Get This Kpop Look | Lee Hi’s “It’s Over” MV
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 28, 2013

Lee HI just released the official music video to her track, “It’s Over”. Keep reading to get an in-depth look at some of her outfits in the video and some tips on how you can get this Kpop look!

There seems to be a distinct formula in Lee Hi’s looks. Cute plus an accessory to make the outfit pop. After analyzing her outfits, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you get your very own Lee Hi outfit.

TIP ONE:  Take something modern and make it cute.

Take this look for example. As we’ve said, the outfit itself is very cute. A pink sweater and skirt duo with baby blue heels to match the pastel tone. The accessory to make this outfit pop? That hat. It appears that she’s taken a normal cap and cut flaps out of it to make bear ears. This not only grabs our attention but stays within the boundaries of the cute look. There are certainly a number of modern accessories that you can add your own twist to.

TIP TWO: Never forget that your hair and make-up can be accessories too.

I know we may love our jewelry and our accessories, but this is no excuse to forget that we can use make-up and hair to make an outfit pop instead. In this outfit, Lee Hi has ditched the hair accessories and opted to style her hair in a retro way. Ultimately, it has the same popping effect of say a ribbon or headband, but is even arguably more attention-grabbing. Her bright red lipstick is also a quick eye catcher and truly adds to her outfit.

TIP THREE: If you do choose to accessorize, don’t be afraid to Go Big

Lee Hi definitely doesn’t hold back from eye-grabbing accessories. She seems to decorate her headpieces with everything from plastic jewels, to giant bows, to small stuffed animals and one headband even appears to have a purple rubber duck. The message here? Don’t be afraid to take the risk and try new things. Even if you may not like a particular piece she’s wearing, she achieved in grabbing your attention.

TIP FOUR: Choose colors that compliment each other.

In the left picture, Lee Hi shows us a perfect use of combining the colors yellow and red. Both are colors that reel the eyes in and the subtle insert of red heels makes for quite a show stopper. The necklace on the right is one that poses a lot of potential danger. It is so colorful that with some outfits it would be overwhelming. Lee Hi chose to compliment such a colorful accessory with a pure white dress making the look stunning. We’re all for mixing and matching colors- just make sure its appealing to the eyes.

With these tips, we hope you can create your own eye-popping outfit! See the outfits in action below: