ISSUE: Winter 2011-12

DEPT: Mind & Body

STORY: Shirley Lau

Celebrity trainer Yuichi Ohi (he’s the one who got Trans- formers’ Shia LaBeouf in tip-top shape) offers easy ways to shape up your diet.

  • Avoid food with refined sugar and flour. Instead, substitute those for whole grains (e.g., swap brown rice for white rice).

  • Have a satisfying glass of water instead of high-calorie drinks like soda or juices, which tend to have a lot of added sugar. If you are a habitual soda drinker, this change alone can give your weight loss some momentum.
  • At a restaurant, exchange a fried appetizer for a side salad.
  • When it comes to snacking, opt for low-sugar fruits (grapefruit, apples) and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, celery). If you have to have a pre-packaged snack, have the 100-calorie packs to control your portions.
  • Instead of completely depriving yourself of your favorite dish, look online for a lower calorie version. Nobody will survive a restricted diet without being able to enjoy life. You’re more likely to change your eating habits in the long term if you’re satisfied in the short term.

— Shirley Lau