Editor’s Picks: A Few of My Favorite Things
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 30, 2013

What is it about spring fashion this year? Everything is so colorful, so bright, so … downright cheery! I’m feeling positively ebullient (yes, me, the glass-is-half-empty queen), so in homage to one of my favorite feel-good movies, The Sound of Music, here are a few of my favorite things right now.

Milly for Clinique

The epitome of all things happy and bright, fashion designer Michelle Smith of Milly has created an exclusive lipgloss and shadow/blush compact for Clinique called Pretty in Prints. Just looking at the gorgeous compact makes me smile, and the pink lipgloss in a perfect-for-spring hue called Milly Pink is the perfect balance of sassy and innocent and playful. (The color is perfect, by the way, for our yellow-based skin tones.) Available for only a limited time, the set comes in the most gorgeous cloth drawstring pouch. Get it at Clinique.com

The Pure Bliss Facial at Murad Inclusive Health Spa

I used to get professional facials regularly. But that was during my much more flush-with-disposable-income lawyer days. It was also in my 20s when I probably needed it less. Now that I’m definitely no longer in my 20s and absolutely, definitely no longer flush with any form of disposable anything, I need those facials much more desperately. Lines I’ve never seen have suddenly appeared. Splotches and blotches have replaced the occasional pimple. I’m reaping the consequences of all the torture I put my skin through in my teens and 20s and early 30s. Some days, it seems like a losing battle.

Hands down, the best facial I ever got was the the Murad Inclusive Health Spa in El Segundo, Calif. I mean, it’s a perk (or curse) of my job that I have to try out these various facialists, salons and spas. Sure, it sounds awesome, but I’ve gone to some facialists where I think they’ve done more damage than good. Sometimes it’s not smart to poke, prod and pummel your skin too much, you know what I mean? Which is why I’m very, very picky about what treatments I try out and which spas I visit.

But the Pure Bliss Facial at the Murad Spa just that — pure bliss. Not only were the extractions absolutely pain-free (not a single wince I tell you!), but the vitamin C infusion treatment left my pores tiny and skin feeling taut (in a good way) for days thereafter. And did I mention the reflexology foot massage you get in the middle of your 50-minute facial? I swear, if the facial didn’t cost $170, I’d be getting this facial every other week.



The Pantone color of 2011 may be honeysuckle, but personally I’m a sucker for lavender right now. Maybe it’s because I’ve transformed from a sleep-like-a-log-through-an-earthquake sort of sleeper to a wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-pore-over-tomorrow’s-to-do-list sleeper. Yeah. It’s great. Add one more failing to my list of worries.

So I’ve taken to sleep “tricks,” like not eating sugar before bed, or staying away from computer and TV illumination an hour before turning in. I also read that spraying a lavender-scented linen mist helps the Sandman do his thing, so I spray Danny Seo’s eco-friendly lavender spray from his Wholearth line on the duvet every night. Does it work? Sometimes. (It certainly doesn’t hurt — his certified organic spray is also a body mist.) But now I’ve come to associate lavender with rest, so I’m loving the new lavender-scented line from the almost-40-year-old English soaps and toiletries company, Crabtree & Evelyn

From candles to sachets to creams, the collection is as gorgeous to look at as it smells. (It arrived in the most darling English garden print box, and the whoosh of aroma as I opened it transported me to a lush garden for a second.) Call it a placebo effect or a happy coincidence — all I can say is that I’ve been sleeping like a baby these past two nights. I mean, surrounding yourself with happy thoughts and lovely trinkets has to have some effect on REM sleep, right?