World’s First Latte Art Stop-Motion Video: 1000 Cups of Coffee in Two Minutes


You may have seen it in fancy coffee shops or on Instgram, but you’ve never seen latte art like this.

In recent years, latte art has gotten more and more popular. These days, it’s nothing new to see your favorite manga or cartoon character on a cup of joe. In fact, we’ve even seen 3D latte art made from the foam. But one thing we’ve never seen is 1000 cups of coffee art in under 2 minutes. Well now all you caffeine-lovers can rejoice because that’s about to change.

Japanese coffee maker, Maxim Stick, released one of the most impressive stop-motion videos we’ve ever seen. “Latte Motion” is described as the world’s first latte art animation. Using various items (such as nuts and macarons) to create the background, and an incredible combination of patience and determination, Maxim Stick shot 1000 cups of coffee to create the heart-warming video.

As you can see in the behind-the-scenes video [below], this was no easy task. The team had to carefully cut each stencil to create smooth transitions between the cups. All coffee cups were then gently covered with cocoa powder and placed in an exact position.

The video has generated nearly 500,000 views and has received ongoing praise for it’s creativity and the hard work behind it. So even though it looked like a painfully tiring process, it was certainly worth it.

Besides, if they ever got tired they sure had plenty of coffee lying around to stay awake.



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Millennial Love Column: She’s Just Not That Into You


You may be familiar with the popular 2009 rom-com He’s Just Not That Into You. Basically, the film taught us that a) Ben Affleck is absolute perfection, and b) there are very clear signs that indicate whether or not a guy is interested in you. One of the characters, Alex, very bluntly explains to Ginnifer Goodwin’s romantically naïve Gigi that if a guy wants to see you, he will make it happen. If he doesn’t contact you, then cue the film title.

Now I don’t know about you, but while Alex was confidently doling out this bit of advice, I caught myself rolling my eyes a little. Don’t get me wrong — what he said wasn’t untrue. I just couldn’t help but roll my eyes because I have personally come across waaay more men who are so determined to get a girl, they not only ignore subtle rejection hints, they’ll drunkenly keep pursuing you at a bar even after you tell them you’re not interested for the umpteenth time.

So since there’s an entire film dedicated to showing the various ways men reject women, let’s turn the tables, shall we? Fellas, if you happen to come across any of these signs, then I hate to break it to you, but she’s just not that into you.

(And ladies, if you’re trying to get that guy, or gal, to leave you alone at the bar, try the following techniques.)




1. The “Save Me” Look
We women utilize the “save me” look most often on the dance floor. Of course, men usually don’t see this look because rather than actually asking a girl to dance, the go-to method these days is to simply go up behind a girl and inch your way forward. Well, when you do this oh-so-romantic move, you probably don’t catch her giving the wide-eyed “save me” look to one of her friends. Instead, all you’ll see is her friend pulling her away or intercepting.

Now at a bar, you may actually be able to get the hint and leave before you make her uncomfortable enough to resort to the “save me” look. The key is to try to remember that if we’re interested in you, we would definitely pay attention to you. Our eyes wouldn’t desperately scan the room to find a friend to save us.

2. She’s Not Texting You Back
So you managed to get a girl’s number, but she barely responds to you. At one point, she may just stop responding altogether. Now some of you, the determined ones, will come up with reasons on her behalf. You’ll think she probably didn’t have reception all day. She probably didn’t check her phone since she was at work. Or maybe her dog ate her phone.

Now the crazy thing is, you may be right. You may actually be in pursuit of a woman who is bad at texting back. For most of you, though, those excuses sound like, well, excuses. In this day and age, people are practically attached to their phone, so if she happens to miss your calls and texts for an entire week, you probably want to rethink your pursuit.

3. She Abruptly Leaves Chats
Maybe texting didn’t work. So you added her on Facebook and now you spend your nights waiting until she signs onto Facebook chat, you big creeper you. Well, lucky for you, these conversations can tell you a lot.

If she’s taking time out of her night to talk to you, obviously this is a good sign. But one very obvious way to tell she isn’t interested is if she coincidentally has to sign off every single time you start talking to her. Can your timing really be that bad? Deep down inside we both know she’s signing off chat because she doesn’t want to engage in a conversation with you, but she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Go ahead and spare yourself the awkward interaction. Wait until she starts the chat with you first.

4. She Emphasizes Your FRIENDship
When you like someone, hearing the word “friend” can cut deep. Girls are aware of this. So when she emphasizes your friendship, she’s not trying to purposely hurt you. In fact, she’s trying to do the opposite. She’s trying to make you understand that she views you solely as a friend so that you don’t move forward and end up getting hurt. Trust me, it may sting to be called “a really good friend,” but this is a lot better than being led on. Now if you ignore this hint and move forward anyway, she may be forced to say you’re “just like an older brother.” Ouch.

5. She Talks to You About Another Guy
If she’s talking to you about a guy she likes, that probably means that you actually are a good friend of hers and she may not realize that you have feelings for her. Luckily, this conversation can spare you some heartache. If we say we like someone else right now, we genuinely mean it. We’re not trying to Jedi-mind-trick you into asking us out.



I know hints may be hard to accept when you really want someone, but there’s a line between romantic persistence and simply disrespecting how a woman feels (or doesn’t feel) about you. Make it simple. Ask her straight out whether or not she’s interested. Most likely, you’ll get a straightforward response.

In the film version, know-it-all Alex says that if a guy wants to see a girl, he will make it happen. Well, we live in a new decade, buddy. If a girl wants it to happen, you’ll know. If she doesn’t, you’ll know even more.

And if you’re one of those guys who goes through life thinking all girls want you and are just playing “hard to get,” then go ahead and get used to having drinks thrown in your face because I foresee a lot of that happening in your future.

I’m just kidding. Kinda.


This story was originally published in our Winter 2014-15 issue. Get your copy here. 

Margaret Cho Responds to Accusations of Racism For Her Golden Globes Sketch


With all the controversy surrounding The Interview and the cyberattack on Sony, we can’t say we didn’t expect at least a few North Korea jokes from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the hosts of last night’s Golden Globes. However, no one seems to have been prepared for the skit from Margaret Cho– one which has been a topic of controversy since it aired.

It goes without saying that Margaret Cho was a prominent figure at the Golden Globes this year. While this would normally call for a celebration (there’s hardly ever any Asian American representation at this event at all), this actually left some viewers uncomfortable. After all, Cho did not appear on stage as herself. Instead, she was “Cho Young Ja,” a North Korean army general and journalist.

With an over-powdered face and an exaggerated accent, Cho Young Ja commented on the Golden Globes by saying, “You no have thousand baby playing guitar at the same time. You no have people holding up many card to make one big picture. You no have Dennis Rodman.”

Of course that wasn’t all. The general also commented on Netflix’s Orange in the New Black (“It’s funny, but not ha-ha funny… Also, Piper and Alex’s relationship is very toxic”) and even demanded a picture with Meryl Streep.


As you can imagine, this appearance was met with a storm of mixed reviews. On one hand, there were more than a few viewers who believed her skit was blatantly racist.

“First of all, let’s just call Margaret Cho’s long, dwindling joke at the Golden Globes last night what it was: yellowface,” writes  on Vulture. “Hollywood needed a punching bag after the Sony hack and ensuing debacle with The Interview, and Cho willingly suited up.”

Others took to twitter to share their dislike.



However, as the aftermath continued, there seemed to be a change of course. More and more viewers stood up to defend Cho and her skit.



It was only a matter of time before Margaret Cho chimed in on the controversy by speaking to Buzzfeed:

I’m of North and South Korean descent, and I do impressions of my family and my work all the time, and this is just another example of that. I am from this culture. I am from this tribe. And so I’m able to comment on it.

When we have British people playing American icons, there’s no backlash. But for Asian-Americans, it’s a very particular set of expectations that we are set to maintain, and that in itself is racist.

I think that we’re being held down by that incredible tide of invisibility that we’re constantly fighting. Whenever there is visibility, it’s shocking. Whenever there is visibility on our terms, it’s shocking. That’s why any visibility is so highly scrutinized. I’m so used to it that it doesn’t alarm me, it doesn’t bother me.


I welcome the controversy. And I don’t care.



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Breaking the Asian Myth: No, Not ALL Asians Are Short


As title of this series suggests, our Breaking the Asian Myth stories seek to challenge absurd stereotypes about the Asian community. So far we’ve looked into the ridiculous assumption that all Asian women have the same kind of hair, the impossible belief that Asians can’t get fat, and even the dangerous theory that Asian women need not worry about breast cancer. Yeah, my eyes hurt from all the eyerolling too.

In reality, the umbrella term “Asian” is composed of many, many ethnicities so no one should assume we all have the exact same features. However, it seems no matter how many times we have to clarify that these assumptions don’t apply to all of us (No mister, I can’t explain to you what your Chinese tattoo means… seeing as I’m not even Chinese), we still have a load of overgeneralizations thrown at us on a daily basis.

One such overgeneralization that I’ve heard all my life is the idea that all Asians are short. Being a proud member of the fun-sized community myself, I admit that there are quite a number of us. But is that enough to justify the pure shock and disbelief Asians get when they actually are tall? I don’t know about that.

So here’s some love for all of you who are tired of people constantly pointing out that you’re tall for an Asian, and feel left out when you tower over the rest of us. You’re not alone! Check out some of our favorite Asian celebs who certainly break this Asian Myth.




Yao Ming — 7’6”

ym 2

Photo courtesy of



Dave Bautista — 6’6″


Photo courtesy of



Dwayne Johnson — 6’5″


Photo courtesy of



Jeremy Lin — 6’4″


Photo courtesy of GQ



Daniel Henney — 6’2″


Photo courtesy of



Sung Kang — 6’1″


Photo courtesy of / Kristian Dowling/Getty Images AsiaPac



Kimora Lee Simmons — 6’0”


Photo courtesy of / Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America



Liu Wen — 5’11”



Tao Okamoto — 5’10”


Photo courtesy of / WENN



Sui He — 5’10”

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.11.04 PM

Photo courtesy of



Sun Fei Fei — 5’10”


Photo courtesy of The Edit Magazine



Grace Park 5’9”


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Deepika Padukone 5’9”


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Who Says Frying Pans Aren’t Musical? Andrew Huang Uses Household Objects to Play Top Songs of 2014


Plenty of YouTube artists have made covers of the top songs of 2014, but we’re going to go ahead and bet that you’ve never seen a mash up quite like this one.

Andrew Huang is back with even more incredible ways to use random objects and create unbelievable music. When we wrote about Huang back in September, his official YouTube channel had about 160,000 subscribers. In just a few short months, Huang has raised this number to over 200,000 and we can see why.

So far, we’ve watched Huang use everything from water to balloons and even the famous rock-paper-scissors trio to create incredible music. This time, he’s put together one of the best 2014 mashups we’ve heard, covering everything from Taylor Swift to Pharrell Williams.

So what items does he use this time?

Anything he could get his hands on. Seriously. Huang points out in the video description that he used any household item he could find while staying at a friend’s house. This left him with items like a beer bottle, a frying pan, a rubber band, a spray bottle, a salt shaker, and even the zipper to his pants.

Don’t believe he could make an awesome cover using these things? Check out the video below. The video was uploaded less than two weeks ago, but it has already gathered well over 800,000 views.



Want to see more of Andrew Huang’s creative music? Check out the videos below.






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Audrey’s Top Ten Stories of 2014


While we’re more than excited to kick off this new year, let’s take a moment to look back on all the stories of style, beauty and inspiring Asian Americans of the previous year. Here’s Audrey’s Top Ten Stories of 2014! 



1) 20 Asian Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Asian
“Not all Asians look the same. I repeat, not all Asians look the same. Even if they don’t necessarily “look it,” all of the following celebrities are Asian…” (click here) 



2) Adorable Asian Babies Who Dress Better Than You
“Here are kids who make the playground their runway and lower our self-esteem by dressing way better than we ever did during our toddler years…” (click here)



3) Marvel’s Newest Superhero Is An Asian American Woman
“It looks like Marvel is ready to put another Asian American woman on the superhero grid. Cindy Moon, who goes by the name Silk, will have her own comic book series by February 2015…” (click here)



4) Even More Photos Of The Brazilian Man Who Got Surgery To Look Asian
“The newest internet sensation is undoubtedly Xiahn, a 25-year-old Brazilian man who had 10 surgical procedures to achieve an Asian appearance…” (click here)



5) Cruel & Racist Statements Told To Asian Adoptee Children
“Adopting two daughters didn’t make Kelley-Wagner feel any less of a mother than the women who gave birth to their children. Being adopted didn’t make Liliana or Meika feel less like daughters. Unfortunately, many others didn’t seem to share their sentiments…” (click here)





6) The Adorable Ye-bin is Back!
“This cutie became a viral sensation when her video “Mom Tries to Teach Adorable Girl Life Lesson” hit YouTube and gathered nearly 9 million views…” (click here)



7) VOICES CARRY: Carissa Rae
“Filipino American singer Carissa Rae Alvarado, born and raised in Southern California, first started appearing in YouTube videos in 2008, crooning covers of Alicia Keys and Michelle Branch when she was still in high school…” (click here)



8) 4 Ways The Korean “Ajumma” Is Becoming The New Style Influencer
“For some time now, the stereotypical Korean ajumma has long been thought of as the antithesis of style — something, as a young Korean woman, you never wanted to become. And yet, I’ve been noticing that ajumma style is slowly seeping out into the real world, the non-ajumma world of the rest of us…” (click here)



9) 25 Asian YouTubers You Should Check Out This Summer

(click here)



10) Michelle Phan, YouTube’s “Beauty Bestie,” Empowers Women From the Outside In
“Know this face? This is the face of a CEO, media exec, lifestyle guru, music producer, entrepreneur, author, multimedia artist, beauty expert and YouTube mega-star…” (click here)

Must-Read of the Week: “Our Happy Time” by Gong Ji- Young

Among the many lessons to be learned from acclaimed novelist Gong Ji- Young’s Our Happy Time, a book that has sold over a million copies in South Korea and was adapted into the 2006 Korean film Maundy Thursday, one is that money can’t buy you happiness. At least that’s the case for protagonist Yujeong, whose abundance of wealth, beauty and fame does little to prevent yet another suicide attempt, landing her in the hospital.

Yujeong begins the story by remembering her deceased love, Yunsu. Gong wastes no time in telling us the reason behind his death: Yunsu was a convicted murderer on death row. This unexpected relationship begins when the suicidal Yujeong joins her aunt on a charitable visit to inmates on death row. There, she meets Yunsu and the two begin having weekly meetings. Needless to say, these meetings eventually progress into a bond much deeper than expected.

We soon discover that there is more to Yunsu than his horrifying crime. The story alternates between Yujeong’s perspective and Yunsu’s prison diary. Through the diary, we learn about Yunsu’s difficult childhood, broken family and ultimately, the reason for his actions. We begin to sympathize with him and see him as a whole person rather than a criminal. In this way, we parallel Yujeong’s journey as she slowly falls in love with Yunsu. Although Yujeong and Yunsu’s time together is tragically brief, they are both left with something unforgettable: They learn to love themselves and life once more.

Details Paper, $16,

This story was originally published in our Winter 2014-15 issue. Get your copy here



Lynn Chen Spends An Entire Day Eating Noodles From “Around The World”


Last week, we gave you a list of 10 Asian soups to keep you warm over the holidays. Well it seems everyone is craving noodles this holiday season. Buzzfeed Yellow recently released a video titled “Noodles Around The World,” featuring actress Lynn Chen (Saving Face). There are already a million reasons we’d like to be Lynn Chen for a day, and it seems this video gives us yet another reason.

In the video, Chen spends the entire day eating noodles from around the world. Yes, you read that correctly — she ate noodles all day for work. Where do we sign up for this job?

Obviously, Chen didn’t actually travel around the world in a day to taste different dishes, but she did the next best thing — she explored the different restaurants available in the Los Angeles area.



During Chen’s hunt for noodle restaurants in LA, she was able to visit Sapp Coffee Shop, Papa Cristo’s, Pho 2000, Ma Dang Noodle House and Inti Restaurant. There are a number of other noodle dishes we wish she had covered in this video, but let’s be honest here– that’s already a lot of noodles to fit into one person in one day.

Did she miss your favorite Los Angeles noodle shop? Let us know!


Japanese Makeup Artist Transforms Into Audrey Hepburn, Ariana Grande and the One Direction Members


A few months ago, we showed you the skills of Paolo Ballesteros, a Filipino host and actor who has undeniable talent when it comes to makeup. Using wigs and his makeup skills, Ballesteros has made himself look like Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce, Kim Kardasian and countless other Hollywood stars.

Well it looks like there’s someone else who has picked up a talent for recreating Hollywood looks. A Japanese makeup artist known as Zawachin has attracted 276K followers on twitter for her monomane meiku (imitation makeup).

While Ballesteros gained popularity for his ability to look like female celebs, Zawachin uses makeup to look like both male and female celebrities. In fact, she transforms into celebrities of various age, gender and ethnicity.

Zawachin often uses masks, objects or even her hand to block the lower half of her face. By doing this, she allows the focus to lay on her eyes and eyebrows. Surprisingly, even though she only shows part of her face, her imitations are practically flawless.

Using impressive makeup skills, wigs and even proper wardrobe, Zawachin has transformed into Avril Lavigne, Ariana Grande and, most impressively, all the members of One Direction. Most recently, she has been able to mimic the classic look of Audrey Hepburn. She was even able to mimic Hepburn’s famous pixie bangs without actually cutting her hair.

Check out the photos below and be sure to check out Zawachin’s twitter account and official website.



Photo courtesy of Rocket News 24


Photo courtesy of Rocket News 24


Photo courtesy of Rocket News 24

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.41.10 PM

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.41.19 PM

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Unique Christmas Traditions in Asia


Christmas is less than a week away! For many of us, this season means decorating Christmas trees, navigating through crowded malls, playing the Michael Bublé Christmas album way too much and baking gingerbread cookies. But what does Christmas look like for the rest of the world? More specifically, how is Christmas in Asia?

Asian countries have a smaller number of Christians and Catholics compared to the rest of the world. In Thailand for instance, less than 1% of the population is Christian. As a result, many Asian countries who do celebrate Christmas simply follow Western customs and traditions such as Midnight Mass and the exchange of gifts (but not without enthusiasm). In places like Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia, Western customs and traditions are followed, but the holiday has a more secular view than a religious one.

Of course, this is not the case for all Asian countries. The Philippines, for instance, is one of two predominantly Catholic countries in Asia and Christmas is the most enthusiastically celebrated holiday on the calendar. The country is known for celebrating the world’s longest Christmas season which begins September 1st.

We’ve found that the Asian countries which do celebrate Christmas have an interesting set of traditions specific to their country. Here are some of the most unique ones:





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In 1974, KFC Japan began to promote fried chicken as a Christmas meal. The insanely successful “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” (Kentucky for Christmas!) marketing campaign made the “Christmas Chicken” bucket an annual tradition. In fact, the tradition has become so popular, people order their buckets months in advance to avoid the two hour line.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.38.08 PM

Photo courtesy of

In addition to KFC fried chicken, there is one more thing that must be on the table for any Japanese home to feel the holiday spirit: Christmas cake. According to anthropologist Michael Ashkenazi, who studied Japanese culture and tradition, Christmas cake is “sold on practically every street corner.” Japanese Christmas cakes are sponge cakes covered in white cream and ruby red strawberries.





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Christianity is still relatively new in Korea, so many Christmas celebrations follow that of Western culture. However, Korea has its own version of Santa Claus. Santa Haraboji, or Grandfather Santa, looks similar to the Western Santa, but he wears a traditional Korean hat (갓 gat) and his statues have often portrayed him in a green suit instead of a red one.





Photo courtesy of

Although Indonesia is a Muslim country, Christmas is still regarded as a public holiday celebrated by many. Shopping malls are known to cover themselves in Christmas decorations and Santa Claus is even a widely-known figure. One Christmas tradition in Indonesia that we typically see in July are fireworks.




Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 3.23.09 PM

Similar to Indonesia, India has a very small Christian population, but the 2.3% of Christians (that’s 25 million) are very enthusiastic about Christmas. Religious customs such as Midnight Mass are observed and some even put a small, oil-burning, clay lamp on their roof to show that Jesus is the light of the world. In South India, the tradition of the Christmas tree is alive and well, but instead of pine trees, mangos trees are used.




Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 3.41.36 PM

Photo courtesy of

In the Philippines, Christmas is celebrated from September until January. Needless to say, this holiday is huge. One of the most well-known traditions is Simbang Gabi (night mass) which are nightly, dawn masses beginning from December 16th and ending on Christmas Eve. The masses are meant to show devotion to God and create more anticipation for the birth of Christ. After each mass, plenty of traditional food is consumed.

A "parol" is a traditional Filipino Christmas lantern.

Photo courtesy of

To us, the Christmas tree is one of the most symbolic decorations of Christmas. In the Philippines, it’s the paról. Paróls are star-shaped lanterns which represents the star of Bethlehem which guided the Three Kings. Early paróls were made of bamboo, rice paper and oil lanterns. Now, the art form of making paróls has become as intricate as they are beautiful.



Know more unique Asian Christmas traditions? Let us know!

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