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Haikus With Hotties: Freddie Wong

Posted By Ada Tseng On December 19, 2013 @ 7:00 pm In Pop Culture | Comments Disabled

After last issue’s inaugural haiku exchange with our ultimate Smoking Hot Asian Guy (SHAG) Godfrey Gao [1], who could possibly follow but über-popular YouTube star, filmmaker and former competitive gamer Freddie Wong, otherwise known as FreddieW? Known for his slick, gun-toting, VFX-heavy, Michael Bay-inspired action-comedy videos that have garnered more than 1 billion views on his three YouTube channels (RocketJump [2] alone has 6.6 million subscribers), Wong shows us you don’t need to be an international supermodel to seduce us with gravity-defying poetry.

O Freddie, Freddie!
Wherefore doth thou beguile my
eyes with hot cat ties?

Before I answer
I must commend your usage
Of the word wherefore.

Do ladies prefer
sultry action stunts or smooth
Guitar Hero skillz?

The women, I’ve found,
are impressed by neither guns
nor plastic guitars.

After surviving
make-believe bullets, best fix
hair first? Or glasses?

When the myopic
Hand’s been dealt, one should always
Secure clear vision. 


But the fun doesn’t end there:

Behind the Scenes of Freddie Wong’s Haikus with Hotties Photo Shoot (Photos by Craig Stubing/Unwrittenfilms.com [3]):

Freddie Wong gets in the holiday spirit

Freddie Wong’s smile melts hearts around the world

Pardon me, were you taking a photo of this backdrop?

No photos please, I’m concerned my hotness will shatter your camera

Hey girl, brought this bow tie out just for you

I’ll be right here… waiting for you.

Bad guys don’t stop just because Freddie is at a photo shoot

Freddie Wong hates ties, even beautiful ones with cats on them.






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