Too Harsh? Korean Parents Introduce “The Study Cube”
  • by Audrey Magazine
  • September 13, 2013
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A tiny study room about the size of a large portable toilet is becoming a sought after piece of furniture among Korean parents who wish to help their children stay focused while hitting the books.

Last year, South Korea’s environmentally-friendly furniture manufacturer Emok unveiled the Study Cube, a wooden box just big enough to seat one person in front of a built-in desk. The box comes with a bookshelf, whiteboard, LED light, outlet and ventilation grill. There’s even a massage bar under the desk that also serves as a footrest.

“Students can avoid distractions of staying at libraries with the Study Cube,” Emok CEO Choi Ki-ju said. “It will also help them focus on their studies more.”

The Study Cube retails for about $2,200.

Story by Steve Han. This article was originally published in KoreAm Journal.

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  1. If children are having a hard time focusing 24-frickin-7, it’s because they’re children!! Geez . . . I . . . speechless. So easily do I see parents yelling at their children to go back into “the Cube.” If that doesn’t sound quite right, it’s because it isn’t right. Learning should be a hungry and fun thing to do. If you need to send your kid to a box inside of a box, maybe try and invest more of your own time in the kid’s life? For the ADD, there are meds, for the kids who aren’t for college, parents should look that up and learn something themselves, and for the kids who willingly go to the box . . . all Hell breaks loose once they get to college. So. There it is. I am not pro Cube.

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