Breaking Rules Found Diane Farr True Love
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 28, 2013

Farr and hubby Seung Chung on their wedding day

New York Times‘ Modern Love column is always a refreshing insight into the nuances and complexities of modern love.

In the latest column, Bringing Home the Wrong Race, actress (and all-around babe) Diane Farr (Californication, Numb3rs) writes about dating a Korean American man–and finding out his parents don’t approve of her because she’s white. She shares about the couple’s trials and tribulations to getting to where they are today–married with three kids.

Farr ends her essay with this question:

“But sometimes, as I watch my husband and our children pile into the minivan, I worry, and it’s a worry that can keep me up at night: Will someone, some day, tell our half-Asian, half-Caucasian children that they are not an acceptable race to love?”

I think the fact that Farr’s worries are that her children may not be an acceptable race to love as opposed to being fearful that her children may find love with other races already shows progress from our parents’ views.

Read the entire essay here. A review of Farr’s book, Kissing Outside the Lines can be found in our summer issue.