Hollis Wong-Wear’s Crazy Fear, Bad Habit and New The Flavr Blue Video
  • by Audrey Magazine
  • August 4, 2014
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You may remember Hollis Wong-Wear from our Spring 2014 issue. Although she was first known as “that girl singing the hook in ‘White Walls’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis,” in a matter of months, she has quickly created a name for herself escalating her far beyond just “that girl.”

Hollis’s collaborations with Macklemore and Lewis were undeniably successful and she became one of the few Asian American women rappers in the Seattle music scene. But instead of continuing on the expected R&B/hip-hop route, Hollis is going synth-pop with her band The Flavr Blue.



“I’ve never felt like I fit into a box, so I’m always pushing myself to be daring and different,” Hollis told us in the interview. “In the seven years that I’ve been making music, I’ve done rap, R&B, dance/electronic music and super lounge-y soul. I’ve sung in a jazz quartet. I’m way more motivated to do something I’ve never done before than to perfect one particular type of music.”

Well, she certainly caught our attention with her hypnotic sound in The Flavr Blue’s “We Can Go Blind” music video, which was released earlier this summer. The song, off The Flavr Blue’s latest Bright Vices EP, “is haunting and heartfelt, aching and ephemeral, a song that I’m proud of and a video I’m *extremely* proud of,” says Hollis. Check it out below.

In the meantime, a quick peek into the everyday life of Hollis.

Full name: Hollis Audrey Wong-Wear

Age: ’87 baybee

Ethnic background: Hong Kongese + White

Where you were born? Petaluma, CA

Where you were raised? North Bay Areuhh

Your go-to karaoke song? “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal

Last time you cried? I cried just a little bit watching Beyonce do her thing at Safeco Field on Wednesday for “On The Run.” Just a lil’.

What always makes you laugh? Mitch Hedberg

Your go-to comfort food? Noodles of any kind!

Last thing you ate? A banana.

Currently on “repeat” on your ipod? Wut iPod? I have Mapei’s “Wait” stuck in my head!

A guilty pleasure you don’t feel guilty about? Working from bed :)

Current favorite place? Mmm … Seattle in the summertime!

Favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise? Coffee

Current obsessions? Seinabo Sey and FARIS jewelry

Pet peeve? ccing instead of bccing on email

Habit I need to break? Biting my nails :/

Hidden talent? Remarkably adroit whistler

Talent you’d like to have? Fluency in Spanish and Cantonese

 Word or phrase you most overuse? “crackin'”

Most treasured possession? The dress by Mark Mitchell that I wore to the Grammys (CHECK IT OUT HERE!)

Greatest fear? An oversized moth :/

Motto? Why not?

What’s cool about being Asian? Being part of the diaspora, culturally interconnected with people across the globe. What’s cool about being Chinese is internalized astronomical expectations and dim sum.

If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what occupation would you be doing? Trying to make it as a journalist or getting my PhD in cultural studies.