Breathtaking Photos of Hong Kong in the “Follow Me To” Series
  • by Ethel Navales
  • June 17, 2014
The Temple.

By now you’ve probably heard of photographer Murad Osmann. This is the guy who has gained quite a bit of popularity for his photo series called Follow Me To.

Follow Me To documents Osmann’s journey as he travels around the world with his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova, who leads the way.

In fact, Osmann openly says that Nataly is the inspiration behind the photo series. The Follow Me To series began in 2011 in Barcelona. “The first photo happened in Barcelona while we were on vacation. Nataly was a bit annoyed that I was always taking pictures of everything, so she grabbed my hand and tried to pull me forward. That said it didn’t stop me from doing photos while she was pulling me. So that’s how it all started.”

Clearly, Osmann was onto something. The popularity of the photo series has given him over a million followers on Instagram.

Much to our delight, we noticed that one of their favorite spots seems to be Hong Kong. We’ve never seen pictures quite as breathtaking. Check out the photos of the couple’s journey in Hong Kong below.

Be sure to follow Osmann on Instagram and support his official website here.

The 1600 pandas exhibition in Hong Kong.

 A junk boat in Hong Kong.



Hong Kong.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Disneyland.


Hong Kong nightlife.

The Temple.

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