We’ve Found the Perfect Liquid Eyeliner (And How You Can Get It For Less!)

Who doesn’t love winged liner?

In an ideal world, we’d all wake up with sexy cat eyes. But reality sinks in and we find ourselves filled with frustration over uncooperative liquid liners and uneven wings. Don’t lie, you’ve had your uneven days too.

Mastering the cat eye (or even the puppy eye) can be difficult for beginners, especially for people with monolids, but we may have found just the thing to help you through this struggle: the Clio Eyeguard Waterproof Liner.


Clio Eyeguard Waterproof Liner ($23)

This Korean brand has created a tool with a curved handle that keeps your hand steady while drawing a smooth, straight line. Plus, the formula is smudge-proof, waterproof and long-lasting.

The only downside? Although this eyeliner is definitely worth it, it’s a bit pricey. If you want to save a few dollars (who doesn’t, right?) or test a similar product before splurging on the Clio liner, try NYX The Curve.


NYX The Curve ($15)

NYX The Curve Liquid Liner has a very similar curved grip which makes application mistake-proof. The shape provides the right hold for precise and secure application. Even better? You can also get it at your local Target.

You’re welcome.

All-Black Fashion from Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

It goes without saying that all-black fashion can be done very, very wrong. Thankfully, some fashionistas have figured out the perfect ways to style the all-black trend. One fashionista we can all take notes from is Girls’ Generation singer Yuri who loves pairing black with black. Check out how she makes this look work:

Break up the black with a pop of color.





Wear patterns to showcase a bolder look.


Wear different textures to add more dimension.

4 5

How To: Maintain Your Summer Tan

With all the skin-whitening products in Asia, it’s easy to make the assumption that our culture is obsessed with being pale, BUT that isn’t always the case. Here in California for instance, we can’t avoid the summer sun, so many just embrace it.

Just got back from vacation and want to make your bronzed glow last? Here are a few tips to make your summer tan last!






Your body tans when the sun stimulates the pigment, melanin, which colors the top layer of skin. This layer of skin sheds every two weeks, so to ensure your tan lasts, scrub your skin before you go on vacation. A quick, inexpensive scrub can be made at home with rock salt and honey.



When skin dries, it flakes. In the sun, your skin loses more water through sweating so drink tons of water.



Not only do you have to hydrate skin from the inside, you have to moisturize from the outside. Your daily moisturizer works, but lotions made specifically for after-sun have additional ingredients to soothe skin and enhance your tan.



Get The Celeb Look: Arden Cho

Arden Cho looked stunning at the TV Guide Magazine’s Hot List Party at Emerson Theatre on November 4, 2013 in Hollywood, California. Her quilted, white top paired with her tribal print shorts created the perfect fun and flirty, but sophisticated look.


Here’s how to get her look for less!

forever21 top

Forever 21 Street Chic Quilted Top ($19.80)



Asos Daisy Street Quilted Cropped Sweater ($24.75)



Forever 21 Striking Zigzag Shorts ($22.80)



Love Culture Tribal Color Block Shorts ($13.95)

Look For Less: Mason Pearson Hairbrush

Have you ever wanted to try a product, but you see the price and want to faint? That’s what happened when I saw the price of this hairbrush. It’s over $100! Who wants to pay that much for a hairbrush?


Well that’s what you’ll have to pay if you want a Mason Pearson hairbrush. The Mason Pearson line was developed and patented more than 100 years ago. They use only the finest, premium grade boar bristle, which is gentle to the hair and scalp. Boar bristles help distribute the hair’s natural oils while stimulating the hair follicles. They also use nylon bristles to help brush through thick, textured hair. The cushion of these brushes conforms to the shape of the scalp. All Mason Pearson brushes are handmade in England.

Mason Pearson Junior Mixture Hairbrush ($170)

mason pearson


Unfortunately, you may not be willing to cough up an arm and a leg for a hairbrush. Well don’t worry! We’ve found the hairbrush that can get you the look for less.

The Sonia Kashuk hairbrush is a portion of the price, and is very similar to the Mason Pearson brush. It has a mixture of boar bristles and heat resistant nylon bristles, which help fight static and keep hair shiny. The Sonia Kashuk brush detangles hair without tugging and gently massages the scalp.

Sonia Kashuk Hairbrush ($15.79)

Sonia Kashuk




3 Tips for Monolid Eye Makeup

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and thought to yourself, “That would never work, I don’t have the same eye shape,” or “Where do I put the crease color since I don’t have a crease?” We’ve got a few tips to help you out.




1. Think ombré. The key is applying your shadow in a gradient with the darkest color closest to the lash line. This gives the illusion of depth. Make sure you blend everything well; you want the colors to fade into each other rather than having distinct lines between each color. Finally, make sure you blend outwards. Dark colors near the inner part of the eye tend to make the eyes appear closer together.





2. Focus on the lashes. The shape of a monolid eye can push lashes downwards. Always curl your lashes and add a couple coats of mascara to hold the shape. Waterproof mascara tends to hold a curl better.





3. Use a natural highlight. Many people use a light color on the inner corner of the eye or the bottom waterline to brighten their eyes. For monolid eyes, a very light color can look unnatural. Opt for a flesh toned color to create that brightening effect.


What’s Your Summer Style: Kimonos

Kimonos are a cute addition to any outfit. This new Asian style trend is perfect for the summer!

Kimonos can fit everyone’s style. From floral, to lace, to fringe– it can be paired with any outfit to add a little extra flair.

If you want to try this new trend, but don’t want to be too daring, try this Forever 21 solid woven kimono ($22.80).


If your style is girly, try florals or lace like this H&M short kimono ($24.95) or this Urban Outfitters Love Sadie Lace Bell-Sleeve Kimono Jacket ($79).

short kimono


If your style is more bohemian, try fringe. This Nasty Gal Reverse Peek A Boo Kimono ($68) and this Lottie & Holly Boho Print Womens Fringe Kimono ($32.99) are perfect.


And for those of you who like to save some money, try making your own.



SNSD Jessica’s Airport Fashion

Girl’s Generation singer Jessica is definitely known for her music, but she is also known for her style.

When traveling, we want to be comfortable and cute. It’s hard finding a travel-friendly outfit while trying to look fashionable, but Jessica has definitely mastered this difficult combo.

The next time you’re traveling, take some pointers from Jessica and use the following tips:

SNSD Jessica 31) Jessica wears layers. Planes are always a little chilly, so it’s nice to have a jacket or sweater.


SNSD Jessica 8
2) She also wears comfortable shoes. You never know how long you’ll have to wait in line, so always wear shoes that are easy to walk in.



Look For Less: MAC vs. Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Who doesn’t love playing around with eyeshadow? From bright yellow to stark white, Makeup Geek has you covered.

Who do we look to for good eye shadow? MAC, of course. MAC Cosmetics is known for their high end quality. Their eyeshadows are highly pigmented, apply evenly and blend well. But what about those who don’t want to hurt their wallet for make up?

eyeshadow pan

We have found a brand that offers the same quality as MAC, but for less! Makeup Geek‘s eyeshadows are highly pigmented, cruelty free, talc and paraben-free and blend well.


MAC’s eyeshadow pans contain 1.5 grams of product for $10, while Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans offer 1.8 grams of product for $5.99. If you have a favorite MAC eyeshadow, you can most likely find a similar Makeup Geek color. Here are a few dupes:

tete a tint creme brulee

goldmine gold digger

steamy mermaid