tofu House and Seoul Soulongtang.)

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.17.21 PM

Oyster tofu soup from Kaju Tofu House. Photo courtesy of Christina Ng.

9:00 p.m. K-Pop and Watermelon Soju
While you’re here, get your K-Pop groove on and have some soju at Myung Dong (90 Harvard Ave., Allston; 617-206-3229). Its proximity to Boston University means there are lots of crazy college students running around, but they do keep things young and fresh.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.05.12 PM

Photo courtesy of Christina Ng.




10:00 a.m. The Nation’s Third Largest
If I’m going to do an Asian travel guide for Boston, I’m going to have to include Chinatown (Beach St.). This area has gentrified immensely over the past decade, with expensive high-rise lofts popping up around Chinatown’s perimeters. Even so, I love coming here for dim sum (Hei La Moon) and Chinese bakeries (Ho Yuen Bakery) in the mornings.

1:30 p.m. Food Trucks and Shopping
There are probably no two activities better than eating and shopping, and at SoWa Market (460 Harrison Ave.; 800-403-8305) near Chinatown, you get to do both. There’s an open market, a vintage market, a farmer’s market, and rows and rows of food trucks! (My favorite picks: Chicken and Rice Guys and Bon Me.) You can fill up your tummies and get some souvenirs before taking off.



This story was originally published in our Summer 2015 issue. Get your copy here