Funniest Advice My Mother Has Ever Given Me: Kimberly-Rose Wolter of Knots
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 30, 2013

Mothers — with all their earnest, loving intentions — can often be entertaining, and their advice can be an interesting mix of serious, silly, insightful and mind-boggling (sometimes all rolled up into one zinger you can’t wait to share with your friends). In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve asked fellow Asian American writers and artists to share the funniest advice they’ve ever gotten from their mothers.

Kimberly-Rose Wolter
Actress/writer/producer of Knots (playing at the Los Angeles Asian Film Festival on Sunday, May 13!)

My first sentence was to my mother. Apparently I was wearing only diapers, had my hands on my hips, and told her straight, “Mom you make me frus-a-rated.”

Throughout the years, I’m sure that feeling was mutual.

The advice I remember most came a few months after I had given birth. I was exhausted and felt like everyone else’s life was moving forward, while I was a milking station with no semblance of who I was prior to being a mom. She told me: “A family with an unhappy mama is an unhappy family.”

She reminded me that I needed to make time for me — that it’s not just okay but essential that I do that. Because the more happy I was as an individual, the more happy my daughter would be. It’s advice that I think saved my life and got me back to feeling like a woman who is also a proud mother, rather than a mother who was once a woman.

Thanks Mom for helping me be a better Mama. Happy Mother’s Day!!


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