Dive Head First Into Pastel Colored Hair With Blogger Camie Juan
  • by Jeline Abutin
  • July 3, 2014


We’ve seen multicolored dip dyed hair take off, but a full head of bright or pastel colored hair? This fashion craze can be daunting, but Filipina fashion blogger Camie Juan of Wild-Spirit has mastered the trend.


Going from black hair to bleached blond and now a lilac tone, Juan had dove head first into this hair color fad. Choosing colors that compliment her skin tone, Juan is able to make any outfit high fashion with her dreamy hair color.

Another fan of pastel tone hair is lead vocalist of K-pop band Secret, Hyosung, with her silver-lavender hair.


Committing to a full head of lavender or pastel pink hair is something we may dream about, but it’s not easy to actually do it. Trading in your wash-and-go dark locks for harsh bleaching and endless root touch-ups may have some people second-guessing this high maintenance beauty endeavor. Your once silky smooth dark hair will seriously dry out and need a lot of TLC and expensive trips to the salon. (If you still wanna do it, get the inside scoop on going platinum from Asian hair stylist Vicky Shen here.) On the other hand, with hair this cool, you could basically wear tees and shorts and still look super stylish, so it may be all a wash in the end.