Video of the Day: Fast and Furious Asian Kid Shows Girlfriend the Art of Drifting

Kids are growing up way too fast these days.

In this video found via The Craziest Videos Facebook Page, a cute little Asian boy takes his young lady friend out for a spin in his toy car, careening around orange cones and making wild figure eights. I like to imagine she’s loving it as she waves her arms wildly (and not getting car sick). Enjoy!

Hot For Doctor? When Asian Parents Go Bad, Courtesy of Hasan Minhaj

After featuring the hilarious (and charming) Hasan Minhaj in our Fall ’13 issue (get it now!), we’ve become huge fans of his comedy troupe, Goatface Comedy.

Their latest video, “Good Sons,” takes a hilarious (and … sorta creepy) look at the age-old narrative of Asian parents who will do anything for their children to become doctors/lawyers/engineers. It’s cringe-inducing and yet hilarious — we dare you not to be laughing by the end.

Watch it here.

New Delhi Gang Rape Update: Convicted Men Could be Sentenced to Death

Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh Singh were found guilty this past Tuesday in New Delhi, following the death of a 23-year-old female student last December. In a trial that lasted about seven months, the Delhi court found the men guilty of murder, rape and kidnapping. The judge presiding over the cased announced he would hand down the sentence this Friday afternoon.

Prosecutor Dayan Krishnan had requested the death penalty, stating, “There can be nothing more diabolic than a helpless girl put through torture.” On the other hand, the defense attorney for Sharma had requested life imprisonment, saying, “The court must bear in mind that life imprisonment is the rule and the death sentence is the exception.”


Following the death of the student last December, multiple protests sparked across the nation calling for the better treatment of women. This past January, police finally brought charges against five of the accused. A sixth was not included because he was only 17 at the time. After Ram Singh (the driver of the bus) committed suicide in his jail cell on March 11 (although his family believes he was murdered), that brought the number of defendants down to four.

While stricter anti-rape laws have been passed by the Indian government (including the death penalty for repeat offenders), the question is whether such laws will be enforced, and more importantly, how that will affect public opinion. According to CNN, “Death sentences issued by Indian courts have rarely been carried out in the past decade. No state executions took place in the country between 2004 and late 2012, when the last surviving gunman from the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai was hanged.”

If the four men get the death penalty on Friday, will things really begin to change for women in India?


Tokyo Wins 2020 Summer Olympics Bid

In what many considered to be an upset win, Japan’s capital won the winning bid for the 2020 Olympics early Sunday. Tokyo won the bid after a final round of voting by International Olympic Committee (IOC) members in Buenos Aires, beating Istanbul by 60-36 votes.

It was a surprise, as not many expected the city to win. However, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed to show the world “a safe and secure Olympics games” during a personal presentation to the committee, promising a major cleanup of any radiation leakages from the Fukushima nuclear plants.

In a post-announcement press conference, Abe said, “Sport has the power to unite people. We experienced that after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, when athletes came to our country and helped us. Japan needs the power of sport; we need hopes and dreams.”

The upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia, followed by the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, and then the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Bruno Mars to Perform at Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014

As fans celebrated the kickoff of the 2013-14 football season this past Sunday, they had another reason for excitement: The NFL announced that Bruno Mars would perform during the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVIII, which will be held at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., on Sunday, February 2, 2014.

It’s a coup for the singer/songwriter who will be performing at one of the most highly anticipated and most-watched musical events of the year. According to the NFL, more than 110.5 million viewers in the U.S. watched last year’s show, where Beyonce wowed audiences with hits like “Single Ladies” and “Halo,” as well as a special reunion with Destiny’s Child in a rousing rendition of “Crazy in Love.” Like Beyonce, Bruno Mars is such a showman, we have no doubt we’ll be equally wowed.

Sandy Vu of SISU = the New Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

I think I have a new female rock star crush – and she goes by Sandy Vu. While fans of Karen O might find some similarities between Vu and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead singer, I think Vu has something going on for herself. She’s still in your face like Karen O, but does it in a manner that gets under your skin in a more subtle way. Did I also mention she’s also incredibly gorgeous?

Formerly of the group The Dum Dum Girls, Vu branched off for a solo venture as SISU. Catch the artist’s first single “Harpoons” off her upcoming solo debut album, BloodTears (which will be released on September 17). You can watch the music video for “Harpoons” below!


Editor’s Pick of the Week: Vans x Kenzo Fall ’13 Collaboration



As someone who is always on the go, when it comes to my wardrobe, I have an affinity towards things that are comfortable, but still makes a loud statement. No matter what, I try to at least incorporate one thing wacky little statement piece into my outfit every single day. With the summer season ending soon and having to part with wearing shorts and tanks all summer, I’m actually pretty excited with putting together my fall wardrobe as the weather gets cooler.

And of course, along comes my dream shoes for the fall – enter the latest designs from the Vans x Kenzo Fall ’13 design collaboration. Now, I haven’t worn a pair of Vans since my tween days, but I think it’s about time I start wearing them again.

I’ve fallen quite hard for the “Day Clouds” design – in both versions of course. I’m already imagining how I’m going to rock these kicks for the rest of the year with every outfit, ha!

You can get them now here, starting at $125.


Asians in Fashion | Model Amber Chia Stays Glam with Asian Grandmothers in Esquire Malaysia

Every once in a while, I appreciate the quirky fashion editorials from the magazine world. This recent editorial featuring Amber Chia and three lovely older ladies brought out a chuckle in me because it brought a whole new meaning to the term – Girls’ Night Out. Snacking on some late night munchies? Mahjong? Amber Chia being the designated driver for the entire night? My kind of fun.

Check out the rest of the editorial below!

Amber Chia - Esquire Malaysia, August 2013 - 2

Amber Chia - Esquire Malaysia, August 2013 - 3

Asian American Proposal Video: Girl Asks Guy to Marry Her — and Gets a Surprise Instead

If there’s one thing we can never get sick of here at Audrey – it’s wedding proposal videos. In the latest edition of adorable and heart wrenching wedding proposal videos – Vicky decides to take a step to where not many woman have ventured before – propose to her boyfriend of eight years. Jon had proposed to her more than once before, but she had always turned him down since she wasn’t ready before. Well, what better way to let him know that she was ready – by proposing herself.

Props to you Vicky – you’re one courageous woman. On the sweet side of it, Jon also has a surprise for her as well. Watch on!

(On a side note, is it just me, but the usage of ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri gets me EVERYTIME.)

vicky + jon — proposal from amy wan on Vimeo.