KCON 2013 | Violinist Extraordinaire Jun Sung Ahn
  • by Winnie Galbadores
  • August 28, 2013

This year’s KCON was definitely a success with over 20,000 fans in attendance and over 100 special guests, including YouTube star Jun Sung Ahn also known as Jun Curry Ahn.

With some down time during the convention, Assistant Editor Ethel Navales and I decided to take some time for some much needed rest. As we sat in the panelist tent, we were surrounded by stars such as Heejun Han from American Idol and as people walked in and out, I couldn’t help but notice one person who looked oddly familiar.

There he was in a grey suit, violin in hand, glasses on, with an adorable smile and I couldn’t help but keep my eyes locked on him. In my head I began to ask myself, “Is that really Jun Curry Ahn? Is he going to perform his cover of EXO’s Growl? He must be!” A couple minutes go by and he began to practice EXO’s Growl which was a definite sign that he would be performing it shortly. As he got up to leave, along with dancer Pat Li, Ethel and I shortly followed. As we walked a short distance behind them, we began to hear more footsteps around us along with whispers of “He’s beautiful.” In a matter of seconds we found ourselves amongst a crowd of gasping girls following him quickly. We even heard some people say, “Who is that? Is he someone famous? Let’s follow him too!” Ethel and I couldn’t help but walk with wide eyes and open mouths as girls ran past us to get closer to them.

As a special guest, he participated in the panel “The YouTube Phenomenon: Asian American stars” and performed three songs. He began his performance with a mash up of Taeyang’s Wedding Dress and Yiruma’s River Flows in You followed by another mashup of various K-Pop and American songs. In his second mashup, he definitely got the crowd excited once he got up to dance PSY’s Gangnam Style moves while still playing the violin.

(c) Doremiaaaaa

For his last performance, and probably the favorite of the crowd after hearing the volume of screaming fans rise, was his cover of EXO’s Growl with dancers Pat Li and Keonjik Lee.

(c) 595vampiregirl

As his performance came to an end and we made our way out of the crowd, we heard two fans talk to each other saying, “Oh my god I’m in love,” followed by the response “Me too.” If you like what you heard, check out Jun Sung Ahn’s Youtube page and his official website.