Image of The Day: No, That’s Not A Cloud
  • by Ethel Navales
  • September 23, 2013

Is it a cat? An oversized cotton ball? A stuffed animal?

No, it’s a bunny.

To be exact, this is an Angora rabbit and it’s one of the oldest types of domestic rabbits. In fact, it was a popular pet with French royalty in the mid-18th century particularly because of its docile and well-mannered nature. They are often bred for, you guessed it, their wool. With wool said to be more soft and fine than cashmere, this rabbit takes quite a bit of grooming and maintenance.

The  American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA) recognizes various types of Angora rabbits from English, French, Giant, and Satin. Other breeds include German, Chinese, Swiss, Finnish, Korean, and St. Lucian. Each breed produces a different quality and quantity of fiber, but Angora fiber is generally $10-$16 per ounce.

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This little guy (or girl) has been making its way around social media. Just about everyone seems amused with the peculiar, over-sized puffball. Clearly the owner has nothing but pride for it.


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