Every woman’s face or body has a different story to tell. We may be bombarded by the mainstream media’s message of what beautiful is supposed to be, but we know that beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Here, an Asian American woman proves it.

ISSUE: Summer 2011

DEPT: Features

STORY: Janice Jann

PHOTOS: Melly Lee

HAIR & MAKEUP: Joyce Luck and assistant Natalie Herrera for JLS

{ JOZ }

“I come from a family that was extremely beautiful and I always felt that I was not one of them,” Taiwanese American Jocelyn “Joz” Wang remembers. Raised among cousins who eventually became models and news anchors, the 34-year-old grew up labeled “the smart one.” Though she did feel pressure to compare herself to her genetically blessed clan, she never let herself go overboard. “Some people get really obsessed with their looks,” says Joz. “A lot of people let their own body image stop them from living life. I decided that wasn’t something I was going to do. I feel like life can be so full, why spend the time being consumed with things that you can’t control or will bring you down?”

Joz’s grounded perspective is evident in her online presence. An editor of the website 8Asians, she went viral when she posted a photo on Flickr labeled “Racist Camera! No, I did not blink … I’m just Asian!” (The camera tracks eyes to prevent a shot of the subject blinking.) The controversial photo has been viewed more than 420,000 times and was even discussed in an article on

“I think the thing about the Internet that’s so beautiful and empowering is [it used to be] an editor [who] decided you were good looking enough to be on [her] magazine, but nowadays with the Internet, it’s you who decide what you want to put out there,” says Joz. “Do you have to be model thin to have 3 million followers on YouTube? No. The definition is changing. There’s all kinds of things that can make you appealing in front of a lot of people.”

– Janice Jann

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