Global Keratin: Good For Asian Hair? Pt. 1
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 30, 2013

My hair has been through a lot.  It’s undergone years of perms, highlights, curlers, dye jobs and hairspray abuse. I can go for weeks without brushing it. Sometimes, if I’m not careful, it’ll just sit as a tangled bird’s nest atop my head.

So when I heard of the Global Keratin’s Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN™, a treatment where protein compound that can restore hair back to its youthful state, I had to check it out.

My treatment was held at the swanky Sally Hershberger salon in Los Angeles where the ultra-pro stylist, Kristen and her assistant Jasmine Chang (who is also on the hit reality show, K-town, woot woot) was put in charge of styling my hair.

My "before" hair

Now, I had my hesitations because it would seem that this system seems most effective with those who have giant, wild, unmanageable hair.  As an Asian girl whose stick-straight locks isn’t usually that unmanageable, I wasn’t sure if I would be an ideal subject. I was afraid that the treatment might even make my hair flatter and I just ain’t down with that.  Nonetheless, Kristen and the rest of the Global Keratin team assured me that after the protein compounds start setting in my locks, my hair may actually become fuller.

I want it this full.

The treatment itself was easy enough with a few simple steps.  After applying the treatment on my hair, my stylists blew dry and then hot-ironed the locks to set the formula in. I’m not supposed to wash my hair for the next two days (so, sorry people who have to see my greasy do!) but after that, I can do whatever I want.

Tada! My hair right after

I’ll be checking in over the course of the next few weeks to let you know how it works out. Meanwhile, here’s hoping I won’t have to keep wearing this anymore.

Hat hair for the next few days