Heartwarming Video Of Chinese Soldiers Dancing With Young Yunnan Earthquake Victims
  • by Rachel Chen
  • August 14, 2014


How does one pick up the pieces and resume his or her life after experiencing a traumatic earthquake with a 6.5 magnitude?

On August 3, this became the question for the thousands of Chinese netizens from Ludian County in Southwest China’s Yunnan province who had survived the powerful earthquake that killed more than 600 people, injured 2,400 others and destroyed thousands of buildings, as well as 80,000 homes.



In light of the major damage the earthquake caused, more than 10,000 soldiers and volunteers rushed to the scene to help. Some of the soldiers, however, upon meeting dozens of heartbroken children who had lost their homes and family members in the quake, took it upon themselves to try and lift the spirits of the children.

Together, they taught the children China’s famous “Xiao Ping Guo” dance, from a song that has gone viral since it was featured in the movie Old Boys: The Way of The Dragon.



This video, now circulating all over social media in China, has melted the hearts of netizens everywhere. One user commented, “Finding strength does not necessarily mean crying — optimism is the best weapon you can hold on to when facing difficulties. Thank you soldiers, for this little act of kindness and your warm and generous love!”

Feature photo courtesy of xw.qq.com