Fall Fashion Preview | Runway Trends: Prints, Menswear, & Embellish/Statement Jewelry
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 28, 2013

TopShop’s Squirrel Print Collar Dress Courtesy of www.TopShop.com

    We’ve all heard of the phrase “the early bird gets the worm” and we can all come to a consensus that it’s true – – even in fashion. There is a reason why fashion week all over the world begins a few months before each season: to give everyone else the chance to pick up on the season’s noteworthy trends and stock accordingly – – and of course to be the first. It may be easy and simple for retail merchants to make out these trends, considering that this is part of their jobs and all of the access to fashion shows, but this may not be the case for common folks like us. To make it easier for you, we took a look at all the big designers and their fall collections and compiled a list of what’s to hit big in a few months. Not only that, but we’ve also suggested a few items that captures the essences of the trends. 

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For fall 2012, we saw that patterns of prints, sharp menswear, and embellished and jeweled clothing lingered in the most well-respected and well-known designers’ collections. This fall, get ready to be bold in whatever trend you decide to stride in because these three fall trends are loud and will put you out there.



Print: When it comes down to this year’s trends, it’s all about being playful and channeling the most rich and luxurious form of art in fashion. This is why when you decide to wear prints, don’t be afraid to mix and match different kinds of prints in one outfit. These prints could either be a stamped like pattern of one image, if you opt for a preppy look, or it could be a pattern that’s more abstract. Whatever kind of pattern you choose to go with, make sure to have fun because quirkiness and boldness are two characteristics that must be worn with this fall trend.

Forever 21’s Cropped Scarf Print Pants Courtesy of www.Forever21.com

Gap’s Cap Sleeve Blouse 4995 Courtesy of www.Gap.com

Madewell’s Skinny Skinny Ankle Printed Cords Courtesy of www.Madewell.com

Piperlime’s Tinley Road Animal Sweater Dress Courtesy of www.Piperlime.com

Juicy Couture’s Yorkshire Foliage Silk Dress with Slip Lining Courtesy of www.Bloomingdales.com 



Menswear: Clean, sharp lines are things to look for when shopping for menswear pieces. Tuxedos, lapel suits, and trousers are key items that help you fit in with the gentlemen this fall season. Again, boldness is also a crucial component you don’t want to forget to incorporate into your menswear look. However, in this trend you want to channel another kind of bold: sharp, orderly, and neat. Don’t be afraid to consider vests, bowties, and different kind of fits of trousers to switch up the look. For example, a slouchy trouser with a fitted jacket or dress shirt is a nice and playful balance of a relaxed, sharp, and clean look.


Asos’ Premium Shirt with Layered Bib Courtesy of www.Asos.com

Elizabeth and James’ ‘Sammie’ Tuxedo Blazer Courtesy of www.Nordstrom.com

Layla Racy Tie Front Pants Courtesy of www.Gilt.com

DKNY’s System stretch-silk and stretch-wool jumpsuit Courtesy of www.Netaporter.com

Asos’ Petite Exclusive Shirt with Sequin Bow Courtesy of www.Asos.com

J.Crew’s Silk Colorblock Pant Courtesy of www.JCrew.com



Embellishment/statement jewelry: Prepare to shine and glitter in spite of fall’s gloomier and darker weather. For this trend, you want to try to and reach for shiny fabric or blouses with big, bold jewelry/beading that makes a simple top stand out. Feeling special and calling people’s attention in a bold and shining way is what the embellishments and statement jewelry trend is all about.

J. Crew’s Collection Organza Jacket Courtesy of www.JCrew.com

Sass & Bide’s The Kills Sequined Pants Courtesy of www.Asos.com

Forever 21’s Embellished Peter Pan Collar Top ourtesy of www.Forever21.com

Rhyme and Echo’s Chain Link Pullover Courtesy of www.Piperlime.com

J.Crew’s Bow Monde Dress in Silk Taffeta Courtesy of www.JCrew.com

Zara’s Sequinned Dress with Fringe Courtesy of www.Zara.com