No Stroller? No Problem: Creative Chinese Mother DIY’s One for Her Children
  • by Rachel Chen
  • July 9, 2014


As someone who grew up in China, I’ve definitely seen my fair share of unconventional and somewhat creative methods that Chinese people have come up with for transportation purposes. It’s not uncommon to see everything from bundles of flowers to giant, plastic water containers firmly tied down to old, rusty bikes on the streets of China, all of which are lugged by local Chinese men and women (see pictures here).

When I saw this particular image of a mother and her two small children on a motorbike however, it definitely struck a nerve in me; I can’t help but think back to my toddler years when I was probably fussing around in a comfortable, cushioned stroller, wanting to be lifted out.

So mothers, next time your children complain about long car rides, be sure to show them this picture — it’ll be sure to make them be eternally grateful for having a cushioned seat at all!