Getting Married at McDonalds Is the Latest Wedding Trend in Hong Kong
  • by Rachel Chen
  • August 7, 2014


Thousands of girls everywhere dream of saying their “I do’s” with their prince charming on a beach in Hawaii, or maybe in a quiet traditional church with friends and family. Somehow, I don’t think Ronald McDonald’s face ever made it into the picture of the most romantic day of their lives. Certainly not mine at least.

But for those of you who are extreme Big Mac lovers, or if you’re up for joining in holy matrimony with your spouse whilst catching a whiff of freshly fried french fries, then you are in luck. According to Elite Daily, there are now 15 McDonald restaurants scattered all over Hong Kong which offer services for you and your loved one to become husband and wife. Make no mistake, you’ll want to get going on those reservations because there is already a high customer demand.

You can rest assured though that you’ll be in good hands with good ol’ Mickey D’s because they take their business very seriously. They offer four different types of packages for you to choose from, including the Sweetly Party, Full Love Party, Happiness Party, and Love Forever Party. Packages also come with decorations, a balloon bridal bouquet, wedding favors and more. What more could a bride possibly dream of?







Photos courtesy of Elite Daily