Hair Orgasm: Yuko Long Lasting Treatment
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 30, 2013

The Long Lasting Treatment via

About six months ago, I made a spontaneous and regretful decision to get my hair chemically permed in the Philippines in hopes that I would wake up everyday looking like a Hollywood hipster with sexy wavy bed hair. However, it was nothing short of devastation when I realized I looked more like Carrot Top (minus the red tint) than Mary-Kate Olsen.

The next morning I stood in front of the mirror with a big ball of frizz that I had to call my hair, and died a little bit on the inside. How was I going to correct this? What on earth was I thinking? I’m going to have to buy more hair ties for all the future buns and pony tails I’ll be rocking for the next few years (I thought to myself). Upon returning to the states, I tried everything that I thought could fix my own personal hair death. I sought out hair salons for deep conditioning treatments, over-the-counter Moroccan oil, and even highlights which I thought could create dimension to my Jesse Spano hair style. Needless to say, it all failed.

Fortunately, it was this past week that I was able to experience an effective and relaxing solution called the Long Lasting Treatment, provided by the upscale and notable Beverly Hills hair salon, Yuko. The hair treatment manages to replenish and revive chemically damaged hair through the usage of natural and beneficial ingredients. Completely sulfate-free and full of nutritious oils , the treatment was therapeutic and incredibly hydrating. My dry and damaged hair simply felt like it was going through a hair orgasm!

The Long Lasting Treatment involves four hydrating steps that work together to internally and delicately repair hair cuticles. With the specific help of step number four, also known as Aqua Gold Veil, my hair cuticles received jojoba oil, amino acids and cermicides. Once the Aqua Gold Veil was being rinsed out, my hair began to feel lighter and limp — a situation I assumed would never realize itself again! I felt excited to see the finish result and I knew my heavy, frizzy, damaged and dry hair would be on its way out soon! Believe that this was a departure I did not grieve. This last process brought my hair strands to a smoother and fortifying condition. It smelled wonderful too!




Then came the styling. When the hair instructor, Steven, reached for the blow dryer I instantly was loaded with apprehension. I had not used a blow dryer since my perm as I quickly learned that it turned up the frizz dial all the way up! Steven realized my concern and noted that hair drying is always beneficial for the hair because it closes opened cuticles, making them stronger and healthier in the long run. But I still dug my fingers into the styling chair. Surprisingly, after my first few strands were blown through, I noticed the silky texture instantly. This was definitely different. My excitement shot through the roof and I noticed how my whole head appeared tamed, controlled, and amazingly naturally shiny. Wow.

With a broad smile plastered on my face, I was reassured that my treatment would last about three weeks, double the amount expected from a basic conditioning treatment. He also added more than a few take-home treats to maintain my silky and newly rejuvenated tresses including the Kokoro G Shampoo and LLT KT Home-care Treatment. Both of these are used daily and maintain my satisfying texture. It also leaves my hair feeling incredibly clean — a must for me!

After this treatment, I have changed my outlook on purchasing daily haircare. From now on, I will be an avid user of sulfate-free and natural products. Sometimes you cannot put a price on healthy and happy hair! Thank you Yuko hair salon, it was an amazing experience!

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