Fall For Jenna Ushkowitz: Our Latest Covergal!
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 28, 2013

How Gleelightful (I will never get sick of puns) does Jenna Ushkowitz look on the new cover of Audrey Magazine? Find inside, some exclusive pics and choice quotes!

On realizing how much Glee has changed her life when the cast headed to the Big Apple to film an episode last season:
“We thought we would go shoot and a couple of fans would be there. It was insane. Hundreds and hundreds of kids showed up. There were barricades everywhere. It was overwhelming, amazing and kind of wakes you up, going, ‘holy crap, this is my life now!’”

On her character Tina Cohen-Chang’s relationships with Harry Shum, Jr.’s Mike Chang and Kevin McHale’s Artie:

“I’d like to do a [love] triangle, [but] I couldn’t pick which one to be with ‘cause I think they’re both great.”

On her long-term career goals:

“I want to do what Sandra [Oh] has done, which is make herself an actress, and not an Asian American actress.
I want to be able to break those walls and make it socially wanted — not “acceptable” ‘cause I think it is acceptable — to see an Asian girl on the cover of any popular magazine.”

Catch our MYXClusive behind-the-scenes video of Jenna’s shoot here!


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Much thanks to Diana King for the beautiful photography, Park Plaza for the locale, Lyndzi Trang for the styling.

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