Son of Esteemed Hong Kong Chef Who Died On Flight MH17 Says, “My Parents Are Watching From Heaven”


Last Thursday morning, hundreds of people everywhere went into mourning, as news broke of the disastrous Malaysia flight MH17 that went down in Ukraine. Some 298 innocent lives were taken, among them well-respected AIDS activists, scientists and engineers.

Among the people who lost family members on the flight is Kevin Fan, who lost his 60-year-old Hong Kong-born father, Fan Shun Po, Malaysian mother, Jenny Loh Yan-hwa, and his grandmother, Tan Siew Po. According to Shanghaiist, Fan had been accompanying his wife and mother-in-law back to Malaysia when tragedy struck.



Fan Shun Po, far right, with his family.


Fan, who friends knew as a great father and husband, was also a celebrated chef in Rotterdam, owner of his own Asian restaurant called Asian Glories. The restaurant ranks among the top 10 best restaurants in Rotterdam. Pang Tai, one of Fan’s longtime friends of 30 years, told reporters that Fan and his wife had worked really hard in building a name for themselves in the restaurant industry. Fan had immigrated to the Netherlands and opened the restaurant just shortly after becoming a Netherlands citizen, while his wife worked as a waitress at another local restaurant at the time.




Asian Glories restaurant in Rotterdam, Netherlands


Despite having experienced somewhat of a bumpy road before achieving success at Asian Glories, Fan, say friends and family, was extremely involved in philanthropy work. Fan and his wife would regularly volunteer at the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation in the Netherlands, an organization that was dedicated to helping the poor.

His involvement in charity work didn’t just end there. In 2011, Fan volunteered to go to Japan on a mission to help with the earthquake disaster relief. He also worked on a donation campaign for an 8-year-old cancer patient to raise money for his treatment. In fact, Fan donated 20,000 euros (26,916 USD) of his own money to the campaign.


8 year old

The 8-year-old cancer patient Fan raised money for.


Now a talented chef himself, Kevin Fan is determined to continue his parents’ legacy at Asian Glories, despite the recent loss. According to South China Morning Post, he posted on the Asian Glories Facebook page, “As my mom Jenny always said, ‘We can get through anything; it is the feelings that we cannot get over’,” he wrote. “If you can manage yourself, everything will pass. I will carry on this lesson throughout my life.”

In dedication to his parents, Kevin also wrote on the page, “Jenny and Popo have lived their life to the fullest, a life in which they have worked hard to build up something that has made me proud. … I know that my parents are watching upon us from heaven. So let us be strong and face this with a smile.”





Director Lucy Liu Debuts “Meena,” a True Story of Sex Slavery and Survival


Stories of sex slavery constantly splash across the covers of newspapers or flash in bold letters on television. For most, it may just be another uncomfortable headline that makes us want to right the wrongs of the injustice for a mere few minutes. For others, tragically, it is their everyday life.

The best-selling book Half The Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity For Women Worldwide, which depicts the three main global crises — gender-based violence, maternal mortality and sex trafficking — was the basis for a short film by Chinese American actress Lucy Liu, who produced and directed the film, along with award-winning writing and producing team The Sibs (Megan Raney Aarons & Colin Keith Grey).



Taking just one chapter from the book, Liu and The Sibs expertly capture the inspirational story of Meena Haseena, an Indian girl who was captured into sex slavery by her own uncle at the age of 8 years old. For an entire decade, Meena was enslaved and even gave birth to two children while in captivity. The film follows Meena’s life after she was able to escape — she even managed to rescue her own children who were also being held in the same brothel.


Actress Sparsh Khanchandani who plays young Meena. Photo courtesy of of

Actress Sparsh Khanchandani who plays young Meena. Photo courtesy of of


The moving film that raised awareness for UNICEF’s Child Protection programs worldwide premiered in New York City on June 26, and also made its online debut on the film’s website, which you can watch here.


Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 12.54.03 PM

Actress Tannishtha Chatterjee who plays Meena. Photo courtesy of


Some of the cast and crew. Photo courtesy of

Some of the cast and crew. Photo courtesy of


Find Out Why Anime Lovers Are Booking Flights On Spring Airlines


Imagine yourself on a plane. The captain has just made his announcement, flight attendants have gone through the mandatory safety procedures, and then oh yes! Here comes spiderman making his way down the aisle, asking you if you would like a drink to go with that bag of pretzels.

Wait, what?

Shanghai-based Spring Airlines just launched their first cosplay-themed flight, en route from Shanghai, China to Osaka, Japan, beginning on July 18th. Fictional characters on this flight included our favorite superheroes Spiderman and Catwoman, as well as the Croods, and a variety of anime characters. Apparently at some point during the two hour flight, the cosplay characters also parade through the aisles for a fashion show to show off their costumes.

Check out the pictures below!









What This 20-Something Does For Her Grandmother Who Raised Her


Most young women in China today are primarily concerned with finding a good job, a decent apartment and eventually, maybe a responsible husband. Taking care of a grandmother in her late 80s is not normally a part of the life of someone in her 20s. However for Chong Qing-native Huang Li Hua, who has a both a job and a boyfriend, she is the sole caretaker of her 88-year-old grandmother.

Although it is unclear what happened to Huang’s parents when she was a child, Huang has said that her grandmother was the main person in her life who raised her. All she’s doing now, she modestly told reporters, is “giving to my grandmother those things she gave to me when I was a child.”

Just what is she giving her grandmother exactly? Feeding her by hand, manual air conditioning on hot days, and basic caregiving like helping her wash her face and tie her shoelaces — just like her grandmother had done for her when she was little.








But that’s not all. Huang’s grandmother, Wong Ziu Siu, lived most of her life in the village and now that the grandmother-granddaughter duo are living in the city, Wong has had some difficulty adjusting. Huang doesn’t like leaving her grandmother at home alone when she goes to work. While most people in Huang’s shoes would hire a caretaker or send her grandmother to a nursing home, Huang was determined to care for her grandmother herself. Her solution? Every day, Huang takes her grandmother to work by piggyback.





On a normal day, Wong sits outside the restaurant while her granddaughter tends to her duties. Occasionally, Wong even helps with small tasks. After work, Huang carries her grandmother all the way back home.





If that isn’t the picture of true familial love, I don’t know what is.

Singapore IKEA Gets Creative With Rescue Pup Adoption Campaign


The next time you take a stroll through IKEA, you won’t just be casually “testing” out their comfy leather sofas; you’ll probably be begging your spouse or family member to take home a rescue pup.

In addition to their picture-perfect displays of family living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, IKEA has now added cardboard cutouts of rescue puppies to complete the homey ambiance. Just to, you know, give you an idea of what life could be like with your new furry best friend, and maybe tug at your heartstrings a little as well.

According to Business Insider, IKEA first began this creative collaboration with the pet adoption agency Home for Hope in Singapore, in hopes of helping adorable shelter puppies find homes across the nation. On each of the puppies cardboard cutouts is a different barcode that customers can scan to see more details about each of the specific puppies.

Though it was quite a process putting all of it together, the campaign has already proven successful, with eight puppies adopted so far. IKEA’s branch in Tempe, Ariz., has also recently launched the same program, and all six of their displayed cardboard cutout puppies have also found homes as well.


“Because sometimes, a furry friend is all it takes to complete your home.”









Watch the simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking video below:


4 Ways To Rock the Crop Top This Summer, Courtesy of Camille Co


Yes, I know. The comeback crop top fad this summer is no new news. Day after day, I’ve seen the tops continuously hit the racks at all my favorite clothing stores. If you’re anything like me though — someone who leans toward the “fluffy” side of the Asian figure spectrum — it can be a little daunting to try the midriff-flaunting look.

As it turns out, Filipino fashion blogger and Spanish fashion brand’s Mango’s newest “It” Girl Camille Co, is the ultimate answer to my question on how to pull off the crop top look, without concurrently destroying my self-esteem. On her lookbook page, as well as her own fashion blog titled Camille Tries to Blog, Camille shows us a variety of different ways we can rock the look in a more chic way.

Here are some of her outfits we love:

1. Pair a basic crop top with high-waisted shorts with a fun print, and throw a leather jacket in a bold color on top, for an edgier look.




2. Pair the crop top with a mini skirt, and a loose blazer for a night out.





3. If you’re going somewhere fancy, wear a strapless crop top with a high-waisted skirt and of course the essential pumps.




4. A crop T-shirt works well with a high-waisted pencil skirt; pair it with slip-on sneakers for a casual look.




You can also follow Camille on Weibo here.

How This Indian Food Delivery Business Is Giving McDonald’s A Run For Its Money


For those of you who are 20-something, I’m going to take a wild guess that you are probably pretty acquainted with, and perhaps even on first name basis with, the guys that run the fast food chains closest to your office. And hey, no one’s judging you — on busy work days, In-N-Out drive-through is the ideal solution to satisfy your hunger needs.

But let’s all be real here — not even the juiciest of bacon cheese hamburgers will ever match up to Mom’s homemade fried rice, with just the perfect ratio of rice, meat, eggs, green onions and spices. Oh, look at that, I’m already drooling.

Some 500,000 Indian men from Mumbai, who are nicknamed the “dabbawalas,” came up with a brilliant solution so that hard workers in the city could both save the money they would have spent on eating out and have home cooked meals made by their loving wives or mothers — delivered straight to their schools and offices.




Of course, this delivery service comes with a price for the dabbawalas. Every morning, these half a million men first travel house-to-house to pick up the steaming hot tiffins (tins that store the food), which they then transport all over the city on their bikes, through the blazing heat and maddening traffic. Collectively, they pick up and deliver around 200,000 meals a day.


With so many different moving parts involved in this system, it can get pretty messy. So along with all the food, the families and the delivery people, there is also a code system. By now, the dabbawalas say they have it all imprinted in their minds, so they know the exact location of where each tiffin goes.




According to NBC, their system is so efficient that they have a “six sigma level of efficiency,” equating to “making one mistake per every six million deliveries.” Even with odds like that though, the dabbawalas have admitted that there have been mistakes where tiffins were given to the wrong people who sometimes lack the courtesy and eat the home cooked meal given to them anyway.

Despite all the hurdles these men jump through on a day-to-day basis, Pawan Agarwal, head of the Mumbai Dabbawala, said of his colleagues, “It’s hard work, no doubt about it … But they feel that serving food is serving God so they feel happy to do this business.”

Another dabbawala worker also spoke up on how their business remains so successful. “Many people in this city prefer their lunch fresh, prepared lovingly by their wives or mothers,” he said, adding that despite the many restaurants cropping up all over the city, the business has been continuing to grow 5 to 10 percent every year.

Take that, McDonald’s.


How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated With These Easy Steps


In the past, we’ve brought you all kinds of great makeup tutorials like the puppy eye, to try this summer. But before you go plying your face with eyeshadows, liners and mascaras, it’s important to remember that you first need a solid, hydrated base in order to keep your skin nice and smooth throughout the day. We understand it can get pretty tedious to have to add even more steps to your daily routine, so we found a simplified “hydration expression” technique tutorial featuring Soko Glam’s Charlotte Cho, courtesy of Refinery29.

First, you’ll need these products:



Clockwise from top left: A BB cream, a serum, a facial mist and a foundation brush.


Here are the steps:

1. Spray facial mist evenly on face, accordingly to skin tone. For those of you with oily T-zones, you may want to apply a little less.

2. Wait for the mist to sink in a bit, then mix one part BB cream and one part serum on the back of your hand.

3. Using your finger, dot your face with the BB cream-serum mixture. 

4. Use a foundation brush to even out the the dots. Alternatively, if you do not have a brush, you can also simply use the pads of your fingers to smooth them out.

5. For a little more pop of color and energy, you can also apply a cream-based blush or lipgloss if you prefer.

6. For the final step, spray one more light round of mist and you’re ready to go!

Get the products here:



Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++



Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Activator Ampoule



Evian Mineral Water Spray Duo To Go



MAC 190 Foundation Brush


This Powerful Video Will Make You Think Twice About What It Truly Means To Give


Sam Pepper, a YouTube personality and self-acclaimed prankster, recently conducted a social experiment that will truly change the way we think about life. In a minute and 28 seconds, he was able to capture both the harsh reality of human nature and the unexpected kindness of a homeless man.

After his video was released, Trouble Seeker Team — a group of pranksters in India — watched the footage and was so moved by the act that they too decided to conduct the same exact experiment in their hometown. The results of the experiment were the same as Pepper’s and were just as moving.

Watch Trouble Seeker Team’s video below:



And here is the original video conducted by Sam Pepper:


Disabled Chinese Woman Wins the Hearts of Netizens


As a girl with two perfectly usable legs, I still wobble in shoes that come with heels higher than two inches.

When pictures of 26-year-old Er Ma Ayie surfaced on social media in China, she put girls like me to deep, deep shame. The Sichuan-native not only has just one leg she manages to fiercely walk the streets of China, in a 7.8-inch heel on her left leg, no less. Quite fashionably too, might I add.

As her pictures began circulating around Weibo, she won over men and women in China everywhere and was quickly deemed the “Asian Venus” for her strength and beauty. But she’s not just known for her graceful looks — she also has an inspiring story.

Er Ma, as you can imagine, did not always walk so confidently. When Er Ma was only 3 years old, she was in a tragic car accident that left her with an amputated right leg. Due to the placement of the amputation, she wasn’t given the option of a prosthetic leg. Thus, Er Ma grew up insecure, forced to cope with the circumstances she was given.

Er Ma also grew up an aspiring singer and received much praise from her teachers. After graduating high school, she became a kindergarten teacher, specializing in teaching kids how to sing. Later, at the age of 19, she was recruited to sing for Chengdu Disabled Art Troupe. Though she admits she had “never been as happy as that day,” she remained apprehensive because of her leg. She believed that she needed to wear long gowns and high-heeled shoes in order to achieve the image of an elegant singer she always envisioned.




Despite her insecurities of not being able to wear high-heeled shoes like her fellow singers, she gave it a try anyway. She even recalls almost breaking her leg the first time she attempted it. But she never gave up, and eventually she trained herself to walk in the high heeled shoes pictured above. Now, with much more confidence, Er Ma recently told reporters, “Luckily I didn’t give up trying to wear it. Now I can wear a 20-centimeter-high heel very confidently. I feel I am no different from the other girls.”

When told that photos of her walking in heels had gone viral on social media, she said, “I am surprised to hear that … I am actually a common girl.” She added that she hopes that the photos perhaps “opened people’s hearts and helped them to cope with their own defects.”

Er Ma’s self-assurance continued to grow from there, and she even took up yoga and badminton, among other physical activities that she never thought she would be able to do. “We should never let our body defects affect our mental health,” she said. “As long as your heart beams, your outward appearance won’t dim.”