How Far We’ve Come: Wong Fu and Angry Asian Man

This year’s Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival was bigger and better than ever before.

I know people use that phrase to advertise things all the time but in this circumstance, it was actually true!

I’ve attended this film fest for a couple of years in a row. Supporting my fellow Asian American artists and filmmakers, some whom I have the honor of calling friends now.

This year, I’m able to truly reflect how far we’ve come as Asian Americans working in the film and entertainment industry. And we’ve come far. Just take a look at these two AA institutions: Wong Fu Productions and Angry Asian Man.

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Feature Story: Generation Diverse — Are We There Yet?

Throughout the years, Asian Americans have yearned to see faces like theirs on the small screen. With Nickelodeon’s new show Supah Ninjas, the Asian American family is returning for the first time in 16 years as the star of a mainstream television series. While teen-oriented shows are saying they’re committed to diversity, do AA teens today really feel well-represented?

ISSUE: Spring 2011

DEPT: Features

STORY: Janice Jann

There’s a new family moving into TV-land this spring. The dad, a bumbling cop. The grandfather, a wise old man. And the son, a doe-eyed high-schooler named Mike who just wants to win over the girl of his dreams.

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Audrey’s Outfits Under $100: Date Night

When it comes to fashion we always want to look our best, and for those who live for fashion we want to look the best and want the best. By wanting the best, we mean the best of texture, material, and rich in color – no matter what color that may be – and to be honest fashion by these terms can get a little pricey. This is why we searched everywhere to find the best affordable clothes for just our readers.

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Audrey’s Outfits Under $100: The Working Woman

Clockwise from top left: Lulus Fahrenheit Zara 02 blue patent pointed pumps $34.00; JC Penny Jones Wear 3 Pc Suit $48.00; Gofavor Chic Leave Beads brooch $3.99


Courtesy of,, &

From left to right: Victoria’s Secret Boyfriend shirt $39.95, Gap pinstripe cuffed trouser short $24.99, & 6pm patent leather oxford $27.00


Courtesy of,, &

Clockwise from top left: J. Crew Tessa top $39.99; H&M pants $12.95; DSW Kelly and Katie Natalie Patent pump $34.95; & H&M bracelet $6.95

Courtesy of,,, &

Clockwise from top left: Urban Outfitters Glittery Starlet readers $16.00; TopShop embroidered flower shirt $40.00; & Gojane leather cap toe pump $17.60


The Glamorous Life: Ruby Veridiano


“I want to help groom the next generation’s future Michelle Obamas: strong-willed, aspira- tional, influential, socially conscious and chic all at the same time.” – Ruby Veridiano


ISSUE: Winter 2010

DEPT: Personalities

STORY: Anna M. Park

The Glamorous Life

To call Ruby Veridiano just a writer doesn’t really cut it. She’s more, as she puts it, “a glamour girl off to save the world.” She co-founded iLL-Literacy, an internationally touring performing arts collective. In 2008, she published her first book, Miss Universe, a reference to women raised to live life like a pageant, but also to the “universe” within us, the “ultimate crown of beauty.” And this past fall, Veridiano launched an eight-week writing empowerment program for young women. Called the “Glamourbaby Diaries,” the program focused on Asian American history within a fashion framework, seeking to redefine glamour to encompass themes of strength, inner beauty and positive social impact.
Now, the 27-year-old Filipina- Chinese American is planning the Glamourbaby Diaries speaking tour on campuses across the country. “I want to help groom the next generation’s future Michelle Obamas: strong-willed, aspira- tional, influential, socially conscious and chic all at the same time,” she says.
Veridiano finds that young Asian American co-eds, in particular, “hunger to find someone in the media that represents who they are and who they aspire to be,” she says. “Young Asian women today strive to be more than visible — they want to be relevant.”

And while her message of loving yourself and being the change is nothing new, her glamour framework is. Using women’s fascination with the external, Veridiano encourages women “to redefine their beauty through purpose, meaning and a vision to lead their communities. True elegance is rooted in character and in spirit; fashion is merely the accessory.”

Ironically, Veridiano came up with the term “glamourbaby” in a less-than- glamorous circumstance. After a botched taping, Veridiano had declared, “Ah man, well … it’s not all glamour, baby.” And that encapsulated it for her. “Much like most of life, it isn’t all glamour, especially when you’re striving towards a dream,” she says. “But it’s about embracing adversity, and continuing to represent something beautiful for your community.” — AMP

Veridiano will kick off the Glamourbaby Diaries tour this spring, and the audio version of her book Miss Universe will be out February 2011. For updates, go to

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Fall Fashion Preview | Runway Trends: Prints, Menswear, & Embellish/Statement Jewelry

TopShop’s Squirrel Print Collar Dress Courtesy of

    We’ve all heard of the phrase “the early bird gets the worm” and we can all come to a consensus that it’s true – - even in fashion. There is a reason why fashion week all over the world begins a few months before each season: to give everyone else the chance to pick up on the season’s noteworthy trends and stock accordingly – - and of course to be the first. It may be easy and simple for retail merchants to make out these trends, considering that this is part of their jobs and all of the access to fashion shows, but this may not be the case for common folks like us. To make it easier for you, we took a look at all the big designers and their fall collections and compiled a list of what’s to hit big in a few months. Not only that, but we’ve also suggested a few items that captures the essences of the trends. 

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