Defining Asian Eyebrows with Christina Choi
  • by Kanara Ty
  • July 10, 2013

On any given day if I’m in a rush and have absolutely no time to put on makeup – I make sure I do at least one thing to look fresh for the day: fill in my brows. As some of you may know, having the perfect shaped/filled eyebrows help frame your face. However, I do have peers in my circle who are hesitant about filling in their eyebrows in fear of making them look too bold on their face.

We talked to Christina Choi, founder of Christina Choi Cosmetics about some simple techniques with filling in Asian eyebrows. Here are some tips of hers:

1. Avoid using the color black to define your brows. This is a misconception.
2. Apply Christina Choi Cosmetics Namu Eyeshadow, Chai Eyeshadow, and the Perfect Liner Brush for defining Asian eyebrows naturally. I created these shades to work for Asian brows.

Check out Christina’s YouTube video “Easy Eyebrows”. She addresses this issue and show how to use lighter colors to define Asian brows.