Even More Photos Of The Brazilian Man Who Got Surgery To Look Asian
  • by Ethel Navales
  • June 3, 2014
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The newest internet sensation is undoubtedly Xiahn, a 25-year-old Brazilian man who had 10 surgical procedures to achieve an Asian appearance. The former model has been catapulted into online fame and has been able to shed some light on his interesting decision.

Xiahn, who has been studying in South Korea as a foreign exchange student, commented on the startling amount of surgery among Koreans and pointed out that his procedures are not all too different.

He pointed out that the desire for plastic surgery is quite similar to anyone’s desire to use make up. “Many people change their original look with make up and look completely different so I think it’s the same with surgery,” he explained.

So what sort of surgery did he get done? To alter his eyes, the skin around Xiahn’s eyes was injected with hyaluronic acid to make the eyes appear smaller. The acid in Xiahn’s eyes will only last a couple years. He told the Herald he is not sure yet if he will repeat the injections.

Xiahn’s growing popularity has given him both positive and negative reactions from readers. Despite criticism, it is clear that Xiahn has no regrets about his alterations.

“I think I look handsomer like this. Maybe some people think it’s not, but I think it is,” he said. “I’ve always been shy but now I’m more happy, more confident with myself.”

Most importantly, Xiahn has explained that he is still Brazilian despite the changed look. “I don’t see myself as an Asian. I see myself as something in between,” he said. “I just wanted my eyes to look that way. I don’t feel like I’ve become an Asian or a Korean person”

“There are many mixed Brazilian people,” he continued. “For me, a Korean person looks Brazilian as much as a German person or any other person that has born here.”

Check out before & after photos below!


bef 1

bef 2 bef 3


xiahn brazilian to korean surgery with permission

xiahn brazilian to korean surgery with permission

aft 3

aft 4

aft 5aft 6

aft 7

aft 8



aft 9

aft 10aft 11


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