How To: Maintain Your Summer Tan
  • by Lydia Suh
  • June 23, 2014
grace park tan

With all the skin-whitening products in Asia, it’s easy to make the assumption that our culture is obsessed with being pale, BUT that isn’t always the case. Here in California for instance, we can’t avoid the summer sun, so many just embrace it.

Just got back from vacation and want to make your bronzed glow last? Here are a few tips to make your summer tan last!






Your body tans when the sun stimulates the pigment, melanin, which colors the top layer of skin. This layer of skin sheds every two weeks, so to ensure your tan lasts, scrub your skin before you go on vacation. A quick, inexpensive scrub can be made at home with rock salt and honey.



When skin dries, it flakes. In the sun, your skin loses more water through sweating so drink tons of water.



Not only do you have to hydrate skin from the inside, you have to moisturize from the outside. Your daily moisturizer works, but lotions made specifically for after-sun have additional ingredients to soothe skin and enhance your tan.