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Image of The Day: Japan Presents The Worst Underwear Idea EVER

Posted By Ethel Navales On October 15, 2013 @ 12:39 am In News | Comments Disabled

Over the years, we’ve seen quite our share of interesting things arise from Japan. We’ve seen snail facials [1]Japanese commercials [2] that don’t make sense, and even edible iphone cases [3].

We figured that by now we would expect the unexpected and not react when we heard about the new products and trends. Yet again, we were wrong. As much as we tried to understand this product we simply couldn’t figure out its appeal.

This product, I kid you not, is underwear which deliberately creates a camel toe. Now for those of you who don’t quite know what a camel toe is, Wikipedia [4] defines is as  “a slang term that refers to the outline of a human female’s labia majora, as seen through tightly fitting clothes. Due to a combination of anatomical factors and the tightness of the fabric covering it, the crotch andmons pubis may take on a resemblance to the forefoot of a camel.”

Commonly, this is the sort of thing you avoid. In fact, there are a number of rather successful products which try to help women with this problem. Camelflage [5] is a small insert in panties which guarantees that you will be camel toe-free.


For whatever reason, this Japanese brand is embracing the camel toe and making sure it is part of our daily lives. Our verdict?

No, thank you.

*UPDATE: We were informed that this is speculated to be a gag costume for men. We’re crossing our fingers that it is indeed just a joke.

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