Guy Tang: Celebrity Hairstylist and Ombre Hair God

Remember years ago when ombre hair was a new trend? Who am I kidding? Girls are still rocking that sun-kissed look in their tresses, no matter what time of the year! Now, there are even ombre lip colors and nail designs. From the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like the ombre trend will end anytime soon. However, finding a hair stylist that can properly execute that gradient effect is difficult and pricey. No one wants to be stuck with a horrible dye job.

So ladies, thank hair heaven for Guy Tang. He is a talented magician to say the least. When the hair ombre first gained popularity among women, Tang was not only ahead of the game, he hit the mark by painting the perfect gradient effect on women’s hair.

Based in West Hollywood, California, Tang works as a hairstylist and model. He rose to fame quickly while tending to YouTube sensations Michelle Phan and Cassey Ho. According to his Facebook page, Tang trained extensively with Redken, Joico and Paul Mitchell, as well as a certified hair extension specialist. This allowed him to join forces with the popular clip-in hair extension company, Bellami, to create his own line of extensions that features his signature ombre.

He has made quite a name for himself, and for good reason. His work and passion speaks for itself.

From choppy and frizzy to smooth and fabulous.

From choppy and frizzy to smooth and fabulous.

In this case, orange is not the new black. Guy Tang color corrects a client's hair.

In this case, orange is not the new black. Guy Tang color corrects a client’s hair.

Guy Tang and Cassey Ho from Blogilates.

Guy Tang and Cassey Ho from Blogilates.

Tang’s clients on Yelp praise his work and many refer to him as a “hair god” while claiming he spends hours, an entire day even, dedicating himself to a single client. For this amount of work, don’t expect a cheap hair job either. It’s rumored that Tang’s heavenly work can cost you upwards from $500. Yikes! I guess I should start saving now.

All photos courtesy of Guy Tang.


Lynn Chen, Lisa Lee and Kini Zamora Take Part in the “Celebrate Your Body” Expo


Great news, San Francisco! The fun-loving Hawaii native and Project Runway Season 13 finalist, Kiniokahokuloa “Kini” Zamora, is bringing his designs to Kearny Street Workshop‘s body-positive fashion show and expo “Celebrate Your Body.” Joining him as community honorees are Lynn Chen and Lisa Lee of Thick Dumpling Skin.

Kearny Street Workshop (KSW) has been holding classes and workshops, professionally curated and produced exhibitions, performances, readings and screenings for the community since 1972. It is the oldest Asian Pacific American multidisciplinary arts organization in the country.

In collaboration with local San Francisco company ACMIST, Kearny Street whipped up a promo featuring this year’s designers who will be featured on the runway:

To get folks excited for the event, KSW is hosting a social media takeover to spread the body positivity:

“Just like this year’s Celebrate Your Body Community Honorees Kiniokahokuloa Zamora and Lynn Chen demonstrate, we’d love for you to proudly share how you celebrate your body on your social media. We want to hear from those of you who already say it proud and those who still feel it’s a struggle. Let’s be unapologetic. Let’s make a big noise together.”


Kiniokahokuloa Zamora (Project Runway) and Lynn Chen (Thick Dumpling Skin). Photo courtesy of

If you’re in San Francisco Saturday, January 31st,  be sure to get your tickets– it’s an expo worth seeing.


Featured image courtesy of Kearny Street Workshop.

These 6 Videos Will Turn You Into A Morning Person


My bed and I have a very loving relationship, but my alarm clock seems determined to rip us apart. Are you a morning person? I’m certainly not. Luckily, there’s people who can help.

If your New Year’s resolution was to wake up earlier, or if you just want to beat some winter blues, have no fear! Here are six tried-and-true morning routines from some of YouTube’s favorite beauty and fashion gurus. Watch while grumpily pouring your cereal into your bowl, and find yourself slowly feeling more excited about this morning…and all of the mornings after it!




1. Getting ready for a chill day in? Check out Jenn Im‘s morning routine with everything from a healthy smoothie, a neutral makeup look and even a tutorial on how to rock a side braid.



2. Follow Michelle Phan‘s busy morning. Phan’s day always includes a 10-minute workout, a walk to the subway and lots and lots of make up fun.



3. MamaMiaMakeup certainly isn’t a morning person either, but in this video, she successfully gets out of bed, puts on her makeup and even makes a batch of pancakes.



4. Vagabond Youth’s Amy Lee shows us that all you need for a good morning is an omelette,  a leather jacket, a good lipstick color and some happy music.



5. In this “Asian Morning Routine,”  you’ll find awesome skincare techniques, a super filling breakfast and (most importantly) fluffy Hello Kitty slippers. 



6. From Head to Toe’s Jen Chae shows us that a dog is the perfect alarm clock. Apparently, good mornings also include onesies and dancing your way to the shower. 



Feature photo courtesy of Asian Beauty Secrets 

Must-Read of the Week: ‘The Steady Running of the Hour’ by Justin Go


In 2008, 27-year-old Justin Go, who is hapa Japanese American, quit his job at a New York law firm to move to Berlin and chase his dream of becoming a novelist. Similarly, young Tristan Campbell, the protagonist in Go’s debut novel, also leaves his American life for an epic adventure in Europe. However, Tristan does not leave his familiar life in San Francisco to seek creative inspiration. He embarks on his adventure to claim a fortune.

The Steady Running of the Hour intertwines two tales: A love story and an epic quest. In one story, present-day Tristan only has weeks to prove that he is the descendant of Imogen Soames-Anderson. If he is successful, he will inherit a fortune. Meanwhile, the other story takes place nearly 90 years earlier in 1924. This revolves around the relationship between Imogen and Ashley Walsingham — the very relationship Tristan is desperately trying to prove.

As readers, we certainly get caught up in Tristan’s race against time, but it’s even easier to become invested in the tragic love story of Imogen and Ashley. The relationship is immediate and intense, but also controversial and shrouded in mystery. As Tristan unravels the story behind his could-be ancestors, he gains much more than he expected.

Details Hardcover, $26,

This story was originally published in our Winter 2014-15 issue. Get your copy here



‘Attack on Titan’ Fever Continues with Universal Studios Japan Attraction


In Japan, most anime series and their fandoms are considered a niche, relegated to children and the otaku subculture. Attack on Titan (the English translation for Shingeki no Kyojin) has transcended that stereotype and is an undeniable pop culture phenomenon in Japan today. For those who are unfamiliar with this fandom, Attack on Titan is based on a manga series by Hajime Isaya in 2009, but it’s popularity took off with the 2013 anime adaptation. A dark medieval fantasy where the enemies are gigantic, scary, cannibalistic “titans” that visually represent the ugliness of humanity, Attack on Titan has taken on a life of its own with popular cameraphone apps, Pizza Hut campaigns and now its own attraction in Universal Studios Japan.

The Attack on Titan attraction is part of a limited time exhibit hosted by the Japanese tourist organization Universal Cool Japan. The attraction features lifelike titan and character statues from the series that guests can pose with to make them feel like they’ve stepped inside the Attack on Titan world. There is also a cafe where guests can relax and dine on Attack on Titan themed cuisine (we assume no humans were harmed in making) and purchase plenty of merchandise. Judging from early pictures posted on twitter and other social media platforms, it seems as if the guests are having loads of fun exploring and immersing themselves in the Attack on Titan world:








Here are two videos for anyone who wants to experience the attraction, but can’t fly to Osaka, Japan (warning: no English subtitles).

This limited-time exhibit is only open until May 10th. If you can’t make it to Osaka in time, the Attack on Titan live action movie will be released sometime in the summer this year as well as a second season of the anime that is tentatively set for 2016.

The Titans are coming for you.


Feature image courtesy of DramaFever. 

Less is More: Minimal Jewelry Trend From Our Favorite Asian Fashion Bloggers


Last year, fashion bloggers showed off their favorite jewelry brands layer upon layer, stacking necklaces and bracelets in various combinations. But things seem to have taken a turn towards the minimal side.

Visiting some of our favorite Asian bloggers, we find simple and subtle jewelry replacing last year’s “wear it all” themes.  Interesting details are never lost on fashion bloggers– they manage to find pieces that easily draw attention without being overly flamboyant.  We are quite enjoying this movement towards simplicity, especially if it means not having to deal with tangled up chains and bracelets.

Image Courtesy Of

Image Courtesy Of

Image Courtesy Of

Image Courtesy Of

Image Courtesy Of



Looking for new goodies to add to your collection?  We gathered a few eye-catching, uncomplicated pieces perfect for this coming spring.


1. The Pendulum Necklace by Ria Vianna, available here for $30, has a lovely thin chain and stone drop perfect for tees.

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

Image Courtesy Of

2. If you prefer a shorter chain style, take a peek at the Tres Necklace by Ria Vianna available here for $25.


Image Courtesy Of

3. Check out this effortless Cylinder Cuff is available here for $28.


Image Courtesy Of

4. Prefer darker metals?  Here’s Kamryn Dame’s “understated, but not overlooked” Madison I necklace available here for $112.


Image Courtesy Of


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What It Means To Star on TV’s First Asian American Family Sitcom in 20 Years




It happened! A pilot that I worked on got picked up to be a series!

Now, I’ve done several of these during the course of my career, and none have made it past the pilot stage. But after over a decade of hard work in this business, it’s finally happened. I will be a regular character on a nationally televised show. But this is not just any show. When it makes its debut next year, ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat will be the first Asian American family sitcom to air on network television in 20 years, since Margaret Cho’s All-American Girl. For me, coming from an Asian American studies background, this is like a wet dream. But it’s also a lot of pressure.

People are hungry to see themselves represented on television, and people rightfully want to be represented properly. But the Asian American community is not monolithic, and proper representation means different things to different people. For example, there has been a great deal of online debate about whether or not the title Fresh Off the Boat is offensive. The answer isn’t so clear-cut: it’s yes for some, no for others. Again, members of our community do not all think alike. But with that said, this particular show is based on an amazing book bearing the same title by Eddie Huang. It is his memoir, it is his title, and I, for one, am all for it.

I do, however, have my own issues with the show: first of all, the fact that I’m on it. To have a Korean American actor play the father of a Taiwanese-Chinese American family is an issue that is not lost on me. I’ve even expressed my concerns repeatedly about this to Eddie himself. And every time, he has shown me nothing but love and support, assuring me that I’m the only one for this job. Whether true or not, I take that to heart because, again, it is his story.


Then, there’s the issue of having to speak with an accent. In an ideal world, I would never have to play a character with an accent. But this is a character based on a real person. So it’s something that I have to honor and try to perfect as the series moves forward.

Playing an immigrant character on a television comedy also has its own inherent risks: Is the audience laughing because the joke is funny or because I’m speaking with an accent? Are they laughing because I’m a human being in a funny situation or because they think I’m a funny-talking immigrant? I am constantly analyzing through this lens, almost to the point of paranoia.

Geesh, white actors never have to go through this sh-t.

But issues aside, I am proud to be a part of this amazing show. Getting a television series on the air is an incredible feat. Getting one with no bankable name stars in today’s television climate is damn near impossible. Getting one about an Asian American family on the air is a frickin’ miracle. Just know that. And regardless of how Fresh Off the Boat does ratings-wise, I believe it’s a step toward more varied representation on the small and big screens. Hopefully, it inspires others to tell their own stories and translate them to a TV show, as Eddie did. It is possible. And we shouldn’t have to wait another 20 years for it to happen again.


Photo courtesy of Variety

This column was originally printed in KoreAm Journal. It was later published in our Winter 2014-15 issue– Get your copy hereFresh Off the Boat premieres Wednesday, Feb. 4, at 8:30 pm. and a second episode will air at 9:30. Fresh Off the Boat will move to its regular 8:00 pm Tuesday timeslot on Feb. 10.  


The Cutest 3 Minutes of Your Day: 6-Year-Old Kai Finally Sings With Bruno Mars


Fans of The Ellen Degeneres Show are certainly no stranger to Kai Langer. After all, this 6-year-old has been making Ellen’s audience smile for the past two years.

During the many, many times Kai has appeared on Ellen, he’s sported his trademark fedora hat. This is, of course, to mimic his idol Bruno Mars. If you need proof of his passion for Bruno Mars music, just check out the video his mother uploaded onto YouTube. This video of Kai singing “Grenade” catapulted the 4-year-old into viral fame and caught the attention of Ellen.

Since his first appearance, we’ve seen Kai passionately (and adorably) sing “When I Was Your Man,” “Treasure,” and “Marry You.”

So what could possibly be better than a fedora-wearing 6-year-old singing a Bruno Mars song? How about a fedora-wearing 6-year-old singing a Bruno Mars song with Bruno Mars? That’s right. We finally have footage of the adorable duo together and this time, they’re singing the hit single featuring Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk.”

I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t wait to see Kai rocking that pink suit and those hair curlers.



Technically this isn’t the first time that Kai and Bruno sang together. As Kai was flying back home from his first appearance on Ellen, he was coincidentally placed on the same plane as Bruno. After casually introducing himself with a “Hi Bruno,” the sang together and took pictures to prove it.

But obviously, this is so much better than pictures.

Want to see how it all started? Check out Kai singing his heart out to other Bruno songs.




Video of the Day: Are Curry Noodles The Next Great Instant Noodle?


The typical college student meal must be cheap, quick and easy to whip up. This is probably why instant noodles are always associated with them. Sure, you can spruce things up by mixing in eggs or vegetable, but sometimes I get tired of the typical chicken Maruchan or the spicy Shin Ramyun. Although they are tasty, I know there are other types of instant noodle flavors out there that is worth a try.

Behold, the newest addition to the instant noodle family: Penang White Curry Mee. This is a recent creation by Ibumie, a company based in Malaysia that brings Indonesian and Thai influences into their products. What makes the Penang White Curry Mee so special? According to the Fung Brothers, it’s instant curry noodles with restaurant-worthy taste. In their lastest video, they even show you five different ways to use Penang White Curry Mee at home, including revamping those unappetizing leftovers! Heads up, they even teach you how to make curry fries.

Did Ibumie really create the next great instant noodle flavor? If you’re a fan of your instant noodles with a spicy kick, give it a try and let us know!

Feature image courtesy of FungBrosComedy on YouTube.



Fashion Bloggers Experience Harsh Reality of Cambodian Sweatshop Firsthand


Like most, my relationship with fashion developed through the women in my family. Two-piece suits, kitten heels and gold studded earrings– these are the memories of the women before me that made me love fashion and all of its countless possibilities.

However, my admiration came to a screeching halt at the age of 14. I had my first exposure to sweatshop conditions while watching Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Price and my relationship with fashion turned into a complex one. Overseas companies were using Duromine to suppress workers’ appetite. They were forcing unruly, non-stop hours of labor and had unsanitary working conditions for workers. These laborers were only paid $3 for pieces that were being sold for 20x the price. Suddenly, my Nike kicks weren’t looking too hot. The truth is, we’re surrounded by sweatshop-made items–it’s inevitable–and it’s a reality we live in whether we like it or not.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the fabulousness of fashion, and it’s easy to forget that under that facade, there are exhausted hands stitching my look together.

The rising amount of fashion bloggers have affected the market, and they have taken the reins of fashion consumption. But in the miniseries Sweatshop: Dead Cheap Fashion, three Norwegian fashion bloggers get a dose of real life when they are sent to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and live as sweatshop workers for a few days. To watch the full series click here.

Does this mean you should stop loving fashion? Of course not. This is not meant to incite guilt, but rather to enlighten people to a reality that exists. We must not forget this reality nor should we be oblivious and nonchalant about it. This is a global matter that cannot be simply solved overnight; however, we can take steps towards a solution. In addition to fighting for the rights of sweatshop workers, we can take small steps through shopping second-hand, upcycling, or even shopping at local shops. Next time you pick up that overseas-made top, be sure to handle with care.