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Hair Nutrition with Byu-Ti Salon’s Natasha Sunshine

Posted By Audrey Archives On May 30, 2013 @ 7:49 pm In Beauty,STYLE,Trends & Reviews | Comments Disabled

Jessica’s hair was dragging her down. Literally.  Nearing her hips, she was always swishing it around. (Especially in my face) I would tell her for months that her tresses were too long and most importantly, too unhealthy. It was time for a cut. And a color. And a treatment. And maybe a pedicure but that’s a story for another time.  We headed over to Byu-Ti Salon in Santa Monica, CA where the owner, Natasha Sunshine, is a pro at hair nutrition and not only making people look better, but more importantly,  feel better inside and out. As Jess got her hair completely revamped, I set out to learning from Natasha more about her salon and about taking care of one’s hair in general. And lemme tell ya, it’s not with 99 cent shampoos.

Your salon’s motto is “give goodness.” What does this mean?

We were looking for a motto that could work for our services and our products (the Byu-ti Blenders and our vitamins). GIVE GOODNESS represents the warmth and character of our culture and service offering. It also works for the “green” or sustainable aspect of our botanical-based products.

How important is it for women to keep their hair healthy? What are the benefits?

The benefits are more about building confidence in oneself. When we look good, we feel good!

What are the ways in which women can keep their hair healthy by going to a salon?

In our particular salon, we specialize in custom-blended hair therapy treatments. We call it, “a facial for the hair”. I believe your friends experienced this service on Sunday. People with very damaged hair should come frequently until the health of their hair improves (maybe once a week or twice a month). For someone with hair in a good state that wants to add extra shine, health and growth to their hair, they can come every 4-6 weeks.

What are the ways in which they can keep hair healthy at home?

Using products recommended by a professional is key. Another great habit is using a once a week masque like Pureology’s HydraCure Masque. Our Bio-Niu vitamins are also a great tool in growing your hair or keeping it super vibrant.

How often should one cut their hair to main its health?

Ideally, every six weeks.

Does shorter hair = healthier hair?

Not necessarily, although with shorter hair we tend to cut the dead ends off more regularly.

Truth or Myth: Do name-brand hair products provide healthier hair than no-brands? Why?

There really is a reason that professional products cost more and that is quality of ingredients. Similar to food, right? Oragnic tomatoes cost more than mass produced non-organic. Same concept.

Asian women often have the misfortune of very thin and flat hair. How do we treat this in a healthy way?

Taking folic acid and biotin in combination is a great way to start. Our vitamins have the recommended doses of both of these along with many other healthy hair ingredients. Also, using products for finr and thinning hair can boost volume and add protein which is often lacking in thin hair. Try Pureology’s PureVolume line.

Anything else you’d like to add about hair nutrition?

Basically, as with all health related topics, consistency is key. Use good products, masque once a week, take a vitamin that helps keep up the vitality of your hair, see your stylist regularly, eat well and you’ll set yourself up for beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.

After the trim, color (she went darker) and a Pureology Supersmooth deep conditioning masque treatment with Byu-Ti shine and thickening additives, the verdict for Jessica’s hair?

“Much lighter, softer (it feels like butter!) and definitely, much, much healthier.” Success! And the best part? No more swishing hair in my face!

Byu-ti Hair Therapy
510 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica CA 90401
310 587 2207


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