HappyPlayTime: A Masturbation App for Women
  • by Audrey Magazine
  • September 19, 2013
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Story by Kanara Ty

Masturbation is not an easy topic to talk about because of its taboo-ness. But when designer/web developer Tina Gong introduced her mobile app, HappyPlayTime, to the world, the art of self-pleasure just got a little easier to discuss — and in the cutest way possible.

The Chinese American uses an animated cartoon character named Happy (yes, she’s a vagina) to help female users get in touch with their genitalia (and yes, including the G-spot). All in all, her purpose is to help remove the social stigma of masturbation and help females become more comfortable with and adept at it.

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The app launches this fall, and it’s already picked up a lot of buzz. Sign up on the website and be one of the first users to test it.

Details Happyplaytime.com

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