The Daily SHAG: Scott Neslage

Happy new year to all you Audrey fans out there! We’re starting the year off right by introducing you to a fairly new face in the model industry, Scott Neslage. Neslage has been modeling for about ten months now and is signed to a number of agencies including Soul Artist Management and LA Models.

Sergio Garcia (LA Models) first scouted him a couple years ago at the South Coast Plaza Macy’s prom fashion show. Before pursuing a career in modeling, he went on to complete college. Aside from his perfect hair, smile, body, and bone structure, he is said to be proficient in American Sign Language (ASL) and juggling! His debut on the catwalk took place in Milan and Paris this past summer. This is definitely just the beginning for Neslage. We can’t wait to see more from him, but for now we’ll continue to gaze at his gorgeous pictures below. He is clearly qualified to be 2014’s first Daily SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy).







The Daily SHAG: Sen Mitsuji

Today’s eye candy is none other than Sen Mitsuji! This gorgeous half Australian, half Japanese man was born on the 26th of November 1987. He is currently signed on to three different agencies: Be Natural – Tokyo, Bananas- Paris, and Ford – New York.

Aside from being a model, he is also a photographer and director. His work can be seen on his tumblr and his official website, This is Sen.

Not much is known about the mysterious and alluring model, but his work shows a definite appreciation for art, dance, and beauty. One of his films, Ange, highlights interpretive dancing. Another film, Pat & Kikka, shows a man chasing his love before it’s too late. Whatever the theme may be, Sen shows a mastery of style in his work.

And of course, Sen’s main talent is being in front of the camera. With protruding lips and eyes that stare deeply into the camera, it’s no wonder he’s caught so much attention! Check out some of his photos below.





The Ultimate Guide to YG Entertainment’s New Boy Group WINNER

ABOVE: Seunghoon, Taehyun, Jinwoo, Seungyoon, Mino – WINNER.

Brace yourselves KPOP fans, a new generation of boy groups is finally arriving. It has been eight long years since YG Entertainment debuted Big Bang, and six years since JYP Entertainment debuted 2PM. Although S.M. Entertainment is in the lead right now with EXO’s Growl and the release of their winter special album ‘Miracles in December,’ there is no doubt that WINNER is becoming popular quite quickly.

The group was first introduced late August in the reality survival program Who Is Next: WIN, which featured the YG trainees (Team A and Team B) who competed against each other in order to debut as WINNER. All trainees endured sweat, pain, tears, and practiced until the sun rose, but only one team could win. During the season finale Team A came out victorious, winning all three rounds of public voting. The program consisted of only ten episodes, but that was enough to captivate viewers worldwide. Each trainee stole the hearts of many. Since the end of the program, WINNER has been the opening act for Big Bang’s six dome Japanese tour, has been preparing for their official debut, and they have their own reality show WINNER TV.


So let us get to know these five handsome men a little bit more because you definitely will be seeing and hearing more about them in the future.


1) S E U N G Y O O N
NAME: Kang Seung Yoon
BIRTHDATE: January 21, 1994
HOMETOWN: Busan, South Korea
POSITION: Vocal/Leader
FUN FACTS: He was a participant in Superstar K2 finishing in fourth place and in 2011, he was signed on to YG Entertainment as a solo artist.






2) T A E H Y U N
NAME:  Nam Tae Hyun
BIRTHDATE: May 10, 1994
POSITION: Vocal/Maknae (Youngest)
FUN FACTS: When he first signed on to YG, his style of singing was very different and he had to train hard in order to change it.
DISTINGUISHABLE TRAIT: His Slanted Eyebrows and 5:5 hairstyle



3) J I N W O O
NAME: Kim Jin Woo
BIRTHDATE: September 26, 1991
HOMETOWN: Imja Island, South Korea
FUN FACTS: He was YG’s eldest trainee and has trained for three years. He often stays up at night to practice and is thought of as the diligent one by his members.



4) S E U N G H O O N
NAME: Lee Seung Hoon
BIRTHDATE: January 11, 1992
HOMETOWN: Busan, South Korea
POSITION: Rapper, Choreographer
FUN FACTS: Since high school, he has always wanted to join YG. Every night, he would stare at the YG building from his rooftop room thinking to himself that one day, he would make it there (which he did!). Later on, he was a contestant on the show K-Pop Star and finished in fourth place.
NICKNAME: Hip hop baby lion



5) M I N O
NAME: Song Min Ho
BIRTHDATE: March 30, 1993
FUN FACTS: He is an ex-member of the group Block B, was a member of Y2Y Contents BoM before they disbanded in March 2013, and acted in the drama ‘K-POP – The Ultimate Audition.’
DISTINGUISHABLE TRAIT: He is said to look like a mix of YG Seniors G-Dragon and Taeyang.



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Filipino YouTube Stars Unite in Song for Typhoon Awareness

Flashback to the first week of November when you first turned on your television and found out about the devastating typhoon that was set to hit the Philippines. Days after Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda struck the Philippines and destroyed everything in its path, news stations worldwide continued to broadcast the aftermath. As the end of December quickly approaches, you may not see Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda on every news channel anymore, but that does not mean the problems have gone away. Those who have survived the typhoon must now go through the struggle of finding food, fresh water and their loved ones who are still missing. Many people all over the world have made donations to the Philippines, but the help must not stop.

In an effort to continue raising awareness about the conditions of the Philippines, various YouTube famous stars all over the world have come together in order to create a very special viral video to the song The Prayer. It is no surprise that many Filipino singers have become popular by showcasing their talents on YouTube. From former American Idol contestants Marvine Calderon Jr and Jett Hermano to the Philippines’ latest viral sensation, Joyce Jimenez, an eleven year old blind girl who is widely known for her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball, the video is filled with a great amount of talent.

The video was created by the viral company GRNMNGO and was conceptualized, arranged, and edited by Derek Wanner. A full list of artists along with their YouTube channels can be found below.

Aldrich Lloyd Talonding (Philippines)

Ashley & Amanda (Canada)

Bryson Andres (Alaska)

Cezka Mariz (Australia)

Jett Hermano (USA)

Joyce Jimenez (Philippines)

Marielle ‘Yele’ Castro (Dubai)

Mark ‘Kram’ Agpas (Austria)

Marvin Calderon Jr (USA)

Mica Javier (Philippines)

Ryan Narciso (Canada)

Zendee ‘the Random Girl’ Tenerefe (Philippines)



This May Be “The Best Anti-Smoking Ad” Ever

Avid smokers and anti-smokers disagree on quite a lot when it comes to cigarettes, but they can all agree on one thing: no matter how much people enjoy it, there is no doubt that smoking cigarettes can cause great deal of damage to your body. Regardless of the fine print on each package stating “Surgeon General’s Warning: Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and may complicate pregnancy,” most continue to smoke and disregard the warning or cannot yet kick the habit. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes we all just need a little reminder as to how deadly cigarettes can be.

Just see for yourself below.

The campaign titled Smoking Kid was created for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation by Ogilvy & Mather. Although it was created over a year ago, it seems to have recently gone viral once again.

In the video, which won the Bronze Award at the 2012 Bronze Cannes Award, various adults are followed and are approached by a child with a cigarette asking for a light. Even more interesting than children asking for a light are the responses that the adults give to the children. Smoker after smoker, many with a cigarette still in hand, remind the children of how bad smoking is and tell the kids that they are too young.

A few moments later, the child responds with “If smoking is bad, why do you smoke?” They then give the adult a note which reads, “You worry about me. But why not about yourself? Reminding yourself is the most effective warning to help you quit.”

smo copy

The message that this video sends is definitely one that will not be forgotten. The filmmakers use of everyday life scenarios for this campaign contributes to the effectiveness of the video. It has opened up the eyes of many, including my own.

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“AZN MEAN GIRLS”: Best or Worst “Mean Girls” Parody?

Mean Girls: The movie that started fetch, got people to wear pink on Wednesdays, and of course left viewers saying, “She doesn’t even go here,” “There’s a 30% chance that it’s already raining,” and so much more.

Quality Time Film’s most recent video on YouTube, a parody remake of Mean Girls called “AZN Mean Girls,” has already received over 14,000 views in just one day. The video features YouTube stars beautycakez, J-Reyez, and Jordan Lorenzo. Although the creators were big fans of the original Mean Girls movie, Todrick Hall’s own remake of the movie was an inspiration to them as well.

Quality Time Films, otherwise known as QT films, consists of a group of aspiring writers and filmmakers from Toronto. Their YouTube channel claims “We like to tell stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, and hopefully uplift your day.”

Since its release, the parody has received mixed reactions. Some viewers are proud of the almost full Asian cast. Others can’t overlook the racial stereotyping. Watch “AZN Mean Girls” below and tell us what you think.


Top 5 Scariest Asian Myths and Monsters


Halloween is here! A time for carving pumpkins, dressing up in costumes, trick or treating and remembering the dead. Needless to say, there are plenty of ways to take part in this holiday. And though you might opt for a cute costume tonight, Halloween certainly isn’t known to be cute and sweet. No, we tend to celebrate it with all things scary.

When it comes to tales of ghosts, ghouls, and everything regarding your deepest darkest fears, the Asian culture definitely provides us with some of the most chilling tales. We’re here to share some with you.

Here are the top 5 scariest Asian Myths and Monsters you never want to encounter during your life.



1) TEKE-TEKE (Japan)


Legend has it that one day in Japan, a young girl fell onto a rail way line and was cut in half by an oncoming train. Due to her unpredicted fate, her spirit now roams around seeking revenge. She carries a scythe or a saw while traveling on her elbows or hands and if anyone meets her path, she will cut them in half. As she travels, the dragging of her upper torso scratches on the floor making a take teke sound.





Long ago, there was a wife of a samurai who was so incredibly beautiful. As years went by, she became extremely self absorbed and quite vain. The samurai suspected her of cheating one day and in response, he attacked her by cutting her mouth from ear to ear. The woman passed away and came back as an angry spirit known as Kuchisake Onna. She wears a brown trench coat with a surgeon’s mask to cover her mouth and as children are walking home from school, she will approach them with her mask and ask “Do you think I’m beautiful?” If the response was “No” she will take out a knife and kill you. If the response was “Yes,” then she will then take off her mask and ask you “How about now?” If the next response is a “No” you will get cut in half, and if it is a “Yes” then she will cut your mouth from ear to ear to make it look like hers.



3) WHITE LADY (Philippines)


In the rural areas of the Philippines, there have been many stories of the White Lady. The White Lady has been said to appear in other places such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, and Norway. Although there are several renditions of this legend, she is usually associated with tragedy. She will appear and not do very much, but any sight of her is surely not a good one. She is most commonly reported seen along Balete Drive in Quezon City. She was a young lady who was raped and killed by two Japanese soldiers during WWII. While there haven’t been stories of the White Lady being a purposefully malicious being, she has been the reported as the cause of more than a few car accidents by drivers who look in their rearview mirror and see a young lady in the backseat wearing a white dress. Sure, some strange, unknown lady sitting in your backseat is bad enough but the White Lady is also said to have no face or a face covered in blood.




Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 5.16.22 PM

Jayuro is a strip of highway just north of Seoul, Korea. Because the highway is often covered in fog, it is known for being prone to car accidents. However, many residents have a different explanation for it. Many people claim they see a distressed girl on the side of the road wearing sunglasses. As they got closer to the girl, to their horror, they realized that she wasn’t wearing sunglasses after all. The dark circles were there because her eyes were visibly gouged out and hollow.



5) AP/KRASUE (Cambodia/Thailand)


The Ap/Krasue is described as a floating female head with its entrails, spine and various bloody organs hanging from its neck. The myth behind this creature says that women who abuse black magic may be forced to turn into this creature as a punishment. The witch feeds on blood, feces, fetuses, and pregnant women. Apparently one way to stop the creature from entering your house is by surrounding it with thorny vines so that the creatures entrails will get stuck on them. This is important since an Ap/Krasue can turn you into the same creature if she gets to you consume her saliva.



 Have more scary Asian monsters in mind? Tell us your list!



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Sriracha Factory Odor Causes Burning Eyes and Headaches

Huy Fong Foods, creator of the beloved Sriracha product, is undergoing major trouble in Irwindale, California.

If you’re a fan of this product, don’t worry. Using the popular hot sauce for your food won’t cause you discomfort, but apparently living near the production factory will.

Residents have filed several complaints about burning eyes and constant headaches due to the intense and painful odor emitted by the factory. One family in the area stated that they were forced to move a birthday party indoors due to the strong odor.

The town is now filing a suit demanding that production be stopped until there is a concrete plan of action for diminishing the spicy odors, said Irwindale City Atty. Fred Galante. A judge is scheduled to decide the fate of the company on Thursday, Oct 31.

With this legal complaint, a Sriracha shortage may be shortly approaching and will cause prices to rise. Several Sriracha lovers have taken to twitter stating that we must unite in order to save the factory.

sriracha2 copy srirarcha1 copy

What do you think of the burning issue in Irwindale, California?


Who is Xian Lim you may ask? He’s only one of the hottest and most admired stars in Philippine showbiz. This Chinese Filipino actor, model and singer has received several awards and has been featured in a variety of films and television shows. His most recent film role was Alex in Star Cinema’s Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? where he acted alongside real-life girlfriend, Kim Chiu. He has earned his rightful spot as today’s Daily SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy) and you’ll find out why below.
He looks absolutely stunning in any photo shoot he does.
His smile is just mesmerizing.
He’s even more adorable when holding a puppy.
He’s fit and athletic. (He was a varsity basketball player while attending the University of the East).
tumblr_lwlwmzJkXD1qac3v8o1_r2_500 xian-lim-1
He has a smokin’ body. Enough said. tumblr_mr9qdr3jyW1s77auro1_500.
And if these GIFS don’t win you over, then I’m not sure what will.
tumblr_mdn2n5ZIla1qfzadvo1_500 tumblr_mdn2n5ZIla1qfzadvo2_500
tumblr_mf8elrSEuH1qfzadvo1_250 tumblr_mf8elrSEuH1qfzadvo3_250
tumblr_miqznngaWZ1qhhmhwo1_250 tumblr_miqznngaWZ1qhhmhwo4_250 tumblr_miqznngaWZ1qhhmhwo5_250 tumblr_miqznngaWZ1qhhmhwo6_250
tumblr_ml6mcdo2NK1qalw1no1_250 tumblr_ml6mcdo2NK1qalw1no2_250 tumblr_ml6mcdo2NK1qalw1no3_250 tumblr_ml6mcdo2NK1qalw1no4_250
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Identifying Depression: Find the Hidden Message

Take a look around you. Can you tell which person is going through pain or suffering? Chances are, probably not. The Singapore-based suicide prevention organization, Samaritans of Singapore created a series of ads using ambigrams to highlight how difficult it is in identifying and understanding depression. The printed ads featured positive messages, such as the one above, but when flipped upside-down, a more depressing message can be seen.;c=41;s=39;d=14;w=728;h=90

Above: “I feel fantastic.” Below: “I’m falling apart.”


“Life is great,” and “I hate myself.”


“I’m fine,” and “Save me.”



Like the ads say, “The signs are there if you read them.”

This is a particularly important issue within our own community. In our Fall 2013 issue, we delved deep into the topic of depression and mental health among Asian American women:

Asians are arguably the most wired people in the world, and we also bear the ignoble distinction of having the highest rates of depression. According to a 2011 report by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Asian American teenage girls have the highest rate of depressive symptoms of any racial, ethnic or gender group. In fact, Asian American girls and women aged 15 to 24 die from suicide at a higher rate than any other racial or ethnic group, and suicide is the fifth leading cause of death among Asian Americans overall (only ninth for white Americans). It’s not just young women either; Asian American women over 65 have the highest suicide rate in that demographic. And while some studies find depressive symptoms in 35 percent of Chinese immigrants, among Southeast Asians, 71 percent meet the criteria for major affective disorders such as depression.



Click here to read more.